Small area can also network marketing

To adapt to the market

the most part of the industry is a national, even global, so do network marketing is not too much area, generally also can produce considerable commercial value (the premise is to find a strong network marketing company.). But some industries, only to adapt to a small area around the market.

for example: the real estate industry, catering industry and some specific parts industry.

these industries (hereinafter referred to as small regional industry), because the service area is small, generally do not think that the significance of network marketing, network marketing is also not widely applicable in this. So, the small area of the industry should be how to do network marketing?

in fact, small areas of the industry to do network marketing methods and the general industry is similar, but the effect will be significant, but in the selection of resources to be more precise. Why do you win the network for one by one analysis:

a, SEO article

ordinary industry to do SEO, the key words to do more extensive, such as hardware, lamps. At the same time, these keywords are too hot, it is difficult to do a good job, the price is not cheap. Of course, there are regional practices.

small area industry to do SEO, usually in the keywords to add regional words, or even two regional words. Such as Zhongshan catering, Zhongshan Ancient Town catering, relatively speaking, these key words easy to get good rankings, and accurate.

two, portal article

general industry: choose a large portal, and then choose one of the industry or direct selection of the home page, the investment is high, of course, income is considerable.

small area industry: select regional portal, such as in Zhongshan, Zhongshan, Zhongshan international network is also a good choice, and then choose the industry version, the cost is moderate.

three, blog forum article

blog forum is an important area of industry, because the Regional Forum blog network users when the majority in the region, in a small area, the local population is highly concentrated. But do this blog forum, in addition to funding, it is necessary to look at the soft writing ability.

comprehensive analysis above is not difficult to see, small regional industry network marketing can also get good results, the key lies in how we use innovative ideas to plan the entire network marketing.

source: business win network

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