Network construction of small and medium enterprises

Small and medium-sized enterprises have been the main enterprise network project service object, small and medium-sized enterprise Internet effect is veiled showed no effect, I am finishing the years of small and medium-sized enterprise service experience, hope that small and medium-sized enterprises website some enlightenment.

Objective — network marketing of small and medium-sized enterprises,

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Google right sponsor advertising Adwords scam

Google on the right side of the ad is really a very simple thing, but a lot of Internet companies do not understand the rules of the Google advertising customers to deceive customers, it is easy to be fooled, usually agents say

account fees or service charges: some $100, some $200, according to some charge 100 yuan per 500 yuan, the feeling is come out of thin air, (this cost? Ggyy said there is a $5 account to be verified)
2. exchange rate in fact, how many people do not know the exchange rate of
3. per click minimum of 0.5 yuan? It’s actually 5 cents.
4, monthly, annual system: the most deceptive is this one, how customers cheated? Google only click billing, from this view. What is: customer to expose a proxy package 1500 yuan, a month. The agent was happy and made a fortune! Only need to submit a Google no more than 150 yuan, in the display of a variety of control standards, such as selection of $1 a day. OK, the ad has been posted. Google will be strict control of its daily maximum of $1. In this way, the customer’s advertising is not displayed on the goolge every day, but intermittent display, daily control of $1. 150 yuan was finished, a month may have been nearly 20 days. Usually by this time, the customer at every day, less attention has been paid to the customer, if asked, then add some money to then give customers 1500 yuan agents, agents may be the actual earn 1350 yuan.
5. Why not, perhaps when the customer is chasing, agents may say: inform the reason is: your ad is suspended, wait a moment, and then submit it up. (this is the middle of the show may have stopped for several days, the customer found a general inquiry will find agents). The fact is: Google for the key word when the click rate is less than the keyword display 5%, will be automatically suspended.
6. Guaranteed rankings: click on your site more than a few times, consume some, do not go up
7. For a very high price, and then if you feel expensive, as prices continue to decline,
8, to a so-called click not money (sounds very attractive) and then offer turnkey so-called impression advertising quotation: in fact this is a Google data report only.
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Content Alliance Entertainment Portal and bear record yellow lens

  now see personal webmaster, devastated. Many of the League did not look at the personal webmaster. Pure with little money, the individual owners to fire.

will not forget the crazy summer of 2004, that year, many individual owners by the union to the fire pit, now, we do not reflect, these will beHowever, the appearance of dark channel

recording a group of yellow lens   personal website, hope don’t be confused and lost these petty profits, become a stepping stone for the entertainment portal.

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After 90 pit father entrepreneurial road venture 6 months to investors money laundering 20 million

90 pit father entrepreneurial road: Entrepreneurship 6 months to investors money laundering

20 million

in 2014 the business boom, I do not know how many people died in this way, until now, the government is a public entrepreneurship, innovation, I do not know how many people go on the business of no return.

actually write this article, I want to talk about my father pit road.

that year, I refused my father to describe the blueprint for me, decided to go out of business, the pursuit of my mobile internet. My family of origin, for the mobile Internet, I know a lot, but little understanding. In order to be able to quickly understand the Internet, online travel activities, see all kinds of success stories, thinking about all sorts of tricks of various loopholes. read more

Typical VC and angel investment strategy inventory in 2014

this paper for the inventory of a typical VC, angel investment institutions investment strategy. Starting from the 10 most active VC, angel, tell you what these funds look at, of course, the first echelon of the specific analysis.

2014, the domestic Internet investment pattern is quietly changing, the so-called VC 2 era is coming, whether the concept is appropriate, some changes in investment circles is hitherto unknown, such as the traditional VC mechanism to migrate to the early stage of the congregation to raise equity, investment began to root the Internet, big V who turned into a number of well-known investors. Institutional investors own, as well as 80, 90 new investors began to enter the stage. read more

Legend of China intends to list three new board in the first quarter net profit of 1 million 21 thou

26, Beijing legend Chinese education Polytron Technologies Inc on July 25th in the share transfer system issued a public transfer instructions, announcements, this will be transferred to the agreement of the 5 million shares.

according to the announcement, the legendary Chinese education in 2016 first quarter operating income of 200.83, net profit of $1 million 21 thousand and 400, gross margin was 95.85%.

legend of Hua Yu’s main business is the development of digital resources, cloud platform and application of digital resources and related software products production and sales, is a service company of education information fusion in school information construction, information technology and teaching. Since 2014, the company’s main business revenue accounted for 100% of operating income. Its main customers are Peking University, Central University of Finance and Economics and so on more than 10000. read more

From the trees to the mouth respect for commercial law human feelings bloom

in the mass innovation, entrepreneurship policy, how to catch up with the new wave of entrepreneurs to become entrepreneurs concern, "Internet plus" has become the most popular starting point for innovation and entrepreneurship. Innovation and entrepreneurship in the group, there are many CIO figure. Today, we tell about a story of entrepreneurs have feelings for you, the master of the story is the founder of Mdt InfoTech Ltd, Suzhou light shop seventh North CIO class of Mr Wang Jiajia, let him to share his entrepreneurial story. read more

O2O local electricity supplier industry solutions new year business exclusive show

O2O field before a period of very hot, but also experienced a bleak period. There are a lot of people ask, this road in the end is not right? My answer is right and wrong, look at the direction of the project, the direction of their projects are selected wrong, you can not blame the market is bad. O2O a lot of opportunities, it is no doubt the economic value of the following Xiaobian compiled a few on the O2O industry market prospects and solutions, I hope you can help!

new year O2O business plan exclusive show read more

Stunned These entrepreneurs are actually rich two generations

Abstract: Wang Xing is also a hidden two rich generation, his father is the cement business, large scale, open an annual output of 2 million tons of cement and modern cement plant in Yongding County of Longyan City, a total investment of 600 million yuan. Wang Xingjia villa covers an area of 800 square meters, a total of four.

mention the rich two generation, can cause a lot of topics, from the word has been raised after it has been controversial. In the venture capital circles have such a word, China’s two generation of the rich capital market is the strength of the third. They combine the minds of the younger generation and the older generation of capital, with strong creativity. It can be seen that the two generation of rich as a "special" group, has been on China’s venture capital circles have a negligible impact. read more

Who did Tang Yan take the Rockets B2B electricity supplier how to subvert the trillion market

sat on the opposite side of Mou Bin is not tall, dark color, but the spirit of excitement. The school is now 80 hydropower B2B electricity supplier looking for plastic network founder, he is preparing for the company’s second round of financing.

Mou Bin was working in a NetEase for 5 years, the Olympic Games project, unfamiliar street founder Tang Yan sat opposite to him, a few years of development between the unfamiliar street as sitting on the rocket, Tang Yan life is different, plus Li Xueling, Li Yong, who left side of salmon NetEase entrepreneurs entrepreneurial experience, which greatly stimulated Mou Bin’s nerve. read more

Seven questions need to be considered before starting a business

in the national public entrepreneurship, innovation policy support, the rise of the tide of social entrepreneurship again. This word appears in the memory of entrepreneurs, clearly remember when in a high class, speaking after the national home competition comes from the competition between enterprises and entrepreneurs is standing in the front of revered by the people all over the world. High wind may have been in the hearts of the beginning of a seed in the heart of the root, is to be a successful entrepreneur in the future. Vaguely remember in 09 years when the country is to support entrepreneurship, 09 years began to constantly explore and learn entrepreneurship related knowledge, high wind when the talent market in Qingdao will have a weekly entrepreneurial small share, every time the rest will go to. There are also related to entrepreneurship projects when the exhibition is also actively participate in their own. In the middle of the system after so many years, entrepreneurship, do the project, work, life has been doing so. Also recently heard a share that the future if there is a chance to start the business, the seven questions before the start is to think clearly. The probability of success may double the success rate. read more

This winter is not too cold the collapse of the capital you can create a peace of mind

Abstract: whether for business or investment, the overall situation is Rainbow Night enterprises, product homogeneity, market share, profit model is not clear, the course should be to chill, and those who can create real value, using O2O to transform the industry chain enterprises, money is not a problem.

since the beginning of this year, there are voices in the field of investment, said: O2O investment window closed. At the beginning of July, with the stock market surge, "winter is coming, ready for the winter" is emerging. read more

Oh God raging hit a wave of VC projects are not enough

Abstract: This shows that the market to follow the trend of investors indeed. Hard work, let others go against risk, I follow enough, reduce risk, obtain high returns, however, remember Cai Wensheng once said, he and other co investment projects are all yellow.

like a big wave of stars VC struck

statistics show that VC is a big wave to potential entrepreneurs to come roaring waves.

according to the Fund Industry Association statistics show that the number of domestic VC, private institutions registered over more than 20 thousand investors, of which more than half of which accounted for VC. read more

Traffic is still WeChat bonus but it is more difficult to use it to start a business

Abstract: WeChat for entrepreneurs are a lot of cake and marginal depth of field, entrepreneurs in general lack of capital, energy and patience, it is difficult to make a breakthrough in these areas. Although the social dividend and bonus flow is WeChat’s bonus, but ultimately, and entrepreneurs have nothing to do, and businesses have nothing to do.

subversion Taobao, connect everything, which is the last two years to talk about the topic of the most talked about WeChat. In a period of time, WeChat was held on the altar, with the flow of dividends disappear, WeChat also gradually go down. read more

There is a dream of the child is very poor especially the nternet dream

before reading this article, I first statement, the following view only my personal view, may bring some negative energy, and some ideas may parents and leaders. But again, the following view only my personal view, you can not agree, but it is not necessary to persuade me to change what in the world. There is no right and wrong, only the identity and negation.

had seen a lot of teacher’s curriculum, success, management, marketing guru, I believe that if you have a dream, would have seen these people’s speech or is the training course, because if you have a dream, there will be one or more of your idols. To understand them, copy them, even if you want to have a day beyond them. read more

Chen Danian we are so desperate venture was a mistake

Abstract: I said to my investors, when you see the boss of an enterprise does not go to work, but the company has maintained rapid growth, in fact, you should not worry, but should be happy. Because this is a mature enterprise.

titanium media note: as a continuous entrepreneur, Wifi master key founder Chen Danian a few days ago to see the reflection of NetEase Ding Lei, discusses the Internet entrepreneurs blindly seeking time window error. As another 20 years of entrepreneurship in the Internet in Zhejiang, I feel heartfelt resonance. Recently coincided with the Harvard Venture Forum and entrepreneurs and investors to do some share, he sorted out, the formation of text, through the titanium media platform and continue to discuss. read more

2016 nets red ecological white paper published a network of red ushered in a comprehensive industria

iResearch Consulting Group and micro-blog jointly issued the 2016 network red ecological white paper (referred to as the white paper), the first comprehensive inventory of the current situation of the red industry network and network red economic development trend. White paper pointed out that the network has been upgraded from the red phenomenon as an economic industry, with a short video, live with the electricity supplier as the main trend of the net economy, unprecedented concern by investors. read more

He worked for 12 years from rookie to Google CEO salary 100 million

Abstract: most of us non rich two generations, the two generation, there is no background no contacts without resources nor staff, but as long as we like chopping wood brother, regardless of life, regardless of poverty, do exercise their ability to conscientiously do every job in the hands, take more in return, the greater one day, you will also like chopping wood brother as a successful counter attack.

have seen a lot of grass root counter attack story, but counter attack so thoroughly was the first time to see read more

An Dongsheng Grassroots entrepreneurship stepped on the ground of the reasons why

Internet business is a simple and complex matter, as long as simple to have a mobile phone can make money by WeChat, to a variety of complex projects, plans are to be prepared in advance, human nature is hard to change, an impetuous person can not be turned into ten years of grinding sword ‘attention in particular, for grassroots entrepreneurs, more likely to step on landmines.

many entrepreneurs are thinking too much, they always feel that there are a lot of entrepreneurial opportunities and direction, find a lot of opportunities, think of themselves than competitors a lot stronger, even no competitors, what their strengths and advantages of opening closed, rarely talked about user needs, motivation, often indulge in the huge market space to imagine themselves inside. read more

Tencent entrepreneur Fang Zhi not subversion community O2O and property to survive together

according to existing data statistics, the current concept of community O2O related to the national venture capital project about more than and 500, and this data is still growing rapidly. Among them, 95% of entrepreneurs want to bypass the existing property or directly want to replace the property. Only 5% of entrepreneurs want to coexist with the property.

review of the field of Internet entrepreneurship in 2014, O2O is definitely the most popular concept, no one. One year, a variety of O2O entrepreneurship related concept of the project and began to focus on the outbreak, catering, housekeeping, car rental, Manicure, etc., penetrated into every aspect of people’s daily life. read more