WeChat marketing of the 5 major advantages do you really know

since January 21, 2011, Tencent Inc launched the social platform for WeChat, has undergone several versions of the update, the purpose is to continue to optimize, enhance the interactivity of WeChat. It is precisely because of this strong interaction WeChat, resulting in WeChat monthly active users up to 438 million. In the face of such a huge user groups, businesses have continued to move from small to WeChat Marketing Marketing focus. This paper will point to talk about the several advantages of WeChat marketing, the purpose is to let readers can more clearly understand the WeChat marketing.

a, information to the user terminal high arrival rate

network marketing effect is good or bad, to a large extent depends on whether the push information can accurately reach the user terminal. Information arrival rate = the number of users to reach the terminal information / push information. In the meager marketing process, the merchant released micro-blog is easy to be submerged in the user information flow. But WeChat is not, as long as the user pays attention to my micro signal, every message to send a push notification form, thus ensuring the information can reach one hundred percent mobile phone subscribers. In comparison, WeChat


two, high exposure to information

we want to know that the arrival rate and exposure rate of information is not exactly the same thing. For example, before the bulk of the message, the user can receive information and open the mail, this promotion information is exposed in front of the user. But we all know that a lot of mail is directly into the trash or the recipient did not open the reading directly deleted. However, due to the number of WeChat friends most people are less, and has strong efforts to remind, such as ringtones, notification center, angle and so on, so that through WeChat push information, there is a high exposure rate. If you want to push the information after optimization, the basic can reach one hundred percent of the high exposure rate.

three, the user’s high precision

WeChat has the convenience of communication, coupled with the smaller flow of consumption, and now has become more than a similar mobile phone text messages and e-mail. Businesses in order to increase the number of fans, will release a lot of bait to induce users to actively subscribe, so the increase in the accuracy of the fans is very high. In addition, WeChat public accounts can be grouped by the background of the user, so that when you push the message can be targeted to achieve accurate message push.

four, more conducive to marketing activities

WeChat in the push message not only supports text, voice, etc.. Public accounts can mass voice, pictures and text, after authentication, access to higher authority, more beautiful graphic information can further narrow the distance with the user, the user experience has been enhanced. Graphic with voice, video, is very conducive to the development of marketing activities, this user-friendly marketing tools also prompted WeChat marketing can quickly be accepted by the public.

five, is conducive to maintaining old customers

do marketing know, the cost of developing new customers is much higher than the maintenance of old customers. Due to the WeChat audience

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