Starting from 30 thousand yuan to the value of the year the company opened a few tens of thousands o

Abstract: no one does not borrow money at the beginning of your business, unless your father is Li Gang, or Zhou Yongkang. In this case, so one begins to borrow two challenges, one is honesty, second is to bend over.

entrepreneurship is not a thing, it is not the industry, is the choice of life. Entrepreneurship is a very different kind of life. If you want to choose a special life, then choose to start a business. If you want to select a firm and secure live life, then do not go into business.

when I choose to start a business, I often encounter this problem. From reading, school, teaching, authorities, this is the same life. Suddenly one day I do business, this time my father is very anxious. I have a lot of practical questions. Say I’m out of the normal orbit. The doctor how to do? Who will be reimbursed? At that time out of the unit can not be divided into the house, no house how to do? I am a party member, Party organizations do? You will find a lot of practical problems, suddenly you fall a different place with a normal life. This is even more so today. All the people from the start of the day to you, is to change the way of living, not to make money. Money is just a form, but you changed the way of living.

I met a people who want to start, I told him now in a job, how much money a month, if the business then wage income is not, and the problem is very nervous, to mortgage business a little money, may not be able to succeed, but I just want to do. What do I do? I said, go back and have a dream. The second day to ask yourself if you want to be true? If you want to be true, then do not think about anything, do it quickly! The dream is very interesting, usually three minutes to say it is not clear, and the five minutes to forget. If you want to speak out five minutes after you wake up, it must be the heart especially want to do. Then you do. If five minutes later forget, just go straight.

he did not understand, I said, is that you want the present or the future?. I have a chain of medical devices to do a friend, before working for a boss, always wanted to start a business. At the time of marriage, the mother gave them 400 thousand to buy a house, he took the money for the first time, the results of the failure, but also owed money. But his wife didn’t complain. He went back to his former boss. The boss found the child is very good, also have a dream, especially, failed to recognize, back to work, get down. The boss told him that there was one thing he wanted to do, and he did it two. Gave him a share of the shares. So he began to do, this time, the owner of the shares to buy slowly, the house has a car slowly. This is the change of life. If he is now working nine to five loans, or the like.


entrepreneurship is now lost to the future

entrepreneurship is out of the crowd

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