Four names added to RCMP cenotaph in Regina

Photo supplied by RCMP / jpg Supt. Dennis Edward Massey Const. Gerald Fortis, who served April 30, 1990, to Dec. 25, 1997. He died when he lost control of his police car due to icy road conditions, striking a concrete pillar, near Chilliwack, B.C. Photo supplied by RCMP / jpg Const. Gerald Fortis Supt. Dennis Edward Massey, who served Sept. 22, 1969, to Dec. 18, 2002. He died from injuries sustained when a tanker truck hit his police car in Calgary, Alta.The ceremony begins with a parade at 8:45 a.m. by regular members, auxiliary members, cadets and veterans on Sleigh Square at Depot. A chapel service follows at 10 a.m. and a short ceremony at the memorial wall in the RCMP cemetery.RCMP will stream the parade and chapel service live on Facebook. Photo supplied by RCMP / jpg Const. Leo Tyler Francis, who served Oct.16, 1987 to July 5, 1996. He died from injuries sustained when he was accidentally crushed between a police car and RCMP motor home in Oromocto, NB. Const. Leo Tyler Francis Four names will be added to the RCMP cenotaph, honour roll book and memorial wall during the RCMP National Memorial Service on Sunday at the RCMP Academy, Depot Division, in Regina.The service, held annually on the second Sunday in September, honours regular members, special constables, auxiliary constables and civilian members who have lost their lives in response to an operational policing duty in which there was the element of life-threatening risk.With the addition of the four names this weekend, the total number of fallen members honoured will be 243 since the creation of the North-West Mounted Police in 1873. The first memorial service was held in 1935.Added this year are:Sgt. Donald F. Forbes, who served from Nov. 23, 1908, to July 17, 1920. He died after being thrown from his horse in Battleford.Story continues belowThis advertisement has not loaded yet,but your article continues below. read more

African industrialization key to cutting poverty UN officials say

Marking Africa Industrialization Day, Secretary-General Kofi Annan noted that over the past 15 years, Africa’s share of world industrial output has remained stagnant, at 1 per cent.In his message on the Day, commemorated on 20 November, he also pointed to prospects for significant improvements. “While some countries have experienced falling growth rates and have not met their targets for poverty reduction, many others are on course to meet the goal of halving poverty by 2015,” Mr. Annan noted.But even in those places that have made advances, “a strong and sustained drive to expand and diversify the African economic base through sustainable industrial development, trade and regional market integration will be critical to ensuring the continuation of these results.”General Assembly President Sheikha Haya Rashed Al Khalifa also noted that Sub-Saharan Africa’s share of world industrial output has remained stagnant at less than 1 per cent. “Its share in South-South manufactured exports, total exports, and medium and high-technology exports has also been declining,” she said, calling for a “concerted push towards viable national and regional strategies for product diversification, and higher value-added exports is crucial to this effort.” Toward this end, she stressed the importance of the African Productive Capacity Initiative pioneered by the UN Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). “The key objectives of this important initiative include market access, value addition based on local resources, diversification, technology diffusion, industrial upgrading, regional integration and poverty alleviation through job creation,” she observed.She also hailed the decision of the African Union to devote its summit in July 2007 to the theme of industrial development, saying this “should give renewed impetus to sustainable industrial growth throughout the continent.”The General Assembly President noted that this year the Day coincides with UNIDO’s 40th anniversary, and voiced hope that the agency will have “continued success in meeting the challenges of industrial development in the years ahead.” read more

ROAD TO WOMENS EHF EURO 2018 Powerful start for Hungary and Spain

← Previous Story Janus Lapajne to HC Tatran Presov Next Story → THW Kiel tough, but important win over Aalborg Here are the results of the Women’s EHF EURO 2018 qualifications Round 1.Group 1:Norway – Ukraine 35:22Croatia – Switzerland 32:28Group 2:Poland – Italy 40:13Montenegro – Slovakia todayGroup 3:Sweden – Macedonia todaySerbia – Faroe Islands todayGroup 4:Romania – Austria 36:25Russia – Portugal todayGroup 5:Denmark – Slovenia 28:22Czech Republic – Iceland 30:23Group 6:Spain – Turkey 35:16Germany – Lithuania 26:26Group 7:Hungary – Kosovo* 37:12The Netherlands – Belarus 33:21 read more

Greek researcher wants to make breakthrough cancer treatment accessible to all

first_imgDr Maria Themeli, the assistant professor of medicine at the VUmc Cancer Centre in Amsterdam, is determined to make her patent for the treatment of blood cancer with the production of CAR-T cells freely accessible to everyone. After pharmaceutical companies quoted high production costs for the CAR-T cells, Dr Themeli and a team of researchers managed to produce these at a smaller scale than would be necessary for full-scale commercial production.She believes that commercial-level production of CAR-T cells can be achieved at lower costs than those claimed by pharmaceutical companies. “There are difficulties, because the pharmaceutical companies interested in the production of CAR-T cells (Novartis and Kite Pharma) have given very high production cost, approximately €350,000, when the production at academic level does not exceed 50,000 euros,” she told the Athens News Agency, adding that cancer therapy should not be the privilege of the few. The costs quoted by pharmaceutical companies make treatment outside the clinical study very difficult as insurance funds are not willing to cover the treatment costs.Dr Themeli believes that immunotherapy by itself, or in combination with other treatments, can substantially improve the survival rates of those suffering from specific kinds of cancer.Studies are currently being held on the use of CAR-T, however the results are not so spectacular for cases of solid cancer.  “Our group, along with scientists from all over the world, are trying to find solutions to these problems, and I believe that very soon we will have improved results for the treatment with CAR-T and on other types of cancer,” Dr Themeli said.READ MORE: Dr Vasso Apostolopoulos believes that there are cures for all diseases sitting in fridges“Unfortunately, when we believed we had finished with this puzzle, suddenly new parts appear, and this happens because cancer is an extremely variable disease.“In the laboratory, I set small and big, short term and long term targets and I celebrate them all.“It is important to celebrate them, because in research there is 90 per cent failure and disappointment, and only 10 per cent moments of happiness. The answer to a question is the driving force.”Patras-born Dr Themeli earned her PhD at the University of Patras before continuing her post-doctoral research at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York in 2010, where she received training in the design, development, manufacture and clinical applications of immunotherapy with CAR-T cells. Her team’s work led to high-impact discoveries in the field of immunotherapy with CAR-T cells.Dr Themeli has received several distinguished awards, such as the Druckenmiller Scholarship from the New York Stem Cell Foundation and the TRT (Translational Research in Hematology) from the American and European Hematology Association. In 2015, she received the Marie Curie Scholarship from the European Union and returned to Europe to perform research in the department of hematology at the VUmc Cancer Center in Amsterdam. Themeli received the distinction of being named the “Woman of the Year 2017” in the Netherlands, despite only living and working there for two and a half years.READ MORE: Greek man diagnosed with prostate cancer takes part in clinical trials This year, Dr Themeli received the Argo Innovation Prize award for the production of CAR-T cells which fight cancer. The Argo Award is given to Greeks who live and excel in their fields of expertise abroad. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

The Death of Stalin is a Hauting and Compelling Graphic Novel

first_img THE DEATH OF STALIN(W)  Fabien Nury, (A) Thierry Robin, (C) Thierry Robin & Lorien AureyreThe Death of Stalin is a historical graphic novel based off of the real life events of the late dictator Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin, Secretary General of the Central Committee of the Communist Party.On March 1, 1953, Joseph Stalin orders for a live concert to be taped. The next day, he receives this live taping, but also a letter from a celebrated concert pianist expressing that she will pray for the dictator in all his wrongs he has committed to their country. Upon reading it, Stalin crumbles the paper then smokes, but something gives way. He suffers a severe stroke completely immobilizing him and leaving him bedridden.via Titan ComicsAs Stalin holds onto his life, the Central Committee convenes to discuss what they shall do with the dictator. The committee must agree to allow a doctor, any doctor, to see him and when they do it’s almost too late. As his committee continues to gather during the last days, the members start to make their agendas, allies and politics are played in the race to see who will be Stalin’s replacement.I’ve never been much of a history buff so reading this opened my eyes to a piece of history I’ve never known to check out before. The Death of Stalin laces the fear and absolute uncertainty that the Soviet Union had to go through in 1953. It’s not pretty, It’s unexpected, but it’s well worth the read. Everyone’s riddled with their corruption and greed that it makes it hard to bring yourself into this comic because you immediately want to step out. The complete feeling of dread that’s laced throughout the book makes it a compelling and great graphic novel.Fabien Nury writes The Death of Stalin in a great homage to the history, taking liberties with the details, but writes a story that keeps you holding on until the final pages. The actual story of Stalin’s death surrounds itself in mystery, accusation, and intrigue that making a fictional version of it is a fantastic move.In Fabien’s writing, I found myself compelled by each one of the characters. The dialogue is brilliant in its execution, giving you a perspective of each of these committee members, but also giving you the views of family, friends, army, citizens and more. You start to gain a bit of sympathy, which doesn’t last very long, but they’re all so deviously complicated as they struggle to find their place in the new reality.via Titan ComicsThierry Robin is a master of his craft, at times, I found myself looking over panels to see the details of what he’s drawn. He’s amazing and doesn’t miss a single piece of this history. It’s gritty and raw, which made me fall in love with it even more. The colors by Thierry and Lorien Aureyre are as gritty as the lines are, calling attention to the era we’re reading about and the absolute gloom the Soviet was at the time.The Death of Stalin was also picked up by IFC and will be released in 2018. The film will star Jeffrey Tambor, Steve Buscemi, Michael Palin, Paddy Considine, Jason Isaacs and Timothy Dalton as the members of the Central Committee of the Communist Party.The Death of Stalin is written by Fabien Nury, drawn by Thierry Robin, colored by Thierry Robin & Lorien Aureyre, and published by Titan! Comics. The graphic novel is available in print and online now at us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Marvel Censors Criticism of America From Marvel Comics #1000Can Even Jonathan Hickman Save the X-Men? Stay on targetlast_img read more

Back From the Brink

first_imgIt’s been a tough first half for magazine publishing. Consumer advertising pages plunged 25.9 percent through the first quarter, and b-to-b pages haven’t been faring any better. More and more magazines—especially those that have been reliant on traditional print advertising—are on financial life support. Many haven’t survived (and others are likely to follow suit).But some grim stories have a silver lining. Several magazine publishers, that either folded or were on the brink of bankruptcy, have managed to secure outside financing to stay in business.One such magazine was 35-year-old music title Relix. Three months after being put on temporary hiatus by publisher Zenbu Media, a group of investors, including a core group of the magazine’s employees, acquired the magazine and a pair of related Web sites. “If we didn’t see a real business value, we would’ve walked away,” editor-in-chief Josh Baron tells FOLIO:. “This isn’t a case of putting a Band-Aid on a magazine. We think we can increase ad revenue, circulation and market share. What we had been doing for the last eight years—we weren’t done yet.”And Relix isn’t the only magazine that has returned from the dead. 8020 Media’s JPG, Garden & Gun and Natural Solutions publisher InnoVision Health Media all were on the brink of extinction but managed to find financial lifelines. Here’s how they did it. InnoVision Health Media: Bankruptcy and Back AgainLast November, InnoVision Health Media, publisher of Natural Solutions and three medical journals, filed for bankruptcy. By April, the company had been acquired for an undisclosed sum by a subsidiary of ACI Capital and American Securities, a pair of middle-market private equity firms. The deal, of course, effectively ended InnoVision’s Chapter 11 proceedings.“Our company really struggled the last several years,” says InnoVision president and group publisher Rob Lutz, who describes the publisher as a $5 million business. “The deal [that had Texas-based venture capital firm First Capital Group purchase InnoVision’s assets] wasn’t funded right. Most of the money that was there to invest in consumer titles was burned through. The guys running First Capital were pumping personal money into the business to offset monthly deficits.”With more than $7 million in debt, InnoVision began looking for additional financing about three years ago. “We spoke with around 20 companies,” Lutz says. “From [Penton’s] New Hope Natural Media to Active Interest Media to Ogden Publications, we were in front of all of the medium-size publishers in our space. We thought companies in this industry would jump all over this. But, the bottom fell out of the credit market and our covenants eliminated most companies from bidding on the business.”After filing for Chapter 11, InnoVision was approached by Nature’s Equity, a “green” investment banking firm that facilitated the sale to ACI and American Securities. As part of the deal, InnoVision will become a wholly-owned subsidiary and will work closely with Natural Directions, another ACI/American Securities holding.“They saw us as a business model with potential for growth,” Lutz says of ACI and American Securities. “InnoVision was worth saving because it’s a unique collection of properties that are needed by the medical community as well as consumers, and it fills the critical needs of both communities. We’re growing paid circulation and broadening newsstand locations and our direct mail efforts. In the end, they got a great company for only a little bit of money.”Garden & Gun: Targeting Local Investors, Common InterestsTwo months after the Evening Post Publishing Company (EPPC) pulled out of a five-year agreement to publish Garden & Gun, the magazine was acquired in March by Indigo Acquisition LLC—a company co-created by Garden & Gun publisher Rebecca Darwin, which effectively saved the high-end Southern lifestyle title from going out of business. Darwin is joined at Indigo by EPPC chairman Pierre Manigault (where he will also serve as chairman). For an undisclosed price, the pair acquired a majority stake in the magazine while EPPC retained a minority investment. EPPC also “forgave” all of Garden & Gun’s prior debt, Darwin says.“While EPPC was extremely generous with its investment in the formative years of the business and willing to work with us moving forward, we had a short time frame to separate formally,” she says. “We formed this entity to keep the business going seamlessly, to acquire the assets from EPPC and to fund the business while we continue to seek other outside investors.”According to Darwin, Indigo is targeting Charleston, South Carolina-area investors who have common interests with the magazine. “We have primarily been looking … among people who have an affinity with the South or the lifestyle that Garden & Gun is all about—especially a love for the land and conservation,” she says. “So, we have had conversations and meetings with individuals that we know are fans of the magazine and many of them have then introduced us to other possible investors that they know.”Darwin and Manigault declined to say who or how many other investors have already partnered with Indigo. They also declined to say how much more money they are seeking.Garden & Gun continues to be published as Indigo seeks investment, although 10 percent of the staff has been eliminated and remaining employees took a 10 percent pay cut.The selling point, according to Darwin, is the magazine’s potential for growth. “Most of the people we’re talking to are keenly aware of the unique position that Garden & Gun has carved out for itself, the tremendous loyalty of its readers and the strong circulation success we are experiencing,” she says. “The pitch is about a media company, not just a single title … that not only can be a profitable venture but one that can be fun.”8020 Media: Ending the ‘Hiatus’The process of salvaging 8020 Media—the San Francisco-based publisher once heralded for its community-driven editorial model—began last summer when former CEO Mitchell Fox first realized the company was likely to run out of money by the end of the year (at the time, 8020 was an estimated $3 million business). That’s when Fox began approaching private equity and venture capital groups about investing in the company. In the face of the tightening credit markets, however, Fox wasn’t able to get a deal done. So, he began approaching several magazine publishers that “could benefit by integrating 8020’s community of readers into their existing properties,” he says. Those publishers, though, “were either uninterested or could not move fast enough.”By January, 8020 owners Minor Ventures—backed by CNET founder Halsey Minor—shut the publisher down, ceasing publication of its bi-monthly photography magazine JPG. [8020 folded travel title Everywhere in August.] Following the closure, approximately 30 companies expressed interest in purchasing the business—”either in its entirety or its assets alone,” Fox says. “I felt these folks reached out to me to ‘save’ the company.”About half of those companies dropped out after discussing financial offers, says Fox. From there, Fox narrowed the bids to a partnership between a group of private investors and New York-based camera retailer Adorama Camera Inc., which in February purchased the assets of 8020 Media with plans to relaunch JPG later this summer. “Adorama has such deep roots in the digital photography business, and had the same strategic objectives relative to operating the company, it was suggested that [Adorama and the group of investors] create a partnership,” says Fox. “It’s a comprehensive marketing partnership including an ownership stake in the company.”Seth Familian, 8020’s former vice president of product development, was tapped to serve as chief executive of the new company. “This, by far, was the most exciting, as well as most difficult, and all-consuming thing I’ve ever done” says Fox, who now serves on 8020’s board of directors.last_img read more

State GOP chair Alaska delegates accept Trump some with qualms

first_imgAlaska’s delegation to the convention — 28 delegates and 24 alternates — are staying at hotels in the suburb of Beachwood. Photo: Liz Ruskin/Alaska Public Media.The Republican National Convention opens in Cleveland this morning and Alaska U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan has won a spot on the schedule. His spokesman says Sullivan will take the stage tomorrow evening, with nine other Republican senators.As for the main business of the convention – nominating  Donald Trump for president – state party chairman Tuckerman Babcock says the Alaska delegates are coming around.“There were a lot of different people supporting a lot of different candidates, some of them really strongly, and it’s been hard for them to give up the ghost,” Babcock said. “But the reality is, it’s going to be Donald Trump and Mike Pence. And if you’re a Republican, that’s your team.”A move to stop Trump fizzled in the convention rules committee late last week. Alaska delegate Kristie Babcock, Tuckerman’s wife, said over the weekend she could sense a change in the mood.Tuckerman Babcock, chairman of the Alaska Republican Party, and his wife, Kristie Babcock, are both convention delegates. Photo: Lawrence Ostrovsky.“There’s almost like a little bit of relief that it doesn’t seem like there’s going to be a big fight this week,” she said. “People just seem to be just gaining enthusiasm. Maybe especially because of what’s happening in the world, they just seem like, ‘Ok, let’s go toward winning now.’”Trump finished second in Alaska’s Republican straw poll in March. Mike Tauriainen, a delegate from Sterling, says Trump wasn’t his first choice. Or his second. Tauriainen says he’s not sure of Trump’s bedrock positions on social matters, like abortion and transgender bathroom use.“Yeah, I have some reservation about that. I’m very strong on conservative issues.” he said.Mike Tauriainen, a delegate from Sterling. Trump wasn’t his first or second choice, but he says he’ll support him. Photo: Lawrence Ostrovsky.But Tauriainen says he likes Trump’s pick for vice president, Mike Pence, and he believes Trump can be a good president by listening to his advisors.“I probably won’t have a Trump sign in my yard (but) I’ll be a supporter,” he said.At the convention, the Alaska delegates probably won’t have any big decisions to make. State party rules bind them to their assigned candidates for two rounds of voting, and Trump will likely have the nomination before they become unbound.last_img read more

Independence Day celebrated with patriotic fervour in Ongole

first_imgOngole: The public and staff of various institutions and offices including the district administration celebrated the 73rd Independence Day with patriotic fervour on Thursday. The Independence Day is officially celebrated at the Police Parade Ground and the district in-charge and Irrigation Minister Dr P Anil Kumar Yadav hoisted the national flag after receiving the guard of honour while his cabinet colleagues Balineni Srinivasa Rao and Adimulapu Suresh, Collector Dr Pola Bhaskara, SP Siddharth Kaushal and other district officials participated. Also Read – Fit India rally held in Vijayawada Advertise With Us The Minister for energy, forests, environment, science and technology, Balineni Srinivasa Reddy hoisted the tricolour at the YSRCP district office. The Mministers P Anil Kumar Yadav, Adimulapu Suresh also participated in the programme. Later, the Ministers Balineni Srinivasa Rao, Adimulapu Suresh participated in the flag hoisting at the CVN Reading Room and freed the doves into the air as a symbol of freedom. The joint collector S Shan Mohan hoisted the national flag at the district collectorate and asked the cooperation of the staff in distributing the fruits of the freedom to the eligible. Also Read – PV Sindhu visits Tirumala temple Advertise With Us District SP Siddharth Kaushal hoisted the flag at the district police office as the staff from DPO, SB, DCRB, PCR, command and control room also participated in it. Padma Shri awardee from Khammam district in Telangana and fondly known as Vanajeevi Dr Daripelli Janakiramaiah participated in the Independence Day celebrations with Parchur MLA Eluri Sambasiva Rao. Advertise With Us They planted trees at Parchuru in association with the VOP Foundation as part of the Save Trees campaign. Sambasiva Rao also hoisted the national flag at his camp office and mandal parishad office in Martur. Kandukur MLA Manugunta Mahidhar Reddy hoisted the tricolour at the Area General Hospital and Municipal Office in Kandukur. Kanigiri MLA Burra Madhusudan Yadav hoisted the flag at the ZP High School and distributed cycles and prizes to the students. Ongole Municipal Corporation commissioner P Niranjan Reddy hoisted the flag at Municipal Corporation office as the other employees joined the celebrations. Former Minister and treasurer of the Telugu Desam Party Sidda Raghavarao hoisted the flag at Prakasam district TDP office in Ongole. The TDP leaders Mantri Srinivasa Rao, Kamepalli Srinivasa Rao and others participated in the programme. District BJP president PV Krishna Reddy, state vice president Dara Sambaiah, Minority Morcha state president Sk Khalifatulla Basha and others participated in the flag hoisting ceremony at the district BJP office. The members of Lions Club of Ongole Citizens participated in the flag hoisting at the Andhra High School in 60 feet road. They felicitated Sk Iqbal, who lost his leg in the Kargil war and said that the tricolour is flying high from Kashmir to Kanyakumari on this Independence Day. The members of the All India Mahatma Social Club Ongole, Vasavi Club KCGF Youth, Vasavi Club Femina, Vasavi Club Ongole Citizens hoisted the flag at the Kargil Martyrs Pylon at the Bandlamitta in Ongole. The JCI Ongole Brilliants president T Nagarjuna Babu hoisted the national flag at their office and extended Independence Day wishes to the members. The officer on special duty at the Andhra Kesari Tanguturi Prakasam University Dr N Sanjeva Rao, Acharya Nagarjuna University Ongole Campus special officer Dr G Somasekhara, NSS PO Dr Harsha Preetham Dev participated in the hoisting of the tricolour at Acharya Nagarjuna University PG Campus, while the Tobacco board RM G Umamaheswara Rao hoisted the flag at the tobacco board office in Ongole. The Andhra Bank Ongole zonal manager P Ramakrishna hoisted the flag at the zonal office and the other staff members joined him. At the celebrations at the APNGOs Association in Ongole, the district president Kuchipudi Sarath and secretary RCH Krishna Reddy participated as the chief guests.last_img read more

Jewellery Firm MD Denied Bail for Smuggling Diamonds in Inner Wear

first_imgVihari Poddar, the managing director of Singapore-based Vihari Jewels, has been denied bail after being held in Mumbai airport for attempting to smuggling diamonds worth ₹2.45 crore in her innerwear.The 26-year-old was directed by Magistrate DB Desphande to custody till 14 August in the Byculla jail citing the serious nature of crime.Vihari’s counsel Mahesh Kotian argued against the arrest calling it a non-cognisable offence. However, Arun Gupte for Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) put down the argument citing the arrest as cognisable under Customs Act.The DRI’s application regarding the custody of Poddar will be heard in the court on Monday.Post the Poddar’s interception, the DRI shut down the three shops run by the Poddar family. Jiten Seth, Poddar’s uncle further confessed to previous counts of smuggling carried out by Poddar. A raid at the shops led to the seizure of ₹4 crore worth of uncleared jewellery. A DRI official was quoted by Times of India as saying, “Jiten, her husband Abhishek Poddar and two others have not responded to our summons. They are not traceable at their homes. We pasted summons again at their residences on Saturday. Their mobiles are also not reachable.”Meanwhile, another drama unfolded when Vihari collapsed in court and her counsel demanded she be taken to a private hospital.The court directed the accused to JJ Hospital where 16 tests were conducted which confirmed that she was fine and in no need of medical assistance or let alone hospital admission.A DRI official informed, “The hospital authorities, in fact, refused to admit her saying she was perfectly normal.””Before taking her to court, we had done some medical tests on her and they showed no complications. Hence, we were surprised to see her collapse in court. As per the court’s directions, we took her to JJ hospital and got 16 medical tests done on her, including CT scans and certain psychiatric tests. All reports were normal,” reported Daily News Analysis (DNA).Vihari’s husband Abhishek Poddar is the director of Siyaram Silk Mills.last_img read more

Barisal road crash kills 2

first_imgRoad Accident logoTwo people, including a college boy, were killed and another was injured in a head-on collision between a bus and a motorcycle on Dhaka-Barisal highway in front of divisional commissioner’s office in Barisal city on Saturday afternoon, reports UNB.The deceased were identified as Ashique, 26, son of Rafiqul Islam of Wazirpur upazila and also a first-year student of Guthia Ideal College, and Mim, 26, son of Humayun Kabir of Ruhiya area.The injured Faruk Hossain, son of Ayen Ali of Guthia area of the upazila, was admitted to Sher-e-Bangla Medical College Hospital.Barisal Airport police station officer-in-charge (investigation) AR Mukul said that the accident took place when a Barisal-bound bus collided head-on with a motorbike, leaving one dead on the spot and two others injured critically.Later, another died while undergoing treatment, said physician Mahbub of the hospital.On information, police seized the killer bus but its driver managed to flee the scene, the OC added.last_img read more

Use substandard instead of adulterated Minister

first_imgIndustries minister Nurul Majid Mahmud Humayun at a summit on Bangladesh Marketing Day at TSC, DU on 12 July, 2019. Photo: UNBIndustries minister Nurul Majid Mahmud Humayun on Friday requested the media and the people concerned to use ‘substandard’ instead of ‘adulterated’ when describing Bangladeshi goods in any case, reports UNB.”The word ‘adulterated’ affects the products of the country which are already in the global markets. Foreign companies take advantage of this situation,” he said at the daylong summit on Bangladesh Marketing Day at TSC of Dhaka University.At the programme organised by Bangladesh Marketers’ Institute (BMI), the minister said reports on food adulteration during Eid affect businesses.”Adulteration is a bad word. Think twice before using it,” he said, adding: “A product can be substandard but that doesn’t mean it’s adulterated.”Humayun requested the Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution and Institute of Nutrition and Food Science of Dhaka University not to make any announcements without elaborate findings from the laboratories or authorities concerned.He asked everyone to be aware of people who spread propaganda against Bangladeshi products.Jagannath University’s vice-chancellor professor Mijanur Rahman said ‘Bangladesh Marketing Day’ celebration will strengthen the bond between learners and practitioners in the field of marketing.Shariful Islam Dulu, BMI organising committee member secretary, said about 4.5 million people are involved in the marketing sector and contributing to the national economy.Asif Iqbal, deputy managing director (FMCG) at Meghna Group of Industries, said, “We’ve to think of global marketing in the era of fourth industrial revolution and generate smart, innovative marketing ideas.”Igloo and Meghna Group of Industries jointly sponsored the programme while Nagad and Pusti were the gold sponsors of the event.Other partners of the event are – Dhaka University, Marketale, Bangladesh Brand Forum and BackPage PR.last_img read more

To hope divine

first_imgThe Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA) hosted a theatrical presentation on Ram ki Shakti Pooja based on the 1936 poem authored by Suryakant Tripathi Nirala on 11 Novemeber. The play explored sections of Ramayana in which Lord Ram is assailed by doubts, helplessness, and the fear of losing the war to Ravana. This incorporated three classical dance forms namely, Bharatnatyam, Chau and Kathak. It has been directed by Shri Vyomesh Shukla, a renowned poet, writer, translator from Varanasi.IGNCA presents this play in association with Roopvani. The play was presented to mark the occasion of 70 years of its completion. The story inspires people to not give up during adversities and fight against all odds till the success is achieved. On the one hand, it explores human emotions of fear, low self –esteem, lack of self confidence and on the other, the spirit to fight back and emerge strongly out of all the struggles.last_img read more

AmaWaterways has suite savings for AmaMagnas inaugural season

first_img Travelweek Group Tags: AmaWaterways, Discounts Share << Previous PostNext Post >> CALABASAS, CA — AmaWaterways is offering savings worth up to $944 per person to clients booking AmaMagna SA or SB suites during the ship’s first season along the Danube.“We are thrilled to offer special savings to the first guests traveling on board AmaMagna, as they are part of a very memorable, historic moment for AmaWaterways,” said Kristin Karst, executive vice president and co-owner of AmaWaterways. “With more personal space, the freedom of multiple dining venues and exceptional accommodations, AmaMagna represents a dynamic take on river cruising and offers an incredible opportunity for new and past river cruisers to experience the Danube in a whole new way.”Clients can upgrade from a base category stateroom to a 355-square-foot SB suite with a supplement of $3,539 per person.AmaMagna’s SA and SB suites feature full outside balconies, open seating areas and well-appointed bathrooms, complete with marble-clad walk-in showers and double sinks. Six Grand Suites (474 square feet) and an Owner’s Suite (710 square feet) provide more amenities with separate seating areas and expansive bathrooms complete with spa-like bathtubs.More news:  Universal enhances popular Harry Potter vacation package with new perksAll suite guests receive a Suite Amenity package that includes a welcome gift including a bottle of champagne, mobile WiFi device for unlimited WiFi while exploring on shore and unlimited complimentary laundry service.AmaMagna has a total of 98 staterooms, most of which are suites measuring between 355 and 710 square feet.Complementing the Main Restaurant and the intimate Chef’s Table Restaurant will be two new dining venues: Jimmy’s Wine Bar Restaurant, named for AmaWaterways’ late co-founder Jimmy Murphy, and the Al Fresco Restaurant, with retractable windows and outdoor seating.The ship’s complementary daily excursion program includes escorted hiking and biking tours and group fitness classes lead by a trained Wellness Host.  Additional features include a large sundeck swimming pool and wellness studio.The upgrade supplement from Category E to Category SB is per person, in Canadian dollars, on a seven-night cruise based on double occupancy (SA supplement $3,893).The Suite Amenity package is applicable to categories SB, SA, GS and OS, is offered per stateroom, has no cash value, is nontransferable and may be subject to change without notice.center_img AmaWaterways has suite savings for AmaMagna’s inaugural season Friday, June 29, 2018 Posted bylast_img read more

Jetstar boss doesnt fly with pilots

first_imgAlmost 400 pilots have issued a “no confidence” vote in Jetstar Group boss Bruce Buchanan following Jetstar’s proposed planned employment changes.Just weeks after Mr Buchanan was promoted to Group Chief Executive in line with the company’s strategy to expand its Asia region operations, about 400 disgruntled pilots packed Sydney’s Wolli Creek Rowers Club in protest, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.Angry that Jetstar’s expansion into Asia would see Singapore and Vietnam-based pilots transferred to Australia and paid only award rates, the pilots passed a unanimous motion declaring the move “an offensive attempt by Jetstar management…to pit pilots against each other to secure their careers”, the newspaper reported.Pilots also declared that they “no longer have confidence Bruce Buchanan as the Group Chief Executive Officer of the Jetstar group”.The meeting saw predominantly Jetstar and Qantas pilots encouraged to “not to do the airline any favours” during September.According to the newspaper’s source Australian and International Pilots Association officials advised pilots against illegal industrial action, but to “do what they could within the law”, including refusing to show up early for pre-flight planning, likely to result in flight delays.Further action considered would see pilots refusing to work outside scheduled hours and not taking on more than a minimum load of fuel, meaning flight diversions should in-flight delays occur.”We don’t want to do anything that will cause delays to passengers,” a Jetstar pilot told the newspaper.”But we do want Jetstar and Qantas to stop undermining our wages and conditions and opportunities to progress through the company by putting pilots into shelf companies where our Enterprise Bargaining Agreement doesn’t apply.”Jetstar’s head of corporate relations, Simon Westaway told the Sydney Morning Herald rumours of a go-slow by Jetstar pilots have been in circulation for some time, but the airline’s on-time performance figures did not reflect pilot action on this front.”We’ve got a good, tight airline that is committed to the best service delivery to customers,” Mr Westaway said. Source = e-Travel Blackboard: G.Alast_img read more

TripAdvisor ratings system fails

first_imgRatings system abandoned TripAdvisor has removed the new ratings system, which allowed users to rank listed businesses from one to five stars. According to the Telegraph, London the website was testing a new ratings scheme and have recently discontinued its use. Competitors and various industry bodies have long scrutinized TripAdvisor’s website and their reviewing methods, claiming many to be out-of-date, defamatory or fake. A spokesperson for the website, Emma Shaw, defended the company’s policies and systems.“We’re always trying to make TripAdvisor even better for both travellers and businesses, and as an innovative tech company we constantly test new features to make the site even more useful. “We recognise we have some work to do to ensure that ratings are as useful as they can be and so we have decided to remove displaying ratings from a business’s listing page today,” Ms Shaw said. The tested ratings system did not require reviewers to explain or justify their rating with an explanation.Chris Emmins, chief executive of KwikChex, was concerned with TripAdvisor’s tactics. “It seems astonishing that at a time when there is rising concern about deception and malice on the web and a growing desire for greater reliability and an end to anonymous bullying, that TripAdvisor should apparently introduce the least diligent system yet and produce greater levels of mistrust and distortion,” Mr Emmins said. Source = e-Travel Blackboard: P.Tlast_img read more

Mortgage Options for Veterans

first_img August 23, 2017 517 Views Mortgage Options for Veterans in Daily Dose, Featured, Government, Headlines, News National Housing Act 2017-08-23 Joey Pizzolatocenter_img A new bill could change requirements in the National Housing Act if it succeeds the long road to becoming law. House Resolution 2777—Give Veterans Home Loan Choices Act of 2017, aims to require that a Federal Housing Administration (FHA) mortgage notice to a veteran include information that compares Veteran Affair (VA) loan information along with information about conventional loans and FHA loans. Currently, it is not a requirement under the Informed Consumer Choice disclosure to include information about VA loans.Originally introduced by Representative Marc Veasey (D-Texas) in June, the goal is to help veterans make an informed decision when deciding which route to take when buying a home.“Homeownership is a pillar of the American dream and a goal that should not be out of reach for our nation’s veterans,” said Congressman Marc Veasey. “That is why I am committed to ensuring that the brave men and women who serve our country have access to the benefits they’ve earned and are provided the information they need to make an informed decision when purchasing a home.”The bill currently has 13 co-sponsors, including Rep. Colleen Hanabusa (D-Hawaii); Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas); Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-Washington D.C.); Sandord Bishop Jr. (D-Georgia); Mark Takano (D-California); Dwight Evans (D-Pennsylvania); Donald Norcross (D-New Jersey); Gene Greene (D-Texas); Kyrsten Sinema (D-Arizona); Raul Grijalva (D-Arizona); Daniel Lipinski (D-Illinois); Norma Torres (D-California); and Eric Swalwell (D-California); and is sponsored by a handful of organizations, such as the Association of the United States Navy, National Military Family Association, Association of the United States Army, Reserve Officer Association, and the Veterans Association of Real Estate Professionals (VAREP).As of Wednesday, the bill has referred to the House Armed Services Committee. According to G-II Varrato, the AZ State Director for VAREP and the Chairman of VAREP National Legislative Committee, this bill has been in the works for four years, and is a “multipronged effort.”The first hurdle the bill had to overcome was to require the loan application to ask the potential borrower if he/she has ever served. According to Varrato, that piece of information has been missing from the application since 1944 when the loan was created.“Because of that,” Varrato said, “over 65 percent of the veteran community are disenfranchised—missed out on this loan product.”VAREP succeeded in altering the loan application in 2016; the new application will go live in December of 2018.The second piece of the puzzle, which Veasey’s bill is currently trying to do, would be to require the side by side comparison. Sharelast_img read more

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Publishers revealed Thursday that the book will describe what happens when “a mysterious package is delivered” to Ellacott that contains a woman’s severed leg. The game, Chris Smith—Popperfoto/Getty Images 1 of 10 Advertisement Contact us at editors@time. in next years deep-sea thriller Underwater, Sescousse says. read more

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which issued a rapid response blasting the Senator’s statements. read more

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Does anyone actually find this convincing?" Lemer said. 16, something that was going to change the direction that we were heading. President Trump really laid this out, Trump says recognising Jerusalem as Israel’s capital acknowledges the reality that Israel’s government is located there as well as the ancient Jewish connection to the city. Kushner placed the blame on the Gaza protesters. read more