Twins’s Reaction to “In the Air Tonight” Drums goes Viral

first_imgPhil Collins’ In the Air Tonight is a hit, 39 years after it was released. The British rocker can thank twins from Gary, Indiana who’ve made In the Air Tonight possibly the most meme-d song of August 2020.Twenty-two-year-olds Tim and Fred Williams sent the song soaring with their spontaneous reaction to the unexpected drum break in Collins’ ballad.The two said they did not expect to hear a drum solo riff in the middle of the song.“Hey, I never heard somebody drop a beat three minutes into a song!” they exclaimed admitting that they’d been “sleeping on this one.’In the Air Tonight is currently Number-3 on the iTunes song sales chart.The twins have a whole channel and share their reaction to songs they have never heard before by artists such as Frank Sinatra and Phil Collins.last_img read more

Korave and Amean included in 20-man squad

first_imgKorave was placed on report during last Sunday’s match against the Wynnum Manly Seagulls for a reckless high contact tackle.But Korave will be free to play this weekend after the Queensland Rugby League judiciary found there was no case to answer.Amean is also set to make his return after passing a medical test. Amean has been out for the past three weekends after suffering a concussion.The injured Ishmael Balkawa will miss this Sunday’s game and will be replaced by Edward Goma.Atte Bina Wabo and Henry Wan have also been included in the 20-man squad that will be finalised on Thursday. The Hunters leave for Australia on Saturday.The Hunters will take on the Norths Devils at Bishop Park. The game kicks off at 3.05pm.The squad:1. Bland ABAVU2. Justin OLAM3. Noel ZEMING (Captain)4. Thompson TETEH5. Adex WERA6. Ase BOAS7. Watson BOAS8. Enoch MAKI9. Wartovo PUARA Jnr10. Esau SIUNE11. Edward GOMA12. Adam Korave (Co-Captain)13. Brandy PETERInterchange:14. Warren GLARE15. Atte Bina WABO16. Tuvi LEPAN17. Stargroth AMEAN18. Henry WAN19. Butler MORRIS20. Benjamin HETRAlast_img read more

Raptors pull away to win at Detroit in NBA

first_imgAUBURN HILLS, Michigan:Toronto pulled away early in the fourth quarter to set up a 103-89 victory at Detroit on Monday night, making it 14 wins from 15 games and extending the Raptors lead in the NBA Atlantic Division to five games.The Raptors have the second-best record in the Eastern Conference behind Cleveland, which beat Sacramento 120-100, thanks to LeBron James’ 40th career triple double.Among other results, Portland won 112-106 in overtime at Memphis and Orlando surged back from a big deficit to also win 117-110 in overtime on the road, at Atlanta.Toronto’s Kyle Lowry scored 25 points and Terrence Ross added 18 points for the Raptors, who recovered quickly after Detroit’s Andre Drummond made a shot from about 80 feet to end the third quarter.Toronto led 70-65 at the start of the fourth and went on an 11-2 run to quickly take control of the contest.Cleveland won with James contributing 21 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists. It was the 40th triple double of his career, but the first this season for the four-time league MVP.Kyrie Irving matched his season high with 32 points for Cleveland.Portland’s Damian Lillard scored 33 points to help the Trail Blazers defeat Memphis 112-106. C.J. McCollum scored the first three baskets of overtime and finished with 21 points for Portland. Mike Conley’s 27 points led the Grizzlies, who lost in overtime for the second straight night.Atlanta came from 18 points down in the third quarter to force overtime and then beat Atlanta 117-110. Nikola Vucevic was a key to the comeback, scoring 25 points after halftime after only three in the first half.Oklahoma City’s Kevin Durant scored 25 of his 32 points in the second half to help the Thunder win 122-106 against Phoenix, which has lost eight straight.- APlast_img read more

The Junior Finance Minister cannot be serious

first_imgDear Editor,My attention was drawn to an article captioned “Nothing wrong with ‘inexperienced’ GuySuCo Board – Junior Finance Minister”, which was carried in your March 15, 2018 edition; and another, captioned “Cabinet members annoyed at NICIL ad on new GuySuCo board – says final decision still to be taken”, which was carried on the same day in another section of the media.I don’t think the Junior Minister of Finance could be serious that nothing is wrong with inexperienced people being appointed on the GuySuCo Board. As a senior official in the Ministry of Finance, he ought to have known that since his government came into office, it has provided more than $36 billion in subsidies to the sugar industry, and there is no improvement whatsoever in the affairs of the company to convince the taxpayers of this country that their hard-earned money has been meaningfully spent.All that the management and the previous board could show is a significant diminution of sugar production, closure of 4 estates, and putting almost 7,000 workers out of work. When the previous board was appointed, it boasted of the expertise and experience in the sugar industry that it would bring to the boardroom. As is well known, that same experienced board has left a legacy of an industry being halved, production last year having slumped to the lowest in 27 years, and this year’s production most likely being lowest since 1871, when 92,000 tonnes sugar were made. This is the record that an experienced board has left. So it is unimaginable what an “inexperienced” board will leave when its term comes to an end.Editor, there was a full-page ad that was carried in every local daily newspaper on March 14. I am pretty sure that it costs quite a lot to publish, but who paid for this ad? It is unprecedented for a government-appointed board to be given such level of publicity, with a brief biography for each board member; and to cream it off, GuySuCo, financially-beleaguered at the moment, placed a paid ad in March 15 newspapers where management welcomes and endorses the newly-appointed board. Ironically, the same management did not place an ad welcoming and endorsing the previous board.It is unbelievable that a full page ad is placed announcing the appointment of a board, and a “final decision is still to be taken” by Cabinet for such appointment. Someone with authority in the right place must have given approval for the placement of such an ad; if not, then it is expected that the nation will be informed who usurped the authority of Cabinet. A perusal of each board member’s shortened biography supports the Junior Finance Minister’s contention that not only are they inexperienced, but, except for one member, they have no knowledge of the sugar industry. GuySuCo is already faced with a cadre of managers who have shown over the last couple of years that they are incapable of moving the industry forward. Having an inexperienced board will only serve to exacerbate an already weak establishment.Editor, each of the board members is knowledgeable and experienced in a particular field, but what will that person bring to the sugar industry to cause a significant turn-around in the right direction? I ask what will those skills, without knowledge and experience in the sugar industry, bring to GuySuCo to make a positive impact? What meaningful contribution will the pilot/conservationist, digital marketing strategist, a tried and proven failed diversification specialist, a legal officer, a former senior manager/former board member in a previously failed board bring to the boardroom to cause a change of fortunes in the sugar industry?The Junior Finance Minister opined that a nine-member board, inclusive of a Chairman, is not oversized relative to 3 operating estates; for, as he postulated, provision has to be made for absenteeism to form a quorum. Provision for absenteeism in a highly paid board? Editor, if the Government really wants to cause a turnaround of the sugar company, it has to critically look at appointing people to sit on the board who have the required skills, knowledge and experience in the complex nature that is involved in every aspect of the growing and processing of sugar cane, not recycling tried and proven failed personnel, not bringing on board party supporters and the crème de le crème of civil society; if not, in a short while, the 3 remaining estates will be driven into oblivion.Yours faithfully,Selwyn Narinedattlast_img read more

Rescue Ganta Immediately!

first_imgThe deadly Ebola virus is raging unstoppably in Liberia, ravaging lives and disrupting life as we knew it, including our already fragile economy.Our ever alert Nimba Correspondent Ishmael Menkor told the nation Friday that within the last 48 hours the virus had claimed 10 lives. This is indeed alarming, and calls for a rapid response, lest Ebola overtakes not only Ganta, one of the nation’s largest commercial hubs outside the capital, Monrovia, but the whole of Nimba County as well.There have already been many deaths in Sanniquellie, Nimba’s capital, in Saclapea and in Tappita, some of the county’s leading towns.  To date, there have been 105 suspected, probable and confirmed Ebola deaths.  The situation is so bad that County  authorities have suspended one of the most important economic activities—the weekly “market days” in various towns.  The reason, to limit people from distant towns and other places,   including other counties, coming into close contact with one another, as happens on all market days throughout Liberia.Ever since Dr. George Way Harley, the ingenious American Methodist missionary doctor, built the Ganta Hospital, it has been a blessing not only to the Nimba people but to many from southeastern Liberia and even Bong County as well.  Dr. Harley came to Liberia in 1926 as part of the Harvard Medical Expedition, and once he set foot in Ganta, he never left.  He built the Ganta Methodist Mission, the hospital, including a nursing school, and a leper colony, to help people in that part of Liberia afflicted with leprosy.But today, Ganta Methodist Hospital is down.  It has been hard hit by Ebola, leading many of its staff to shun their duties for fear of catching the virus.  They would not have had to do that had they been equipped with the personal protective equipment (PPE) required in such a dangerous health and medical environment.  But Ganta Hospital seems to have been forgotten.  We cannot understand why the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MOH) has not undertaken a rapid response to this hospital, which for decades has been, before the Chinese built the  Jackson F. Doe Hospital in Tappita, the main medical institution in Liberia’s second most populous county—Nimba.ArcelorMittal, the iron ore giant operating the mines in Yekepa, is building Ebola treatment at the Ganta Hospital, but it has been slow to complete.  Nor is there any indication of the rapid supply of equipment, PPEs and other necessities demanded by such a facility at such a critical time, when lives are being lost on an hourly basis to a deadly, incurable virus that now seems  clearly now out of control.We do not know why it has taken the iron ore giant so long to complete the Ebola treatment facility.  Nor do we know how long it will take the MOH to send in the equipment and supplies required to make the facility effective.This brings us immediately to the doorsteps of United States military and medical contingent which President Barrack Obama has graciously deployed in Liberia to help us defeat Ebola.  We know that it will take them time for all of their men, equipment and supplies to arrive and be made ready for deployment, but we appeal to Major General Darryl Williams, head of the contingent, to visit Ganta ASAP.  This visit will enable him and his health and medical team to understand the urgency of the situation and engineer a rapid response to halt the Ebola carnage.General Williams has already met with Defense Minister Brownie Samukai and reassured him that they are here to help defeat the virus.   We pray that the Defense and Health Ministers will help speedily to facilitate the General’s visit to Ganta, in order to organize and implement a rapid response to this looming catastrophe in Nimba County.       Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Dukuly Urges Mayors, Commissioners

first_imgThe Minister of Internal Affairs (MIA), Morris Dukuly, has called on mayors and commissioners across the country to take responsibilities for the improvement of their cities in order to implement the National Urbanization policy.Minister Dukuly gave the admonition last Thursday when he spoke at the end of the two-day National Urban forum held at the Monrovia City Hall.The National Urban Forum intended to highlight environmental and other social problems associated with congestion and to develop a roadmap for the formulation of a National Urban Policy; present the Monrovia City Program; build consensus on the city’s recovery and development strategy; endorse Liberia National Habitat Report, and showcase innovative tools in urban settlement.Minister Dukuly said in order to achieve the goals envisage of growing and thriving, economic vibrant, prosperous and self sustaining cities, everyone must work together for the betterment of an improved living condition in the urban areas.“The issues that you have so ably articulated in this space need to find their way into the Urban Policy so that our policy is responsive to the real needs and challenges of our cities,” he said.He added that the policy could only be the beginning of a journey towards solving the problems if the policy is targeting the real problems that society is dealing with, otherwise, Liberia would miss the target and squander time, energy and resources.He explained that the challenges that the country was seeking remedy are fundamentally about conferring dignity on the citizens, adding that disorganized, informal, economically and productively unsustainable formation of urban settlements inevitably means that people will be forced to live in circumstances that compromise their dignity.Dukuly intoned that working together to implement the objectives of the forum is a viable first step to guarantee dignity for all.He expressed gratitude to the participants for making the forum a successful and promised to work tirelessly by ensuring that Liberia gets a better living condition like citizens of other countries.The forum is being funded by Cities Alliance and UN-Habitat, and was hosted by the MIA in collaboration with the Monrovia City Corporation and the Land Commission respectively. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

YMCA Begins 46th General Assembly

first_imgEmpowering Young People for the African RenaissanceThe 46th General Assembly of the Liberia YMCA is officially expected to run from March 31-April 1, 2017. A release from the national headquarters of the Liberia YMCA says several delegates from local branches of the Liberia YMCA, local and international partners, organizations, ministries, and invited guests will gather at the National Headquarters of the Liberia YMCA in Monrovia.This year’s assembly will be held under the theme: “Empowering Young People for the Africa We Want.” The keynote speaker is The Most Reverend, Dr. Jonathan B. B. Hart of the Episcopal Church, while the installing officer is Ambassador Charles Minor.The assembly will begin with an official indoor program and presentation of a new strategic plan of the YMCA. The second day will be the formal business session, following which there will be elections and induction of new officers of the National Board of the YMCA.The National General Assembly is held once every four years, and convenes to review andamend policies, by-laws and the Constitution of the Liberia YMCA, as well as elect a new corp of officers for a four- year term.In a similar development, the National Youth Council of the Liberia YMCA has begun its 8th National Youth Assembly in Gbarnga, Bong County from March 28-30, 2017. The National Youth Council is the decision-making structure of the YMCA that grooms young people for leadership and service to their communities. At the end of the assembly, a new leadership of the Youth Council will be elected.Already, YMCA branches around the country have completed the holding of local Board andYouth Assembly elections, which have seen the elections of a new Board for all YMCA branches across the country.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Guyana looking to stem local radicalisation

first_img– monitoring trends across CaribbeanGiven Guyana’s history of links to acts of terrorism, local security forces are looking to stem any further radicalisation coming out of this country, and as such, are joining forces with partners in the Western Hemisphere.This is according to Chief-of-Staff of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF), Brigadier Patrick West, who told a media roundtable on Thursday that efforts are afoot for the continued monitoring of such activities on the local shores. He added that at the same time, focus is placed on trends of extremist links with Guyana’s close allies in the Caribbean region.GDF Chief-of-Staff Brigadier Patrick West and SOUTHCOM Chief Admiral Kurt Tidd during the brief round-table with media operatives“Trust me, as I speak today, we are doing everything in our power to ensure that we stem the tide of radicalisation in Guyana, and that if there are any issues of fighters returning to the region through the process of IMPACS, we are monitoring their movements across the Caribbean, and the information-sharing networks that we have across the Caribbean that we have rekindled in this conference are still going to be monitoring them,” Brigadier West said in response to questions posed by the Guyana Times.The round-table was held at the end of the 16th Caribbean Nations Security Conference (CANSEC). Guyana hosted the two-day forum, which looked at, among other things, threats posed by radical extremists and those returning to the region.Without venturing into the specifics of the strategy adopted to tackle the scourge, the Chief-of-Staff asserted the military intelligence networking that has been strengthened over the past two days would go a long way in preventing any radicalising into extremist ideologues.“We continue to monitor from the security architecture the persons who may be exposed to any forms of radicalisation; and once those persons have been identified, in whatever area or community, the security architecture will continue to monitor them,” he stated.In the past, Guyana has often found itself in the midst of various terrorism-related controversies. Back in 2007, a former Member of Parliament in Guyana, Abdul Kadir, was among the four Muslim terrorists who were intercepted during the plot to firebomb the John F. Kennedy Airport.In December 2014, the Pakistan military killed leading Al Qaeda militant Shukrijumah, who was said to be of Guyanese parentage. Shukrijumah was wanted by the United States over a 2009 plot to attack the New York subway system, and was on the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI’s) most wanted list.Nevertheless, Brigadier West noted that local authorities are concerned with recent trends in other Caribbean states, given the close ties Guyana has with them. He referred to the situation in Trinidad and Tobago, where citizens are returning after Islamic State (ISIS) lost ground in the Middle East. It was reported earlier this year that the twin island republic is said to be largest recruitment source of ISIS per capita in the Western Hemisphere.The Chief-of Staff further mentioned recent reports out of Jamaica, where a Muslim cleric, Sheikh Abdullah al-Faisal, was labelled a global terrorist by the United States Treasury because he was reportedly facilitating ISIS recruits from the region to travel to radicalised areas. The U.S. has since asked for his extradition.Moreover, the Chief of the U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM), which sponsored the regional security conference, Admiral Kurt Tidd, posited that bringing together the security chiefs from all the countries has serve to reinforce how similar the challenges are that are faced by countries in the western hemisphere are. To this end, he emphasised the importance of networking with each other against the scourge of radicalisation.“The means that are available to each country differs, and so as we exchange ideas, best practices – things that we can do to work together more effectively. (But) most important is our commitment to continue to share information effectively, because ultimately that is the competitive advantage we have over threat networks — our ability to come together to work together as team mates,” he stated.Admiral Tidd went on to outline that radicalisation has evolved over the years, with such acts occurring in surprising ways. This, he noted, is partly because of the readily available information on the internet.GDF Chief-of-Staff Brigadier West had pointed out that Guyana’s geographical position on the South American Coast and its historical placement in the Caribbean has made the country vulnerable to not only radicalisation, but other illegal activities that are plaguing the region. But in the same vein, however, he noted that this connection to the two regions can serve as a bridge for cooperation in the context of linking networks to mitigate against the threats that are posed by organised criminal activities.last_img read more

Blizzard Bike Club members raced twice last weekend, hosting two races this weekend

first_imgFORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Members of the Fort St. John Blizzard Bike Club were involved in a pair of races last weekend.On Saturday, the BC Randonneurs Society hosted a 200km brevet race that took riders from Fort St. John north along the Alaska Highway to Mile Post 73, turning off and passing Buick, Prespatou, and Montney before returning to the Energetic City. Wim Kok was the club’s lone rider in that event, completing the 200km trip in 8 hours, 35 minutes.A number of riders came out for a race on Sunday afternoon from Wood Corner on the Alaska Highway to the Montney Store and back. Dawit Feyissa beat Barry Brandl by a couple of inches to win the 35 km race in 1:05:01. Pat Ferris beat Robert Sapp only a foot to take 3rd place in a time of 1:07:41.The club will be hosting two races over the next four days. The club will be hosting their second-last time trial of the season over 16 kilometres this evening, beginning at the Baldonnel School at 7:00 p.m.On Sunday afternoon at 2:00 p.m., the club will be heading to Beatton Park for the Mountain Bike Championships.- Advertisement –last_img read more

Fallyn Mills win girls all-around at Canadian High School Rodeo Finals

first_imgFallyn Mills: 6th place breakaway roping, 9th place goat tying, 2nd place pole bending, 3rd place team roping, 6th place reined cow horse, 4th place girls cutting.Brooke Swaffield: 1st place girls cutting, 6th place pole bending.Denton Spiers: 1st place bull riding.Megan Smith: 2nd place barrel racing,Wade Roberts: 7th place steer wrestling.Tyrel Roberts: 4th place tie-down roping.Tommi-Sue Little: 4th place goat tying.Derek Hadland: 2nd place tie-down roping.Ben Jackson: 1st place tie-down roping.Aspen Wollen: 8th place barrel racing.Kolton Johnson: 3rd place team roping.Madalyn Fraser: 8th place reined cow horse, 5th place girls cutting.Wyatte Copeland: 4th place cutting, 10th place reined cow horse.Hannah Pederson: 8th place breakaway roping.Tyler Bondaroff: 7th place goat tying. MERRITT, B.C. – The Canadian High School Rodeo Finals were held in Merritt last weekend with a familiar name taking one of the top prizes.Fallyn Mills was named the Canadian High School Rodeo all-around cowgirl after scoring the most combined points in the seven events she competed in. Mills was the reserve champion in pole bending and came third in girls cutting as well as team roping. Mills also finished top ten in goat tying, breakaway roping and reined cow horse.The Peace Region had a total of five champions during the event. Denton Spiers was champion of the bull riding, Ben Jackson won the tie-down roping, Brooke Swaffield was champ in the girls cutting and Jesse Jones the junior saddlebronc event.- Advertisement -Top ten finishes from the North Peace athletes at the rodeo are shown below:Junior:Jesse Jones: 1st place saddle bronc, 2nd place chute dogging, 10th place goat tying, 7th place team roping.Tyler Pederson: 5th place team roping, 6th place chute dogging, 4th place goat tying.Rylie Bondaroff: 6th place girls goat tying, 5th place team roping.Korbin Mills: 7th place breakaway roping, 6th place goat tyingTwiggy Esau: 7th place pole bending.Rachel Moat: 8th place girls goat tying, 10th place pole bending.Daylyn Carlson: 3rd place girls pole bending.Carson Johnson: 5th place goat tying, 7th place team roping.Senior:Advertisementlast_img read more