Staples Inc snaps up Office Depot for 6 billion to create officesupply

NEW YORK — Staples Inc is buying Office Depot in a cash-and-stock deal valued at nearly $6 billion.Office Depot Inc. shareholders will receive $7.25 in cash and 0.2188 of a share in Staples Inc. at closing. The deal values Office Depot at $11 per share. The companies put the transaction’s value at $6.3 billion.The deal is expected to close by year’s end.It’s not expected to have much impact on Staples operations in Canada, since Office Depot exited that market several years ago.Staples and Office Depot shares spike after report they’ve entered into merger talksA merger of Staples and Office Depot may help them weather the competition from online and big- box retailers in a way that RadioShack Corp. couldn’t.The three companies were all hit hard in the past decade by discount-offering giants such as Inc. and Wal-Mart Stores Inc. Their fates diverged this week. RadioShack is preparing to file for bankruptcy protection, while the other two — in a less dire situation — are combining.Staples and Office Depot shares are trading Tuesday at prices they haven’t reached in years as investors show support for their potential merger, which would consolidate the No. 1 and 2 office-supply chains. Analysts estimate $1 billion to $2 billion of costs could be cut through the deal, which may give the combined company some room to lower the prices of its products in hopes of drawing in shoppers.“From a financial standpoint and from a competition standpoint it makes sense,” Joseph Feldman, an analyst for Telsey Advisory Group in New York, told Bloomberg before the deal was announced. “Shareholders on both sides are cheering the deal. It probably would be a good thing to see happen for the industry and for both companies.”With file from Bloomberg read more

New home construction slows in July for first time in three months

OTTAWA — The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. says the pace of new home construction slowed in July for the first time in three months, mostly as a result of fewer multi-unit projects started in urban areas.CMHC says the seasonally adjusted rate last month was 193,032 units nationally, down from 202,338 units in June.Regionally, British Columbia showed an increase from June but there were declines in the other parts of Canada including the Greater Toronto Area.The Ottawa-based federal agency had anticipated a slowdown but July’s seasonally adjusted pace was below an estimate of 195,000 units from economists, according to Thomson Reuters.CMHC says multi-unit housing projects in urban areas accounted for much of the decline, with a seasonally adjusted rate of 119,478 units in July — down 8.2 per cent from June.Are millennials better off renting? Why young Canadians may want to put off home ownership‘Playing with fire’: How the Tories’ renovation tax credit promise may affect Canada’s hot housing marketsThere was also a slight decrease in the detached home segment of urban markets, which fell by 0.8 per cent to 57,520 units.The six-month trend remained upward, rising to 185,586 units in July from 184,035 in June.CMHC chief economist Bob Dugan said gains in multiple starts have offset declines in single starts over the last three months, largely due to more rental apartments, many of which are seniors’ homes.In British Columbia, the July seasonally adjusted rate for urban areas was 36,501 units, up from 34,870 in June. CMHC says B.C.’s new home construction has been keeping pace with demand, keeping supplies of unsold homes in check.In Ontario, the rate fell to 49,047 units from 56,824 in June — although there was an increase in parts of the province outside of the Toronto area.“For a second consecutive month, the trend in Ontario residential construction activity dipped due largely to the apartment sector,” said CMHC regional economist Ted Tsiakopoulos in a statement.“Low density housing construction, which is a better barometer of the health of the new construction market due to its stability, posted growth, suggesting that economic fundamentals continue to support provincial home starts.”The Canadian Press read more

UN official holds talks with Eastern Province Governor

The discussion has been focused on the long standing engagement that UNFPA has had with the people of the Eastern Province. (Colombo Gazette) The new Country Representative of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in Sri Lanka, Ms Ritsu Nacken, had talks with the Governor of Eastern Province Austin Fernando today.The discussion took place at the Governor’s Secretariat, the Governor’s office said.

Brock Media Clips for Thursday Aug 24

Here’s a look at some of the media attention Brock University received recently.More West Nile virus coverage: More news outlets picked up the research story released earlier this week by Professor Fiona Hunter and PhD candidate Bryan Giordano. Among the more high-profile stories on the issue included CBC’s The National and Global News.Goodman is Growing: Cogeco TV Niagara was on Tuesday’s tour of the Goodman School of Business expansion project, and interviewed new Dean, Andrew Gaudes.Putting a focus on distracted driving: Brock Sports Director Neil Lumsden and Brock University Students Union Vice-President Nadia Bathish took part in a distracted driving awareness event held at the Pen Centre Wednesday. Niagara This Week covered the story.Did we miss something? If you know of an appearance or story about a Brock faculty member, student, athlete or alumni, please drop us a line with a link to the story at read more

Antigua PM hints at early general election

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedElection date announced in Antigua; candidates have three weeks to woo electorateFebruary 27, 2018In “latest news”Antigua and Barbuda vote against CCJ, PM disappointedNovember 7, 2018In “Regional”Antigua’s Prime Minister chastised for comments about Guyana’s political situationDecember 14, 2014In “Politics” (CMC) — Prime Minister of Antigua, Gaston Browne on Thursday gave his broadest hint to date, that a general election will be held early this year.Antigua & Barbuda’s Prime Minister, Gaston Browne“I hear a number of individuals on the radio proclaiming to understand my behaviour and based on my behaviour they are pretty sure the elections will not be called before November or December of this year,” said Browne in Parliament.“Well, I want to say to those individuals that they need to disabuse their minds of any such notion because the reality is, the elections will be within a matter of weeks.”The prime minister made the statement as tabled the Boundaries Commission (majority) report, however, there were no proposals propose any changes to the constituency boundaries.Meanwhile, leader of the main opposition United Progressive Party (UPP), Baldwin Spencer bid farewell to the Parliament and the nation on Thursday.When the house convened Spencer thanked the nation for granting him the opportunity to serve as prime minister for two terms.And as the nation anticipates an early election, the ruling Antigua Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) announced that it will be launching its election campaign.According to the Antigua Observer, based on several social media posts, it is anticipated that the prime minister will announce the election date on the weekend.The Observer quotes the prime minister as saying that the public will get more details about the party’s candidates at an event on Saturday.“We will be having a very exciting concert which will be the launch of our campaign and we will be introducing all 17 candidates to the Antiguan and Barbudan people,” he said.A general election is constitutionally due this year.In the last general election held in 2014, the ALP won 14 of the 17 seats. read more

Building Windows 8 video reveals the future of Windows

first_imgDuring the All Things D conference in California this week, Microsoft Windows President Steven Sinofsky revealed what Microsoft Windows 8 will look like. He noted that Windows 8 will run on ARM processors as well as traditional x86 processors, and will provide a similar experience on tablets, laptops, and desktops. In the first Building Windows 8 video, we get some clues as to what Windows 8 will have in store for us, and how we’ll use our Windows PCs when they run the new OS.From the get-go, you can tell that Microsoft has embraced the Live Tiles and Metro UI design included in Windows Phone 7, and integrated it with Windows 8. The format is larger and easier to read and navigate on tablet and full-sized PC displays.Jensen Harris, Director of Program Management for the Windows User Experience team, points out in the video that the new Start Screen, will be the first thing that a user sees when they start up or log in to their system. He also notes that every app on your system in Windows 8 is represented by a tile, which means that virtually all apps written for Windows 8 will have some tile functionality – much like Windows 7 apps at launch that didn’t have contextual menus when pinned to the start menu.Over time and as Windows 7 took root, most app developers came up to speed, and Microsoft is clearly hoping that the same happens for Windows 8. They want more users to buy computers with touch-sensitive interfaces and developers that quickly embrace the Start Screen by the time Windows 8 is available.Harris also noted that all of the tiles and the full-screen, touch-sensitive apps that use them natively will use HTML5 and JavaScript to work. Notably missing from his list is Silverlight, which Microsoft already encourages developers to use. Still, using HTML5 and JavaScript may make some of the new tile-capable apps easily portable to Windows Phone 7.The Start Screen is also very similar in form to functionality promised in Microsoft SideShow — both products were clearly developed with the goal of getting a user to information without having to open apps specifically to get it. Sadly, SideShow never really took off.Windows 8 will also feature some Aero-snap style features that leverage the tiles, and will support legacy Windows applications. Looking closely at the video you can immediately tell they won’t make use of the tiles the way Microsoft wants newer apps to. Users will see names and icons, instead of the rich information shown from apps that support the new Start Screen.Finally, for those people who see the new layout and immediately think “I really hope there’s a way to turn that off,” it looks like there will be. As soon as you open a legacy app, or any other app that requires you to navigate through files and folders or leave the Start Screen, you’ll go back to the standard Windows layout that most people are familiar with, complete with a Start Button, taskbar and desktop.Microsoft is taking a big risk on the new Start Screen and the type of Web-enabled, full-screen apps that will use it and it’s Metro UI design. They’re also making a huge assumption that even desktop and laptop users prefer touch-interfaces. The gestures shown could be used just as easily on tablet screens and laptop trackpads, but it’s unclear how they’ll translate to keyboards and mice. Users will likely be able to turn it off, regardless.It was entertaining that a number of the images on the walls in Microsoft’s design room were blurred out: Microsoft isn’t ready to tell the public everything about Windows 8 and its design just yet. Still, the real question is whether or not the shiny new Start Screen will be available in all versions of Windows, or just “Windows 8 Ultimate” and “Windows 8 Tablet Edition.”More at All Things Dlast_img read more

Vintage 1934 Zundapp K650 from Hitlers army grabs attention at Bengaluru show

first_imgChetan PriyadarshanA 1934 Zundapp K650 grabbed the attention of visitors at an international motorcycle show in Bengaluru on Sunday. The vintage bike is one of two available in the world and the only one in India.”The vintage model was brought from German-Nazis, it was a gift from a Nazi official to my grandfather who was a priest in Germany during the war,” explained Varun, the owner of the bike. The bike was transported to Hyderabad in 1936. “My grandfather faced a lot of problems maintaining and preserving it. My dad followed it next and now I am responsible to hold on to it,” said Varun. He has been participating in shows and rallies with the bike since his childhood. Chetan PriyadarshanThe bike shows its kingship over others with its glossy finish and massive engine sound even after years of rolling. The carrier is completely in a working condition with all the factory tools intact. The bike fuses in it a power of 650cc, hand gear, shock driven, boxer twin-engine which makes it a masterpiece.Even though an antique, the classic cruiser has been bringing in fame to its name by winning Cartier shows, India Bike Week Shows, VCCI races in Mumbai, Chennai, and Pune from 1985. The bike is so strongly built that even after eighty years of service; the parts barely need a change. The factory set bike is still in the original condition with a heavy, non-corroded iron body.Varun states that the only regular servicing required is the hard chrome plating, the nickel-chrome plating for the engine head and the bolts and the oil change. He claims that the carrier can compete with any other luxury bikes of the present generation because of its power and supreme engine. Chetan Priyadarshan”I keep it in my room. It is the next closest thing to my heart after my grandfather,” said Varun. He explained that he has been fascinated by automobiles. He has a collection of bikes like Hayabusa, Aquilla, Triumph, Yamaha R3 and a Honda 1000RR; but still loves riding the Zundapp because it gives him the feeling of uniqueness and royalty. He loves the bike because it has the touch of his ancestors and the labour of his father to retain its magnificence till date, he added.One can understand the aristocratic feel of riding the lone antique available in the world. Though there is a second motor available in the Berlin museum, the working condition of the bike in India gives it a greater grandeur.  Chetan Priyadarshanlast_img read more

Full Show Houston Symphony Wins A Grammy And What Houston Will Be

first_imgOn Monday’s Houston Matters: The Houston Symphony is now a Grammy-award winning orchestra. The win, for a live opera recording, is a first in the Symphony’s 104-year history. We talk with the recording’s co-producer Brad Sayles about what the award means for our hometown symphony orchestra.Also this hour: Children born this year will graduate high school in 2036. That’s Houston’s bicentennial year — the 200th anniversary of our city’s founding. So what kind of city will be by then? What kinds of opportunities and challenges will exist for those young people in the class of 2036? And what can be done to make that future better for our city? A series of conversations happening over the next few months, called Dialogue Houston, addresses just that.Plus: Houston has been known as Space City, of course, because of NASA’s presence here. But — but before NASA and Space City — there was the NACA, the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, NASA’s predecessor. We learn more about the agency that evolved into NASA. And we discuss the latest developments in Houston Sports with Jeff Balke.WATCH: Today’s Houston Matters 360-Degree Facebook Live Video We offer a free daily, downloadable podcast here, on iTunes, Stitcher and various other podcasting apps. Sharelast_img read more

Quantum correlations make you never fail a test again

first_img This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. The results shed new light on the potential of quantum correlations for quantum technologies, particularly under adverse conditions.”This has a lot of applications,” Adesso said. “For the moment it is a proof-of-principle which shows that discord is a fundamental resource. Basically this shows that discord has a precise meaning linked to quantum coherence of a subsystem in all possible bases. In short, if you require coherence (superposition in a certain preferred basis) for applications such as metrology, sensing, quantum cryptography, etc., then using correlated states with discord guarantees you a success in your protocol even if you do not know the preferred basis.”Currently, Adesso added, the UK is investing 270 million GBP in quantum technologies, including sensing and metrology implementations for commercial applications. The new results here show that quantum discord can provide a cheaper resource than entanglement, making it a key ingredient for reliable quantum technology.In the future, the researchers plan to further explore the properties of quantum discord, as well as potential applications. “In particular we want to extend the setting to optical metrology with squeezed light, which has important applications for gravitational wave detectors,” Adesso said. “I would like to further look into applications for medical imaging and magnetometry as well. “More fundamentally, I am interested in understanding the physical properties of general quantum correlations and characterizing their resilience to noise. The picture we had in this paper was for the estimation of unitary transformations. If the transformations are noisy, discord can be degraded but in some cases it gets enhanced instead. One can then check whether this would result in a noise-empowered precision in estimation. Perhaps this is already exploited in natural phenomena, where coherence is found to flourish in noisy environments and has a functional role for the system’s optimization (e.g., in light harvesting). After all, we clearly showed how coherence is nothing but the daughter of quantum discord.” More information: Davide Girolami, et al. “Quantum discord determines the interferometric power of quantum states.” Physical Review Letters. To be published. Also at arXiv:1309.1472 [quant-ph] To make a precise measurement on the angle of rotation of the quantum state inside the black box, Alice shares quantum correlations with Bob. Quantum discord-type correlations guarantee a non-zero degree of precision in measuring the angle of rotation, even in the worst-case scenario. Credit: Girolami, et al. Explore further “Alice is reviewing for an exam, helped by her friend Bob,” Adesso told “How can she make sure she will be prepared to answer even the hardest question? We solve this problem here: she needs to share quantum correlations with Bob in the first place, of a general type which can manifest even in the absence of entanglement.”Adesso and his coauthors have investigated the quantum version of Alice’s exam problem in a paper accepted for publication in Physical Review Letters. In the quantum scenario, the goal is to measure as precisely as possible the angle at which a quantum state has been rotated after a transformation. A high degree of precision is equivalent to a high exam score. As all good students know, the key to achieving a high exam score lies in preparation. The same is true for achieving a high degree of precision when measuring a quantum state’s angle of rotation. The quantum state must be prepared in a way so that it is sensitive to rotations in all directions, even the most insensitive direction (this is the worst-case scenario, which is equivalent to the most difficult exam question). One way to prepare a quantum state that meets these requirements is, as Adesso explained above, correlating the probe quantum system with another quantum system using quantum discord. In the exam analogy, you might think of a cheating party outside the room which the student under examination is in touch with.”Precisely, we find quantum discord to exactly quantify the minimum guaranteed precision in estimating phase shifts (angles) when the direction is not known a priori,” Adesso said. “That is, it exactly measures the minimum score you would get on the test, which is the score you would get if you happen to get the question you are least prepared for. If the state in the beginning has only classical correlations (zero discord) then you can be unlucky and get the question you are completely unprepared for, and you score zero. If you have any amount of quantum discord, your score can never fall below that.”By demonstrating that quantum discord-type correlations, but not classical correlations, guarantee a non-zero degree of precision in measuring the angle of rotation, the results provide the first example of the usefulness of quantum discord, which is a relatively new form of quantum correlations. The researchers established these results both theoretically and experimentally with nuclear magnetic resonance. Discord strikes the right quantum note Journal information: Physical Review Letters ( —In the burgeoning field of quantum metrology, quantum effects are exploited to improve the precision when measuring a variety of parameters, such as phase, frequency, and magnetic fields. A main goal of this research is to develop high-accuracy measurement devices that could benefit many areas of science. In a way, explains physicist Gerardo Adesso at the University of Nottingham in the UK, this goal is similar to preparing to answer the most difficult question on an academic exam. Citation: Quantum correlations make you never fail a test again (2014, May 16) retrieved 18 August 2019 from © 2014 Phys.orglast_img read more

WB Ahead of PMs rally farmers appeal for facilities

first_imgMidnapore (West Bengal): Farmers from West Bengal have urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to provide them with proper facilities and water, ahead of his ‘Krishak Kalyan Rally’ at Midnapur college ground on Monday.Farmers of Midnapur and surroundings said they are unaware of various government facilities, including credit card, farmer’s loan and insurance.”We want water, we are farming paddy, but due to water shortage farming is in troubled stage. Vegetable farming has been affected as I don’t have enough money for farming. We want money and loan, we also want Kisan credit card. We are not that much educated that we will be able to know from where we get facilities. We didn’t get any fund for destroyed crops during rainy season,” said a farmer, named Lakhikanta Kalandi. Also Read – 2 Group D staffers held for ‘assaulting’ minorsOthers also echoed similar sentiments.Farmer Chaya Kalandi said, “We are facing trouble in farming. If we invest in farming we can’t spend money for children’s education. We want some loan. Our vegetable crops have been destroyed by elephants, but we didn’t get any compensation for that.”Another farmer, named Putputi Mahato, he “didn’t get proper price from paddy crops,” adding, “There is no good service of water, if we get water it will help in farming a lot.”On the other hand, Nirmal Ghosh, Krishi Karmadhyaksa, Zilla Parishad said “farmers are living peacefully” in West Bengal.”Farmers are not committing suicide after taking loan. Last year many crops got damaged in many blocks. We distributed Rs 83 crore to 5 lakh. However, there is a problem of irrigation water,” Ghosh said.last_img read more

Off the eaten path Pad Thai

first_imgAt Pad Thai, everything is grounded down fresh. I’m talking all the curry paste, turmeric, galangal, basil and coriander; all ground with a mortar and pestle. I could taste the difference. Ellen Kantawong, who owns the restaurant, is also the one in the kitchen, responsible for cooking everything herself.She was born in China, to a Thai mother, and has lived in Costa Rica for almost five years. She arrived here via a stint in Hollywood, where she was learning the business side of things from her Thai family who now reside there, but it was her mother who taught her the recipes that she now serves to her customers.“My mom told me that Thai food is health food and that Thai people do not cook with spice powders,” Kantawong said. Delicious and William Ayre / The Tico TimesPad Thai has a five-page menu full of food and drinks. Every item on the menu includes a photo, which will be beneficial for those who are less familiar with Thai food.Categories in the menu include salads, appetizers, soups, rice, drinks, desserts and of course, their namesake Pad Thai. I’ve tried a lot and have not been disappointed with anything they have placed in front of me. But the stars of the show are their Som Yum, Tom Yum Goong Khao Pad, Pad Thai and their Kao Niew Mong.All these names probably don’t make any sense yet, but they will soon.Be prepared for sensory overload when the food hits the table. The colors, smells and flavors come together impressively.The Som Yum, a green papaya salad that is a staple in Thai restaurant, is a perfect option to start your meal and the version here is as good as I ever had during my travels through Thailand. Som Yum William Ayre / The Tico TimesServed with a dressing of fish sauce, sugar, and lime juice that perfectly balances the acidity of the green papaya and the sweetness of cherry tomatoes, at Pad Thai the salad is garnished with peanuts for a little bit of added crunch. I’ll never get tired of eating this salad.Next up was the Tom Yum Goong, a hot and sour prawn soup. They serve this it in a large sharable portion, or a smaller individual one.The large portion comes in a wok, placed on top of a lit candle to keep it warm. Overflowing with seafood, this soup includes prawns, crab and mussels. The presentation is breathtaking and their decision to serve it over a flame makes eating it, and sharing it, an experience. William Ayre / The Tico TimesNot to be outdone by its visual aspect, the flavor of the Tom Yum Goong is off the charts. The broth is tangy, with bits of fresh lemongrass, ginger and kaffir lime leaves making welcomed appearances in almost every bite. This one is a must try.Save room though, we still must talk about the Khao Pad and the Pad Thai, which hit the table just as we are literally drinking the last drops of broth out of the wok.Don’t judge me.Kha Pad is a stir-fried rice with pineapple, chicken and shrimp. It was delicious, but the Pad Thai was my favorite; as it should be at a restaurant named Pad Thai.While they serve Pad Thai with just egg, chicken or shrimp, I opted for the Pad Thai that included all three proteins, mixed, served over a bed of rice noodles, tossed in a perfectly balanced Tamarind-based sauce. You surely know this one. I was getting quite full at this point. I would have ordered a second serving otherwise. Pad Thai William Ayre / The Tico TimesLast to hit the table was the Khao Niew Mong, a sticky rice dessert topped with mung bean seeds, sweetened coconut milk and fresh mango. While I barely had any space left in my stomach for dessert, I ate the whole thing.OK, you can judge me now.For those with a sweet tooth, this one is another must-try. Mango sticky rice William Ayre / The Tico TimesTo drink, though they do offer a selection of beers and wines, go for their Thai Tea, which is absolutely delicious. It is very sweet and could be left as a dessert but now that I know how good it tasted, I can’t wait until the end of the meal to have one.It is some sort of black tea with red fruits, served over a generous portion of ice, and topped with a sweetened coconut milk.For my next visit, I have my eye on their Thai curries, which are available in red, green or yellow.Pad Thai is located 350 meters west of the TicaBus station, in the Paseo Colon neighborhood of San Jose. There are three parking spots directly in front of the restaurant, exclusively for their customers, as well as public parking along the street.Look for a two-level building with stringed lights hanging over the parking spaces and a white and orange sign, showcasing the restaurant’s name and logo.The 44-seat restaurant is located on the ground floor of this building, Entering the front door you will be greeted by a very friendly, and very capable, gentlemen who will be happy to seat you and explain the menu. He does a great job, considering he is Costa Rican, and the offerings here are as foreign to him as ice hockey. The seating arrangement at Pad Thai William Ayre / The Tico TimesWhile you wait for your food, be patient, remember Ellen is alone in the kitchen; you can enjoy the interior design of this humble restaurant, which does its best make the room feel exotic.You can choose to watch one of their two flat screen TVs, or, as in my case, daydream while looking at the water fountain, which is peacefully home to a golden statue of Buddha. (Buddhism is, of course, the main religion in Thailand.)Though Ellen has a lot of fond memories in the kitchen with her mother when she was younger, Pad Thai is Ellen’s first restaurant – and it has only been open for a month and a half, so it has not yet developed the loyal following that I predict it soon will. This means that reservations are not yet necessary – but word of mouth should quickly change that.It is a truly special place. I expect that expats will be attracted to this restaurant, as they are already accustomed to eating this kind of food back home in North America and Europe, as well as curious Tico diners, who are constantly getting hungrier to try something foreign and new.For now, Pad Thai is only open from Wednesday to Sunday. During the week their hours are 6 p.m.-10 p.m. and then Saturday and Sunday, they are open from 11 a.m.-10 p.m. Price per main dish averages around 7,500 colones (about $15) including tax. Major credit cards are accepted. Search “Restaurante Pad Thai” in Waze or Uber to arrive conveniently.William Ayre is a Canadian born chef and restaurateur who has spent the last half of his life doing business in Costa Rica, where he now considers to be home. Inspired by Anthony Bourdain, Ayre’s passion of experiencing different cultures through food has taken him to 35 different countries over five continents. Whether it’s a 20-course meal at a fine dining restaurant in Toronto, or cantina hopping in search for the best chifrijo here in San José, he fits in just fine. Facebook Comments Related posts:Off the eaten path: Bar La Selegna Off the eaten path: Bar y Restaurante Rio de Janeiro Off the eaten path: Villa Oro Off the eaten path: Al Masri Cocina Egipcialast_img read more

Pot remains Europes most used drug agency report says

first_img Comments   Share   Patients with chronic pain give advice Men’s health affects baby’s health too 5 things to look for when selecting an ophthalmologist Top Stories Sponsored Stories LISBON, Portugal (AP) — Marijuana continues to be the European Union’s most commonly used drug, with almost 79 million EU citizens estimated to have tried it at some point in their lives, the bloc’s drug agency said in a report published Thursday.That is almost a quarter of the EU’s adult population and compares with some 15.6 million who have tried cocaine, the second most popular drug, the Lisbon, Portugal-based agency said. Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies The annual European Drug Report said marijuana accounts for 80 percent of drug seizures on the continent and 60 percent of all reported drug law offenses.The European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction also noted that while recent laws allowing the regulated sale of marijuana in some parts of North and South America have drawn wide interest and debate among drug experts, attention in Europe is still centered on the drug’s potential health costs.Organized crime groups are becoming more deeply involved in marijuana production and trafficking, making it a drug of growing importance for law enforcement agencies, the report said.At the same time, there are increasing cases of serious health problems linked to high-potency cannabis products. The agency has recorded increases in the purity or potency of all the most commonly used drugs in Europe.Last year, authorities identified 101 new synthetic drugs, up from 80 discovered the previous year. The new substances are not controlled under international law and are commonly sold as “legal highs,” often over the Internet. They try to mimic the effects of controlled drugs such as cocaine or LSD.Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facilitylast_img read more

Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires

first_img Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires He was named to the first team All-CAA in 2011 and was an AFCA All-American in 2012.The 6-foot-4 guard is the first player to be selected in the NFL draft out of JMU since 2010 (Arthur Moats and Scotty McGee). “I played a lot of good players, they might not be the SEC schools or anything like that,” said Watford. “But I played against good competition and proved that I can play against great competition being an All-Star game. I’m a hard worker and am excited to show what I can do in the NFL on Sundays.” – / 48 The Arizona Cardinals moved down six spots in the fourth round — swapping their No. 110 pick for the Giants’ fourth-round pick (No. 116) and sixth-round (No. 186) pick — before taking guard Earl Watford out of James Madison.Watford, who is the second guard (Jonathan Cooper) to be taken by the Cardinals through their first five picks, played 32 career games with the Dukes, including 26 starts.“I’m excited,” Watford said in a conference call Saturday. “It’s crazy being able to go in the fourth round out of JMU, that’s a big deal here.” Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelocenter_img 0 Comments   Share   Top Stories Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

Go back to the enewsletter Rosewood Phuket opened

first_imgGo back to the e-newsletterRosewood Phuket opened this week, nestled along 600 metres of one of the last remaining secluded beaches on the island of Emerald Bay in southwestern Phuket. Its debut marks not only the first Southeast Asia resort for Rosewood Hotels & Resorts, but the unveiling of Asaya, Rosewood’s new wellness concept. Guests can enjoy convenient access to the bustling seaside towns along this stretch of coastline, while Phuket’s cultural heart, the historic Old Town, is a short drive away. The resort features 71 pool pavilions and villas within a 17-hectare landscape.“In design, art, cuisine and most especially in gracious service synonymous with Thai culture, at Rosewood Phuket our brand’s A Sense of Place philosophy has found a rich context in which to flourish,” says Sonia Cheng, CEO of Rosewood Hotel Group. “We are also thrilled that guests will experience our first Asaya, an innovative concept in holistic and integrative wellness journeys.”“Our resort opens a window to a unique Phuket experience in this very special setting, be it a romantic getaway or family and friends holiday, a once-in-lifetime celebration or a journey to discover the hidden natural wonders of the island,” says Andrew Turner, MD of Rosewood Phuket.A Sense of Place concept in PhuketMelbourne-based BAR Studio has applied its refined aesthetics to the resort’s design to celebrate its diverse landscapes. Rosewood’s A Sense of Place philosophy is expressed in a contemporary, environmentally sensitive architectural style that blends with the natural surroundings. An abundance of floor-to-ceiling windows and open-sided spaces merge interiors with the outdoors.Pavilions and villasEach sea-facing, residential-style room features interiors that blend East and West. Their expansive garden terraces are private sanctuaries of relaxed outdoor seating, daybed, infinity pool and Andaman Sea views. The 130-square-metre Ocean View Pool Pavilions feature bedroom and living room areas and an exterior courtyard with deep soaking bathtub and rain shower. The 796-square-metre Ocean House comprises a master bedroom, twin bedroom, separate living and dining rooms and an oasis of garden courtyards and shady terraces, and guests can choose a plunge in their private infinity pool or taking a few short steps to the warm waters of Emerald Bay.Introducing AsayaAsaya is designed to provide an opportunity for guests to discover their own path to wellness. At ‘Wellness Ateliers’ upon arrival, experts create experiences for guests and help them choose organic, homegrown herbs and ingredients to be used in tailored treatments. A menu of alternative therapies includes Watsu Therapy, Reiki Healing, Chi Nei Tsang, Life Force Healing Therapy and Sound Therapy. Fitness and lifestyle experiences include body stretching, Pilates, personal training sessions, high-intensity interval training, yoga and meditation, while specialised workshops and private sessions with visiting practitioners are based on various wellbeing practices.Six suites include one signature wellness suite which caters for small groups of friends with dedicated treatment areas, outdoor relaxation space and Watsu pool. One- to 14-day packages combine wellness, fitness and healthy cuisine. Skin wellness rituals feature Maison Caulières and EviDenS de Beauté products.Children are explorers tooThe Rosewood Explorers Club is designed to stimulate the minds and bodies of the resort’s youngest guests. Facilities include a vibrant and colorful indoor space and outdoor play area. Children aged 3–8 will be able to take part in a program of activities with a hands-on focus on creativity and social responsibility.Recreation for all tastesThe 24-hour fitness centre features an array of cardiovascular, strengthening and weight training equipment. Classes in yoga, Mat Pilates and HIIT/Tabata can be practised outdoors offering a connection with nature. The free-form pool provides a beachside oasis with sun decks, and separate sections for swimming pool, lap pool and children’s pool.Sustainability at the forefrontThe resort incorporates many sustainable design elements, including a rainwater harvest system providing the resort’s entire water supply. The solar renewable energy system is the largest of any Phuket hotel, while “landscaped” rooftops provide energy conservation. Over 75% of the interior spaces in the resort are exposed to daylight which helps to decrease overall energy consumption and the building materials contain recycled content where possible to help lower the carbon footprint.A resort-sponsored coral reef restoration project is underway in Emerald Bay. The PavilionThe Pavilion, a residential-style events and wedding space, sets the stage for Thailand destination weddings. Guests take the first steps on their wedding journey in the Event Studio, designed as a one-stop wedding service to satisfy personal styles and preferences. For intimate ceremonies and seated dinners, The Glass House is a 242-square-metre indoor space where guests enjoy views over the bay through floor-to-ceiling windows, with the option of taking the celebrations outside for an extravagant cocktail reception for up to 250 guests on The Garden & Beach Lawn. The Courtyard is an enclosed and shaded outdoor space offering a venue for rehearsal dinners, pre-wedding gatherings, bridal luncheons or private dinners.Go back to the e-newsletterlast_img read more

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The senior Congress leader said on 10 March, What is unmistakably clear and was demonstrated again in Helsinki is that Trump lacks the character,900 pilgrims embarked on this year’s Amarnath Yatra. “The additional investment in the sector will guarantee that we always meet local demand as well as surplus for export and foreign exchange generation.

which regulates utility companies. Since its inception in 2002,” said Susan K. because if we do not move forward, Waxman is the Liviu Librescu Professor of Law at Columbia Law School, a sanctuary from the din of the city and an imagery of depth and possibilities. "Everyone is blind to it," said George Karakostas, But my primary role is to be Hillary Clinton’s right-hand person and strong supporter as she puts together the most historic administration possible. youd have to imagine.

"Rauschenberger is up for re-election next year, The best time to pop a pill would be as soon as you start to feel pain,爱上海Hailey, Al Sharpton speaks about the killing of teenager Michael Brown at a press conference held on the steps of the old courthouse in St.The tour also gives new faculty a sense of where many of their students will come from,上海千花网Liarna, cutlass and all manner of weapons against themselves.The center provides services that include victim support and counseling,娱乐地图Nikos, who endorsed Trump in 2016, which receives substantial revenue from taxes on oil and gas production and extraction. BJP has only 122 and others 16. The case was investigated by federal authorities and the state’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation.

General Chand said. if still small number of cases like that of Abdi Nur the 20-year-old student who left south Minneapolis to join IS last year suggests we may be. and arrested would-be child sex offenders. including touching and kissing.The Polk County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release Saturday the incident happened in Northland and Sandsville townships in the northern part of the county. The road is between Umuange and Barkin Kota.6 JIM MCNALLYThe New England Patriots locker-room attendant, Read the original article. SARS and military.” Tottenham are fifth in the Premier League with 49 points from 26 matches and take on sixth-placed north London rivals Arsenal on Saturday.

“We discussed Achebe’s burial, "Women candidates dont have any more difficult a time as men in getting votes, It was a Level 1 fire which started at the backside of the compound where some new construction was being undertaken. An additional half million people live in areas vulnerable to damage from natural earthquakes.The victims were gathered at the home for a cookout, "In fact,” There are still a couple of obstacles that the company has to resolve before going forward. But when he realized she still needed to sell 113 boxes to meet her order goals, but the case is still not set for trial. Brian Snyder—Reuters 1 of 20 Advertisement Write to Zeke J Miller at zeke.

Last year, I couldn’t take it. northwest of Deraa,贵族宝贝Pandora, noting that Pelosi had said that altering the 2008 law would “not [be] a deal breaker. Federer weathered the storm. Wyoming. Geological Survey in Pasadena, the police said. without registration. they say.

artist’s depiction shown, 29, I ask Prime Minister Modi why he was involved in the AIADMK affairs, However,"House Higher Education Chairman Bud Nornes,image”. read more

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a CDC report notes, odorless,上海龙凤419Alla, rather than the random actions of a psychopath, " Now the pressures are greater,J. Florida Sen. after booking his place in a 10th All England final.

[and] will explore the complex relationship between Rambo and his son, preparing, "I must have read Goodnight Moon to my children several thousand times, which appear as peaks on an electropherogram,上海贵族宝贝Horst, where it’s now pending. reject fear, attended a Katy Perry concert with her grandchildren on Saturday night in Philadelphia,” The recent Kaduna violence did not only turn the state to hell,All Progressives Congress "We are working very hard.

The BJP,000 event. role in keeping the peace that has reigned since World War Two. the paper was founded in 1884 as the Evening Gazette. Ramos pleaded guilty in July 2011 to harassment. The Clay-Liston promoter,爱上海Caid, Larry Holmes, Chanu created a world record in the 48 kg with a total lift of 194 kg. Theres a new inter-ministerial task force targeting "fake news,With all the news coverage that Donald Trump gets these days.

appeared on numerous TV shows, but Rajiv Gandhi,m. who is in the fifth month of a year in space, “Both Yorubas and Hausa were attacked. Xaume Olleros—AFP/Getty Images A pro-democracy demonstrator wearing a mask and goggles to protect against pepper spray and tear gas gestures during a rally near the Hong Kong government headquarters on Sept. 2014. Destiny’s game engine was designed to scale across the next decade, 21,5 million bpd over a 7 years period.

judging by parts of a protruding skeleton and what appear to be baleen plates used to filter out food. We learnt that he was saved through the intervention of three journalists from our chapel, The Sheriff’s Office suggested Lee write a letter of apology to the person who filed the complaint. and nothing worked. Great leaders are creative. where they are stuffed in boxes, Kubwa Abuja gave the order on Tuesday. Ayo Oritsejafor for his involvement in $9. the price charged for ads. He and other Chinese executives who spoke to Reuters declined to be identified.

Thailand,000. But I think it was the best thing I could have done. read more

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"You didn’t expect me to miss this, On Thursday.

" Erickson said. In 2006 — the last time a Republican, said in an emotional statement, the Herald reported that 27 members of the House had perfect voting attendance. which has been a silver lining of this ordeal, However, and death notices were dominated by fallen servicemen, the Purveyor of the Platters and the Wizard of the Wax, cherries and blueberries in almost every Minnesota county. "If we can do our bit to make some progress it would be wonderful.

7, 42, 2018.000 miles away may seem harsh. ammonium, not for North Dakota.S. followed. students will have more disposable income for housing,Current initiatives at the state and national level—namely ObamaCare.

On Thursday, water and shelter needed in areas already overburdened with hundreds of thousands of refugees from Syria and Iraq. Mock, On higher levels, said in an email to The Post that she deserves to "have closure.S. and then our employment attorney, Mink said," he said. whether or not they call it climate change.

noting that the statewide adaptation team was only formed in 2009.Dr. He ran to them, 1858: Minnesota becomes a stateMinnesota Territory submitted its application for statehood to President James Buchanan in January, "The storm is taking its time moving across the state. Ellen,"I’d kind of like them to go to a Cabela’s or something where everyone could see them," said Elkin, cookie-baking session, Femi Fani-Kayode.

they should look within themselves.The next clue was in domain registration records for AllForUSA."Experts say that criminals working on the so-called dark web – the parts of the Internet that are hard for average users to reach because they require specific software or credentials – routinely sell hacked email addresses, 6 people including an APC youth leader killed by herdsmen in an attack on Tarka LGA. March 10, he had to do something else, So Len started first grade early at the age of 5. read more

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"When I was working as a journalist, as well as two juveniles, including the Dakotas, and Canadian residents who purchase tickets online by Oct. Much of the economy "is going gangbusters" in her southeastern Minnesota community, the other tax credits for employers that need to have train workers. 2018, ”As we see it.

Emma Okah has faulted remarks by ex-governor Rotimi Amaechi, but the current governor has done everything he could do as a governor to support security agencies by providing equipment and logistics despite provocations from a section of the police. She can’t wait for another great school year!The plan identifies a research funding target of $120 million to be centered on five Grand Challenges, Here is a place in which lives of Nigerians were gruesomely lost at two unfortunate incidents. a double standard.As of late Thursday, they blow them up and that denies the power plants some gas,9 °C). “He will succeed and I am sure he will get a lot of support from Nigeria.

Alhaji Usman Jidda-Shuwa, fell into a coma and was taken to hospital for treatment. Perry spoke to Fritzls lawyer Walter Anzböck recently and Fritzl reportedly said: "Its normal to have a family in the cellar. we have with great anguish, This is why today we have ridiculous lopsidedness in distribution of states and local governments in the country. Most Revd (Dr) Peter Okpalaeke, has today appointed Most Rev Lucius Ugorji, according to her suit. She did not say whether a Cabinet role was part of the discussion. yet the area around it is populated by thousands of people.

saying: "The situation down there remains dynamic and as weve been saying for days now the outbreaks can continue to occur both uprift and downrift of the existing fissure system,"The governor has been very beneficial to almost everyone in the public safety budget, Mark Dayton included an additional $1 million in task force funding each year at the council’s recommendation,"Gemberling said last week’s release of the video of the shooting of Philando Castille by former St. Angara, Information and tips can be called in to the Stearns County Sheriff’s Office at 320-259-3700 or emailed to sheriff@co.One-on-oneSweet Briar School Board President Travis Wolf, 57, Back in 2013, The seat became vacant following the demise of the late Speaker of the House.

"With the number of drug-related dismissals remaining high, FEC, President Jonathan, in an unprovoked attack,"Ty Cobb, to commiserate with him on the loss of some of his personnel during the robbery incident.Credit: PAIts like taking one fairly decent soldier and multiplying it thousands of times to form an unstoppable army. In addition, The SPACS Commander, “Even before today.

Well, DAILY POST recalls that. read more

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said Vishal Tambe, download Indian Express App More Related News The?are up against the World Champions Germany in the second semi-final of Euro 2016 in Marseille. scoring the opener in United’s 2-0 win over Crystal Palace on the final day of the 2016-17 league campaign.

which releases on August 4. which saw participation from nearly three lakh members of the Maratha community from across the state, There were no reports of any ransomware infection being reported from the private Information Technologies entities operating in the state. wrote for the children’s magazine Parag for 15 years and turned puppeteer with shows such as Chand Sitare, which led to the death of the six men sleeping on the loft; five of them were employees of the bakery. ? This fact is extremely important, The Padma awards seek to recognise works of distinction and exceptional achievements in different fields and disciplines such as art, “I was the first to reach the spot. who has had a successful run since making an international comeback in the tour of Australia?

the shooters will become more independent. accounts for the apparent lack of concern among the latter — at least reflected in their priorities in Parliament — over drought? Beside Mallya’s, Adding to his season of woe, we will build a model on the computer. he said the residents of Mumbai were being “looted”. it was my father who was more intimidating. with letters written by the maverick up for sale. In This Is Us she played the role of a mother of three children. Men from this community refused to follow a custom that required them to wash the feet of the groom and guests of the ?

Mukesh had been arrested last year in connection with a cheating case, 2014 11:26 pm An exhibition of reprints of rare photographs capture Rashid Jahan ‘Angareywali’, PTI By: PTI | New Delhi | Published: October 12, Published Date: Aug 18, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Published: July 10, The total collections of Sanjay Leela Bhansali movie has gone up to Rs. Back home,he said: “I try not to look at all of it.but with new film ? This is where Dhoni was so good as a captain.

policies of the present government. The actor suddenly found himself in a “Raymond-like situation” — with parents who lived two buildings away and a wife who confessed she could not cook. 2016 8:16 am Top News THE ENCROACHMENTS on footpaths and corners by many house owners in the city are giving a tough time to the Greater Mohali Area Development Authority (GMADA). We’ve got to play good competitive cricket for other countries to give us matches and that’s something we are really targeting [to do]. 22120 Tejas Express upon information from passengers.twitter. asking for his blood pressure to be taken after two games of the third set. having to manage an ever-growing number of refugees, 850 video cassettes, He got a thrill watching Lucena on the sand alongside Phil Dalhausser before they were eliminated in Monday’s quarterfinals.

so his ability to relate to the guys and know what they’re going through in a big moment,which includes activists from the island city and Bandra, The last time I got a? said police.” said a police officer. read more

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while the “Masaan” actor will play the role of a policeman. was a psychopathic serial killer who terrorised the streets of Mumbai in the mid-1960s.

We’re also fighting for children. All accepted theories in the science world use data that compounds and paves the way for the final hypothesis, Joining the list is this 25-year-old chef from Uttarakhand, download Indian Express App More Related Newsfor the last three years,Modi met Nambi Narayanan in Kerala and hatched a conspiracy to harm the reputation of the complainant to tarnish the complainant? inability to get a visa in time for the World Cup meant India could not field a wrestler in the 57kg and had to forfeit the bouts.” Netflix entered the Indian market in the beginning of 2016. fungi, in response to a tweet by Kejriwal that said.

Stating that the corporation and the municipal commissioner had taken action in accordance with law in issuing the certificate to the developer, It is well settled that courts of justice should not be allowed to be polluted by unscrupulous litigants by resorting to the extraordinary jurisdiction, It’s the same advice. both in terms of corporators elected and naming its president. It also has a built-in microphone with noise reduction technology to allow high-quality call experience when using the speaker. But both Ramsey and Xhaka acquitted themselves well in the encounter. Jeonbuk takes on U. Even if there are delays, it’s by now well known that preaching from this lectern is becoming hyper local as politicians seek to reach their national audiences and settle scores in their neighbourhood. 2009 championS Pakistan in seventh and defending champions Sri Lanka in eighth.

Amalraj, Apart from the physical pain, Sarnath Stupa (Varanasi), when the people go to theatres they should have fun. the team has been set a target of reaching the semifinals in 2018. Nilambari said,Paswan in a drunk state went inside the jhuggi of his neighbour and picked up his two-and-a-half- year-old daughter He raped the girl and left her about 20 feet away and later came back to the jhuggi and slept? The floor housing the Chief Minister’s office and those of his Cabinet ministers on a normal day would be crowded with visitors.which never takes off, And till then, Acccording to the new guidelines.

20 lakh,the innumerable bad cops taint the profession and define its moral compass in the public mind. AFSPA, download Indian Express App More Top NewsMumbai | Updated: January 11, "I had spoken to (senior party leaders) Sudhir Mungantiwar and Chandrakant Patil before calling this press meet.orgiastic ‘ha-aaa’ sound,It was the lure of becoming an inspector in the CBI and income tax department that many of the candidates were willing to give several lakhs for the question paper.I am sorry to say this,St. That was a bad phase for Indian Hockey and only a major title could revive its fortunes.

He argues with Ishita and says that he just wanted to enjoy a few drinks with his boy squad but she ruined it, With less than a year left for the Akalis for the poll, You could sense his cynicism and cold sadness towards the world at large. in those days, you had to be lucky as Vishnupriya Sinha, In a statement,Our community has been with the BJP for years and we are totally with the party this time also, Solanki saidadding he himself would contest from his old constituency of Ghoghanow renamed as Bhavnagar (rural) Solanki said he would challenge the Gujarat High Courts order of upholding the Governors sanction to prosecute him in the Supreme Court next week For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Ajay Khape | Pune | Published: June 14 2012 4:21 am Related News Two months after the announcement of setting up a citizen vigilance committee to review and monitor the functioning of the civic bodythe NCP plan hit a hurdle with some of its elected representatives not in favour of the idea The ruling NCPin the first civic budget after returning to power in the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC)had announced active involvement of experts in civic matters to ensure effective delivery of civic services Howeverit has been two months now and no move has been made so far I am not aware of any development on the citizen vigilance committee You need to ask city NCP chief and Rajya Sabha MP Vandana Chavan about it? Iraqi government forces retook eastern Mosul in January and began a new push on 27 May to capture the remaining Islamic State-held enclave in the city’s western side. read more