How about a 360 product manager for me

I pulled a black 360 product manager friend.


Ta is safe, every meal, I feel I have a house Xianglinsao out.

my wallet on the table he said I will not be stolen bank card brush, I look at the phone he said that your phone will not be safe to crack, moved to a new home, he said how you should be safe at home.

is the most terrible side he was sucking chaogan while talking to me about the product…

"Hey, what do you say is a sense of security? How can we let the user have a sense of security around the safety of people, how do you say my product optimization optimization?".

that feeling and Robin Li every day to find you to explore the level of medical care in Putian as strong as hate.

normal person asked this question, most of them are forced to face meng.


could not bear the first day, can not tolerate the graduate student, I resolutely pulled him.

so there is no conclusion. But you know people have obsessive-compulsive disorder, problems in your mind is not easily the dog, he was talking about but I feel no sense of security.

that led me to take time to think about it.

said that security is tops into Long Johns, long johns into socks. Thin brain supplement, there are some truth. If the belt to the chest, it is a feeling of james.

belt thing does not press the table, we first talk about the fundamental sense of security.

people from the liquid into the body, most of the security comes from the mother, after growing up, perhaps this source into a teddy bear, dolls, pets.

later became tobacco, tribe, de Marcia, Okamoto, BMW, Mercedes Porsche, bill…

some people love to a sense of security does very hypocritical, such as "a sense of security is busy with my work overtime, socialize late, as long as think I have, somebody is waiting for me at home, I feel at ease. I want to go home "," rice in the pot, I’m in bed, now young people, it is a word not just began to shoot the Korean car.


thought not what results, so I put this shameless and friends added back, with 5 pieces of money to rebuild our friendship, and he is then ready to re explore the security of this problem.

he did not immediately answer, but calmly received my red envelope, and then said:

simply said, security depends on your trust in the world. You are sick, I have medicine, have difficulty playing 110. > >

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