A trust graph decryption marketing model of Hangzhou Clay oven rolls unknown brother

23 years.

2 million 200 thousand house.

2 Audi A6.

all this, just by selling Clay oven rolls earned, and the money just surfaced.

many people are Hangzhou’s brother Clay oven rolls inspirational entrepreneurship deeds to detonation halo, in a chat with little sister last night: I knew that before college entrance to marry the old man selling Clay oven rolls. People laugh: do you like his business model or like his little cart.

at first glance, there always seems to be what people can do secretly make a lot of money, but this is not my lucky, especially to engage in network marketing, the theory of a bag, they end up as a crude Chinese sell Clay oven rolls.

is this the case?.


map has been declassified secret of success Hangzhou brother look at the Clay oven rolls.

see what clues? Put the bag only Clay oven rolls with a logo and a fat Clay oven rolls "is Hangzhou brother brand logo Clay oven rolls, the following is the complete real estate advertising.

: there is no doubt that Hangzhou is not only in the sale of Clay oven rolls Clay oven rolls brother.

he was selling, selling trust.

he is doing a complete set of trust marketing!

let’s see Hangzhou brother is how to do marketing Clay oven rolls trust set of systems:

a, unconscious touched

Hangzhou Clay oven rolls brother took 23 years to do the homework trust marketing: move.

it’s actually unconscious. We have seen examples of this metaphor is the door there is a pool of the total economy, the boss is very good "popular stalls, these honest traders do not know what" touched by marketing ", only the conscience to sell things, but this is just moved to attract customers.

in the daily life experience, moving is extremely scarce, the more scarce, the more people want to move. You may recall how many times you have really moved a year? Brother 23 years to adhere to the Hangzhou Clay oven rolls Clay oven rolls countless lives, into space, a baby from birth to 23 years of age, they eat in Hangzhou’s brother Clay oven rolls Clay oven rolls, what is this concept? Not only is moved, has become a part of he lives.

A lot of people on the

NBA star Kobe has resentment, if you have been watching him play debut to now from Kobe, estimates are more moving: now he can play, can survive in NBA this brutal arena, not easy.

is moved into Hangzhou, brother Clay oven rolls countless lives, there are feelings.

two, horrible trust


network is flooded with various versions of the "secret" because people will understand, read is to please a woman, but no matter what version are the same four steps: from >

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