A key enterprise information push 3000 website network business engine is enabled

just a key, you can promote the enterprise website information, sync to the more than 3 thousand major business sites and mainstream search engines, to win a lot of business opportunities. In July 8th, China civilink announced that China’s first standardized network marketing tools, network business engine officially opened, "I am Master marketing network marketing contest kicked off the fiery synchronization.

the current economic situation, with the help of the Internet to ease the financial pressure to achieve sales growth, has been from the central to local, from the economic management to business owners to focus on the important content. The implementation of enterprise information network, and how to get the sales growth? China million net tries to use the competition to provide a "web based network promotion center, as the main content, online customer service for the sale of security" standard network marketing process for small and medium enterprises and individual owners, strengthening small and medium enterprises and individual owners of the network marketing knowledge and understanding.

contest to encourage all companies or individuals with the site to participate in the. Registration deadline to July 14th. Chinese civilink of old and new registered users fill in the registration information, will be China million net digital ID, user registration on the website for the record, the host record, the website owner information carefully reviewed and screened before 100 applicants in the contest to become the subject of contestants. Free right to use Contest winning enterprises or individual owners can not only get 2 years of international business network engine version of the Almighty, but also to win thousands of network marketing promotion fund.

contest starts at the same time, Chinese civilink officially declared million net business engine was born. Civilink vice president Song Yingqiao said that the network business engine is the independent research and development Chinese nets of the first standardized network marketing tool, also in 2009 one of the main push of the Internet application service products. "A powerful promotion function, enterprises can be published in your website information, synchronization is extended to more than 3 thousand large commercial websites and mainstream search engine in the form of business information, in order to win a lot of business opportunities.

in order to facilitate the site is still in the record or no immediate registration of small and medium-sized enterprises, but also to participate in activities. China civilink opened a special "I will try" area, just fill in the product information, you can first free use of a one-stop network business engine powerful search, enterprise information promotion and online customer service functions.

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