Either do not or do best to follow the 9 content marketing guidelines to attract consumers

in the marketing message to all kinds of talent shows itself, so that the brand voice is heard, it must be specifically set an old adage: if desperately do the best, or come home, wash sleep! When every enterprise in the content marketing, don’t do your best just throw stones into the sea.

we are in the era of content marketing. In the new era of inbound marketing, enterprise PO on the network such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain off, more and more enterprises into the embrace of the contents of the marketing network, the world a hubbub of the field. According to the study estimates that 86% of B2B companies use content marketing.

inbound marketing means "content easily accessible to customers". In the past the traditional marketing way is through advertising, media, telephone, e-mail and so on pipeline, constantly remind customers of the brand, once the enterprise decides to communicate with the target audience of the message, then a large number of broadcast news, hoping to attract the attention of customers.


inbound marketing is on the contrary, no longer put a lot of messages bombing consumers, but expect consumers to take the initiative to come, the popularity of new media network and mobile device use, and keyword optimization tools, allow consumers to easily find the content you want and need. Because of this, the design is easy to be found by customers, attractive content, becomes crucial.

if you want to stand out in a wide range of marketing information, so that the voice of the brand is heard, you must come to a special. It’s not enough to just create a blog and update it every day. Marketers and content curators must be aware of the fact that creating a dialogue that is noteworthy and impressive. Set an old adage: if desperately do the best, or come home, wash sleep! When every companies are doing the best content marketing, not just to throw stones into the sea, customers simply can not receive the companies spend time and energy to produce content.


content and social media marketing expert Aaron Agius share ten content marketing standards in the "Entrepreneur" website, these guidelines can help you in this noisy world marketing, let the audience as one of the bright eyes.

1 Write in-depth, easy to search blog articles

Pretty much,

blog on the network of people want to emerge, the first step is to create depth, easy to search for articles. For example, Mike Kamo in "Nutrition Secrets" website content of nutrition in a day should eat a few avocado "angle, caused a sensation and discussion in the fierce competition in the field of nutrition industry. In the article Kamo in-depth analysis of avocado in cancer prevention, reduce cholesterol, protect the eyesight, and will lose weight and many people are concerned about the topic of avocado is buckled, and enhance the target audience in >

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