South Carolina Senate passes bill outlawing most abortions

first_imgCOLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — The South Carolina Senate has passed a bill that would outlaw almost all abortions in the state. The 30-13 vote Thursday overcomes years of hurdles thanks to Republican winning new seats in last year’s elections. The Senate vote is likely the final hurdle for the bill. It has passed the House easily in previous years and Gov. Henry McMaster has repeatedly said he will sign it as soon as he can. The measure requires doctors to use an ultrasound to try to detect a fetal heartbeat if they think pregnant women are at least eight weeks along. If a heartbeat is found, the abortion can’t take place.last_img read more

Club connects alumni worldwide

first_imgNotre Dame seniors will disperse across the country after graduation, but thanks to the Alumni Association, every single zip code in the U.S. is associated with a Notre Dame club. Annie Duffy, worldwide clubs program director for Notre Dame’s Alumni Association, said there are 270 Notre Dame clubs across the world, 200 of which are in the U.S. “We can pretty much guarantee that once you leave campus, you’ll be in a place where there’s a Notre Dame group,” Duffy said. “These clubs are made up of alumni, family and friends, they’re completely inclusive. They’re based off of everyone’s love for Notre Dame.” The Alumni Association encourages seniors to update their information record with the University once they know where they will live after graduation so they can automatically be associated with the Notre Dame club in the area, Duffy said. “Our clubs will hold events throughout the year, camaraderie events like game watches or networking happy hours,” she said. “A lot of our clubs have Catholic spirituality events like Mass and breakfast, and a lot provide support for current students, like a send-off in August where everyone can wish them well as they go back to campus.”  Duffy said the Alumni Association’s website,, can connect graduated students with clubs in any particular city, and alumni are welcome to be a part of as many clubs as they want. Often times, the clubs are instrumental in helping graduates settle into their new lives, she said. “We strongly encourage [graduates] to get proactively involved in the clubs,” Duffy said. “It can never hurt to reach out to them to see what they have going on. You can connect with recent graduates about where the best places to go are and what young graduates do in the city. It’s a great way to meet people and form friendships.” The alumni clubs mark just one example of the Notre Dame family’s expansion off campus, Duffy said. “Everyone really shares a passion for Notre Dame,” she said. “It’s tough for young alumni who are just graduating, you’ve been here for four years, you’ve formed this family and it’s always very sad to leave here. “But knowing you have this common connection with alumni wherever you go is unbelievable. I think it’s that shared value and that love for Notre Dame that keeps everyone connected and gives us the strongest alumni network in the country.” Contact Ann Marie Jakubowski ajakubo1@nd.edulast_img read more

Man Allegedly Flees Deputies In Combine Harvester Following Reported Altercation

first_imgWNY News Now Stock Image.BROCTON – A Village of Brocton man is facing several charges after allegedly fleeing deputies in a combine harvester during a reported altercation last week.The Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office reports deputies were dispatched to a Peerless Street address for a reported altercation on Friday the 13th in Brocton.Through investigation, deputies allege 35-year-old Benjamin Reed caused physical injury to another person and damaged multiple items inside the residence.Additionally, they say, the alleged incident occurred in the presence of multiple children. When deputies attempted to contact Reed, they say he fled the scene in a combine harvester.A warrant was later issued for his arrest and he was taken into custody on Sunday.Reed is charged with third-degree assault, fourth-degree criminal mischief, fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon, endangering the welfare of a child, second-degree Obstruction of governmental administration and second-degree harassment.Deputies say Reed was taken to the Chautauqua County Jail where he was arraigned and released on his own recognizance. Share:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Sweet Onions Start Now

first_imgYou may not have finished the Vidalia onions from last season, but commercialgrowers are starting now on their onion crop for next year.If you’re an avid gardener and pine for something to grow in the winter,maybe sweet onions are for you.The sandy soils in the southern half of Georgia are ideal for growingsweet onions. This is because these soils tend to be low in sulfur, a majorcontributor to making onions hot.To start with, get the right kind of seed. The onions we grow in theSouth are called short-day onions. They bulb (form an onion) during theshort days of winter. Other types called intermediate and long-day onionswon’t form a bulb as readily during short winter days.The seeds are very small and should be planted about one-fourth of aninch deep. You can plant them from the beginning of September to the endof October.Because they’re so small, take care with watering so the top one-fourthinch of soil always remains moist. Your seedlings should be visible in10-14 days.Onions should have a final spacing of about 4-5 inches in the row sothere is plenty of room for the bulb to form. Commercial growers typicallyseed plant beds with 60-70 seeds per foot of row. They grow these onionsfor eight weeks, then pull them to transplant to the final spacing of about4-5 inches.If you don’t want to go to the trouble of growing onions from seed,transplants are usually available in late winter and early spring fromyour garden supply or department store. Local growers may share some oftheir extra transplants, too.Onions are usually transplanted from plant beds to their final spacingbetween Thanksgiving and Christmas. But they can be transplanted as lateas the end of February.To produce a mild onion, select the right variety (short-day sweet oniontype), keep it watered throughout the growing season and go easy on thefertilizer. Go especially light on sulfur-containing products. These increasethe onions’ pungency.Onions should be ready for harvest from April into June, depending onvariety and weather. You’ll know when it’s time to harvest when 20 percentof the onion tops have fallen over at the neck.last_img read more

Chevron CEO says low-cost shale has forced capital discipline on oil industry

first_imgChevron CEO says low-cost shale has forced capital discipline on oil industry FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Bloomberg:For Mike Wirth, the future of Big Oil lies at home, under the dusty fields of West Texas. As he celebrates his first year as chief executive of Chevron Corp., Wirth sees the Permian Basin as a plentiful source of high-quality crude for years to come, but that’s not all. The low break-even costs to pump in the Permian are forcing Chevron to be more efficient everywhere, Wirth said, from the deepwater platforms in the Gulf of Mexico to its liquefied natural gas plants.In a time of transition, where everyone from politicians to shareholder activists is bashing Big Oil, shale’s success is forging a new reality, Wirth said: Lower your costs, or die. Shale “has forced us to get smarter about how we do everything else,” Wirth said in an interview in Houston. The cost of Gulf of Mexico projects is at “levels we would never have imagined a decade ago,” he added. Chevron isn’t becoming more efficient “because we were dumb then and we’re smart now. We’re doing it because we have to.”As Wirth prepares to present his new strategy to investors in early March, his message is one of never-ending belt-tightening, always preparing for even lower energy prices and strong competition. It’s a lesson that came from his days rising through the oil refining ranks at Chevron: bad margins one year could turn even worse the next.“Let’s not bet on high prices,” Wirth said, sitting in a conference room in the company’s Houston offices, with pictures of old Chevron retail logos on the wood-paneled wall behind him. It is a popular theme with shareholders in the energy industry who saw many companies spending billions in mega-projects that never delivered the expected returns. In Chevron’s case, investors endured half-a-decade of intense capital spending on developments in the Gulf of Mexico and enormous LNG projects in Australia, only for the oil price to crater in 2014. Famously, at one Australian venture, Gorgon, costs swelled by almost half to $54 billion.“Everybody was investing in these kinds of things,” Wirth said. But “it’s unlikely we’d see that confluence of events come together again. I certainly don’t see that in the foreseeable future.”More: Texas shale forces Big Oil cost revolution, Chevron CEO sayslast_img read more

2020 CUNA Finance Council Award winners announced

first_img continue reading » CUNA CUNA Finance Council announces recipients of the 2020 CUNA Finance Council Awards, the most prestigious industry award for credit union finance professionals.Bill Kennedy, CFO and vice president of finance, Securityplus FCU, Frederick, MD, has been named 2020 Professional of the Year. This award recognizes an individual who consistently excels in credit union financial management and has made a significant contribution toward the success of their credit union while showing commitment to advancing the credit union movement.Kennedy, who earned the nickname “the credit union whisperer” when he was named a Credit Union Magazine 2019 Credit Union Rockstar, has a long history of helping small credit unions turn things around and stay relevant. Over his 32-year career, he has served as CEO and CFO—simultaneously on four occasions. “When you work in credit unions for a while, something gets in your blood,” he says. “It’s the ‘people helping people’ philosophy, and it aligns really well with who I am commissioned to be.”Kennedy has been a CUNA Finance Council member since 2009. He served on the CUNA Finance Council’s Executive Committee from 2011-2014, was Chair of the Communications Committee from 2011-2014 and Vice Chair of the Education Committee from 2013-2014.center_img ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

The torments of tour guides: So as it goes, it goes

first_imgIf someone who is not a tour guide these days meets his tour guide friend, the conversation will flow so that the tour guide gets foam at the mouth, and the other pretends to sympathize with him, but absolutely nothing is clear to him. So here’s an example. Unemployed 35-year-old teacher Croatian language and history Marko, hoping to find a job easier, borrowed several thousand kunas to become a tourist guide. That didn’t help him find a job. However, stock market advisers encouraged him to become self-employed, open a business and try to push his career with government incentives. He dared to take that step. When he spent all his money on incentives, the state remembered that he shouldn’t have given them to him because he wasn’t really unemployed – he was a tour guide! He just didn’t do anything. And she asked him to return 30 kunas after he had already spent them. Photo: Secret Zagreb Given that we guides do not know what to do and what exactly is our status and how to run our business, what else is left for us but for each of us to continue working in the hope that this madness will pass and that by some miracle it will bypass us? Hm… maybe we can do something else … when I think about it, this is the first time that I feel that these hundreds of people are quietly connecting, even in the injustice that has befallen them. But the executioner knows this well, uses our carelessness and hovers from one group to another. Medical staff, teachers, patients, here are the tour guides now… we fall one by one… so as it goes, it goes. As far as legislation is concerned, everything is the same as before. Only suddenly the law is interpreted differently. It is only a well-trained brain of a clerk in the last stage of the Transfiguration, who can accept and continue to communicate without any sense of guilt, empathy, logic or common sense. But whether this hooked me or not, this grotesque is much closer to all of us than it seems. What tourist guides are now protesting against could very quickly be extended to various other activities because the same anti-logic can be applied to many. However, let’s be realistic. Aren’t all the entrepreneurs in Lijepa Naša working with a noose around their necks, balancing on that wobbly chair below them, hoping that the executioner from the state apparatus will arrive as late as possible? So while it goes, it goes…. I must say that I am embarrassed that I once wrote about the good idea of ​​opening a craft for tourist guides and mentioned the possibility of incentives. The only good thing I said was a joke: take the incentives and go to the Bahamas, and then think about how you will invent the funds to return them and spend them on purpose. I hope Mark is in the Bahamas. Marko, don’t come back, you don’t know what awaits you! None of us live in a pink balloon. We all know at least someone who is under execution because he once thought of some entrepreneurship and ended up in a blockade because of the inhuman decision of some clerk. We know that each of us can be overtaken by a nebulous solution, a business mistake that we are not aware of and may unknowingly break the rules… When I think about it, I don’t know where we want to go from… whether it happens. But such things usually happen to some of us – individually. This time Ivica Budalica managed to surpass himself and kill hundreds of flies with one blow. They managed to endanger so many people without even bothering to change the regulations. The CES has suddenly started to consider that all people who do not have a job, but are tour guides by profession, are not unemployed and delete them from the records.He therefore asks these persons for a refund of the benefits they received as unemployedThe stock market has given some guides incentives for self-employment to open a tourist-guided craft. Now, however, they have decided that they could not even be on the stock exchange, so they are asking them to return that money as well.The tour guide course lasts a few weeks. After that, they are entered in the register so that they can guide tourists at all. But there are many people who do not have a job, and among other things, they are tour guides. Even if they don’t have a job, they can’t be on the stock market. I repeat, the law has not changed. They just remembered that they could interpret existing laws that way.Some tour guides have crafts. Now, even some economic offices are not sure whether tourist guides can open a business, so they prefer not to issue crafts to new guides.The idea that guides who have trades are in a certain offense, or are threatened with retroactive payment of additional taxes, is also on the horizon. It hasn’t happened yet so if you think we’re paranoid, go back to the first point and read again. If it’s hard for us to understand, I’m aware that it’s impossible to comprehend what happens if you’re not a tour guide. After all, many do not consider it a real occupation. Team up! Something that is not a real profession, deprives many of the rights that everyone else has? And I know it’s easier to identify with some professions without which life is unthinkable, like teachers. And yet, it gets on the nerves of many even when teachers go on strike to demand greater rights so how do we expect anyone to sympathize with us? In this case, the guides are overnight taken away rights in a mad reversal. It’s really hard for me to find ways to bring this closer to someone. Maybe it’s easier to identify with one person with a name and a face than with a group of people? Still not sure what exactly is going on? I will try to simplify: On national television, the assistant minister said dead cold that the registration renewal procedure would take an hour of work and that we would not have to return the card. Of course, so far none of the officials who have to put this into practice have agreed to it. Photo: Secret Zagreb Our guides have the task of reducing hundreds of years of turbulent history to an hour and a half of pleasant walking. However, we cannot simplify what is happening to us. I can only say, and I believe I am speaking on behalf of all the valuable tour guides, that I do not remember ever feeling this way – it is a combination of despair, helplessness, anger, irreconcilability, betrayal… For reasons still unknown, they literally turned upside down to tourist guides. An imaginary case for which we do not yet know if it will happen is one Iva, a mother of two children. Well, she really makes a living as a tour guide and is really self-employed. But there is a trade that is taxed at a flat rate. Will she one day be dragged away in handcuffs because she is neither employed nor supposed to be self-employed? I hope you don’t read about it. His friend the tour guide will talk about some freelance activities, flat trades, stock market, incentive refund, benefit refund, unemployed and self-employed, bureaucrats and the damn state… and then he will start about protected sites..and a register that does not exist, and return the card …. And to thousands of people to whom all of the above unknown concepts somehow turn lives upside down. And how does the first one understand that? He can only be glad that none of this touches him, whatever the entanglements may be. These are not real cases, but they are very real – at this moment it is happening to some Marko and some Petra. Author: Iva Silla, Secret Zagreb So ask on the stock exchange, in the ministry (which you want, because there are more of them involved in the case), in the alleged central register (so let us know if there is any), in the economic office… what is the status of tourist guides, because the guides explain to me we can. We literally don’t know how to work honestly for a few weeks now and so far no one has answered that question uniformly. But once it won’t work. There will be someone who will not be so easily expelled. Will it be me… I don’t know. Try us. So let’s see where it goes. Executions of this kind have become so frequent that there is no longer an audience. And that’s why that first friend from the beginning of the story doesn’t understand anything. He’s already used to good people falling like pears. What no one is aware of until it really hits him – the noose is already around us, so big that we don’t even notice it yet, but it’s only a matter of time before it will suddenly tighten. Don’t take all that I write for granted and don’t quote me. I haven’t caught all the strings yet. Suffice it to say that this is just part of something that looks like wiping Croatian tourist guides off the radar. For a more accurate and logical statement, one should turn Croatian Association of Tourist Guide Societies, which from the first sign of this paradox has been actively and fiercely involved in solving this and other problems to protect our tourist guides. Iva Silla, Photo: Matej Celar Another case is Petra, a mother on maternity leave. She was unemployed at the time of her pregnancy. She acquired her maternity leave as an unemployed person. I forgot to mention that Petra is a tour guide. Alas, then she is not unemployed after all. Petra, give that child to the wolves, so there are still at least some chances! Tourist guides have a special connection with their country. After all, their task is to convey love to guests. Perhaps scariest of all is hearing for the first time many guides I know who are seriously considering giving a heel to the wind. I have not yet witnessed this amount of disbelief and disappointment in any circles. But they offered us a solution. Let’s get out of the register when we don’t have work as guides (not from the central one because we haven’t fully understood whether it exists, but from the county). Just for information, when I enrolled, it took me a month to get an ID card proving to the inspector that I was a tour guide and that I was allowed to guide tourists. Printing and typing sounds like a very effective solution, doesn’t it? Let me just say that some guides get jobs maybe three times a year. Surely these guests will be waiting for them until they get their ID again. And that’s just part of the problem. RELATED NEWS:last_img read more

Joe Willock and Bukayo Saka shine as Arsenal take control of Europa League group with 3-0 win against Frankfurt

first_imgSaka sealed the victory (Picture: Getty) Metro Sport ReporterThursday 19 Sep 2019 7:47 pmShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link1.2kShares Joe Willock’s deflected effort was enough for Arsenal (Picture: Getty)Arsenal kick-started their Europa League campaign with an impressive 3-0 win away at Frankfurt thanks to goals from Joe Willock, Bukayo Saka and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.The Gunners were on the back foot for much of the first half and looked nervous in the opening stages against a vibrant home side.The hosts went close through Andre Silva and Filip Kostic but Arsenal slowly made their way into the game and tested Kevin Trapp through Emile Smith-Rowe and Aubameyang.But the opener came through Willock, who cut inside following Saka’s pass and saw his effort into the top corner deflect over Trapp and into the net in the 39th minute.ADVERTISEMENT Aubameyang added a third (Picture: Getty)Frankfurt were pushing forward for an equaliser but their task was made even more difficult when Dominik Kohr was sent off for a second bookable offence.Kohr’s dismissal deflated the home side and Aubameyang finally got on the scoresheet when he beat the offside trap and converted Saka’s pass to round off the victory.MORE: Arsenal are ‘going to turn into Everton’ unless Unai Emery fixes the defence, believes Darren Bent Joe Willock and Bukayo Saka shine as Arsenal take control of Europa League group with 3-0 win against Frankfurt Advertisement Willock’s effort deflected in (Picture: Getty)The midfielder was one of seven changes for Arsenal and he went close to doubling Arsenal’s lead midway through the second half but saw his left-footed effort well saved.AdvertisementAdvertisementArsenal gave up fewer chances after the break but their back four of David Luiz, Calum Chambers, Shkodran Mustafi and Sead Kolasinac looked far from comfortable.Aubameyang squandered a good chance to seal the win following a brilliant pass from Chambers and the Gabon international’s frustration continued when he somehow missing an open goal seven minutes from time. Comment Advertisementlast_img read more

The little pink tablet called the ‘Female Viagra’ approved for…

first_imgExperts say the drug will help women get their groove backThe story behind what has been branded as the ‘Female Viagra’ has been a rocky one.This was the final stage of approval by the US Food and Drug administration. It  was the third time the agency has considered approval for the drug, which is intended for women diagnosed with hypoactive sexual desire disorder, HSDD.The Little pink table is intended to help women boost their sex drive.Flibanserin, to be sold as Addyi, finally got a green light from the US Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday.The drug, while often referred to as “female Viagra”, is more akin to an antidepressant as it changes brain chemistry similar to the way that dopamine and serotonin do.Viagra relaxes muscles and increases blood flow to particular areas of the male body, helping treat erectile disfunction. While the blue pill for men should be taken before engaging in sexual activity, women are to take the pink pill daily.“Today’s approval provides women distressed by their low sexual desire with an approved treatment option,” said Janet Woodcock, M.D., director of the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER). ”It was the third time the agency has considered approving the drug for use by womenThe FDA strives to protect and advance the health of women, and we are committed to supporting the development of safe and effective treatments for female sexual dysfunction.”But the FDA cautioned that care should be taken for potential adverse reactions to the pill, including low blood pressure and loss of consciousness.“Because of a potentially serious interaction with alcohol, treatment with Addyi will only be available through certified health care professionals and certified pharmacies,” Woodcock said. “Patients and prescribers should fully understand the risks associated with the use of Addyi before considering treatment.”In June of this year, the pill took the first step to making it into US pharmacies. An FDA panel voted 18-6 in favor of approving Flibanserin on the condition that Sprout develops a plan to limit safety risks. The panel had previously rejected the pill twice before.When the FDA rejected Boehringer Ingelheim’s application for Flibanserin in June of 2010, it ruled that the drug worked no better than a placebo.“I certainly hope Boehringer doesn’t give up,” Sheryl A Kingsberg, a psychologist and Case Western Reserve University medical professor, told the New York Times at that time. “Flibanserin showed an awful lot of promise. I’m going to have some very, very disappointed patients if there’s nothing for them.”Yet by October of that year, Boehringer did just that, announcing that it was discontinuing development of Flibanserin. Months later, in 2011, the drug was acquired by Sprout.The pharmaceutical company tried its luck before the FDA in June of 2013, only to be thwarted when the agency ruled that the risks of sleepiness, dizziness, fatigue and nausea outweighed the benefits.last_img read more

Wiping records ‘dishonours’ Flo-Jo, says Joyner

first_imgLOS ANGELES, United States (AFP) — The husband of late sprint queen Florence Griffith-Joyner has vowed to fight moves by international athletics chiefs which could erase her long-standing world records from history, the Wall Street Journal reported yesterday.Al Joyner, the 1984 Olympic triple jump champion who was married to the sprinter from 1987 until her sudden death in 1998, said attempts to invalidate world records set before an as-yet-undetermined date were unfair.Joyner, 57, told the Journal he was frustrated “to see how someone with a stroke of a pen, can go change history”.“That’s dishonouring my family,” he told the paper. “I will fight tooth and nail. I will find every legal opportunity that I can find. I will fight it like I am training for an Olympic gold medal.”Under rules set to be considered by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) in August, existing world records would only be recognised if achieved at approved international events, and if the athlete concerned had been subject to an agreed number of doping control tests in the months leading up to the performance.European Athletics Council president Svein Arne Hansen said the move was aimed at removing “the cloud of doubt and innuendo that has hung over our records for too long”. IAAF president Sebastian Coe is also backing the proposal.Griffith-Joyner, known popularly as ‘Flo-Jo’, remains the fastest woman in history, holding the 100m best of 10.49 secs set in 1988 and the 200m mark of 21.34 secs clocked at the drug-tainted 1989 Seoul Olympics.Her brilliant career was touched by glamour, lucrative contracts, advertising deals, but – despite no proof of any wrongdoing – was always under the shadow of allegations that it was fuelled by drugs.She retired in February 1989 at the height of her earning power, just months after her record-breaking exploits in Seoul.Griffith-Joyner died in her sleep at her home in California in September 1998, at the age of 38, after suffering a severe epileptic seizure. (AFP)last_img read more