How to tap the value of enterprise platform B2B platform

now greatly small machinery enterprise in different industries most of the network sales as the main sales channels, after all, network sales manpower costs are relatively much lower, such as engraving machine industry, I recently added a carving machine production and marketing of integrated enterprise website, SEO and network marketing consultant the company has set up the network, the sales team, before I came to the company has done three or four months, had little effect, most customers are from Baidu for promotion, sales through B2B platform and take the initiative to search out the customer less and less.

personal summary of some of the problems and experience in network marketing, now to share.

problem: a popular B2B platform, similar to each other, because of the accumulation of osmotic, platform number, sales will not distinguish the platform value, which is of no value, try to send to see.

solution: what kind of B2B platform has value? In fact this problem need to add to "what the B2B platform is valuable to me now?" although many B2B platforms are integrated, but different B2B platform, is a big gap effect for different industries.

such a B2B platform is valuable: by searching their own product keywords, search engine ranking in the top three pages of the B2B platform. Why? In fact, a good understanding of customer intent some engraving machine, through the search engine search, you want to buy the products, and then into the B2B platform, may be the column page, may be home, may also be the product page, then he is probably through the platform to find their own internal search want, this time if I can search products, just on the eyes, then it is likely that the customer will become. But why should the first three pages? Is actually very simple, ordinary users through the search engine to find the content they want or product, three pages of content is almost the limit, if not desirable, is likely to replace keywords.

there is a B2B platform is valuable: your intention to customers in the B2B platform, you are likely to search for a very interested customers. For example, I sell woodworking engraving machine, then the customer intention is certainly I do some wooden doors, wooden furniture, small crafts, this time I from these industries are above B2B platform scale can dig out a lot of customer intention.

problem two: salesman hair information (especially the title of the preparation) always like to send those heat is very high product words, and to a certain information to Baidu dozen pages and happy. But the user is not likely to turn to page ten pages to find a product, so these behaviors are totally meaningless.

solution: the title of the information is very important, should be in accordance with the value of the long tail keywords to write rules to write the title of the information. Course letter

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