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(two) wet liver depression and spleen: common symptoms of premenstrual breast pain, tenderness, abdominal pain and tenesmus, poor appetite, weakness, diarrhea, usually leucorrhea, menstrual multicolor light, treatment of spleen dampness Qi, commonly used drugs are Poria, Atractylodes rhizome, coix seed, Magnolia, Kawa Ko, Albizia etc..

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treatment for the disease, taking the prime time started taking the medication in premenstrual breast swelling, until the pain to disappear so far, so the regulation of menstrual cycle three, most of the breast pain will recover. read more

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reduces the risk of breast.


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C cup without fear. More than 60% of Oriental women are A or B cup. In addition to fitness need to wear sports Bra, usually do not have to worry about sagging breasts.

women need two sizes of bras each month: before and after menstruation. Because of hormonal changes, the size of the organ shrinks in the same month.

: wearing the right bra The update cycle

bra size is a combination of the bust size and code cup, cup code for the bust, such as the difference is about 10cm for the A cup, 12.5cm B 15cm cup, C cup, and so on. If your chest is 83 cm, 74 cm under the chest, so that the correct size for you is 75A. read more

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reminder: exercise, should wear a sports bra, so as to effectively protect the breast, so that it will not be pulled in strenuous exercise.

method: at any moment to keep correct sitting and standing posture, must strut.

Methods: the

a woman’s chest is an obvious physical characteristics for women, and the chest is often a lot of time represents a female charm, so women on their chest health beautiful, give a lot of attention.

2 normal work and rest in addition to the natural aging of the human body, stay up all night, life is not the law will affect the metabolism and blood circulation, but also lead to hormonal confusion, affect the health of the breast. read more

8 let your chest massage health network _ women soared _39

1, Fu point, Zhongwan and Lingtai point

point: just below the nipple around sixth intercostal inner end.


5, door

breast enhancement principle: breast, make firm.

other effects: treatment of breast pain, intercostal neuralgia, hepatitis.

6, milk

4, package

: breast stasis stagnation, Tongru principle.

efficacy: improve frigidity, menstrual conditioning.

breast enhancement principle: breast, unobstructed breast.

Lingtai point: the back of the third thoracic spines at the pit.

massage method: on the finger surface, do massage. read more