The number of mobile 3G marketing king Diversity inclusion and output are key

enterprise for Internet marketing will not feel strange, so convenient in the network today, the Internet marketing is everywhere, enterprises also saw huge gains in Internet marketing, the ongoing attempt and innovation, indeed, traditional Internet marketing has created too much wealth myth, but today for the enterprises is not the best choice, Internet marketing the tradition has been in decline, why not


the reason is very simple, is a desktop computer (desktop and laptop) to reduce constantly, the rapid development of intelligent mobile phone users have a large number of PC into a new product’s arms, out of the shackles of the constraints, the mouse and keyboard, Internet and entertainment become more comfortable and more convenient and more leisurely. The desktop computer gradually to just need products, more users only use the office and games, continue to reduce the overall number of users, resulting in the traditional Internet marketing effect on the decline in the trend of mobile internet marketing, but with the increase of the number of users, the amount of the future. Higher user coverage led to the cost of mobile internet marketing 3G has been significantly better than the traditional Internet marketing.

from mobile Internet user data report showiness, let us analyze the down to earth, has 900 million mobile phone users Chinese, at least half of the users opened a mobile phone Internet business, then the number of mobile internet marketing audience of 450 million, if only 1/10000 of the users to see the enterprise marketing advertising, that is 45 thousand if one percent; see the enterprise’s marketing advertising, then this figure is 4 million 500 thousand, which is unmatched by traditional Internet digital. We see in many a second tier city, even many 60 use intelligent mobile phone and the opening of business data, visible in this era, almost everyone in the mobile Internet business marketing in the ocean, if still in the mobile Internet, is very regrettable, the enterprise must be involved, select the appropriate mobile Internet platform and their own way, the enterprise marketing to a new height of


core advantage so 3G mobile internet marketing is just the number of users? The answer is that, 3G mobile internet marketing in marketing diversification, customer acceptance, input and output price are more powerful than the traditional Internet, and listen to the one by one:

marketing: the more diversified the traditional Internet routine is relatively stiff, relying on search engines, portals and other high traffic platform, the use of soft and soft wide way of network marketing; but mobile 3G more abundant, enterprises can design their own brand of independent APP program, but also in other platform advertising. Can also be used for soft promotion by WeChat, micro-blog marketing program, with the point of praise, reply and share a variety of ways, so that users are willing to add more happiness within.

customer acceptance: an experienced PC users already learn if resolution, avoid confused Internet advertising, Internet marketing is more and more so invalid; "

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