After the B round of financing under the supply side chain network will be how to reform the force

in March 2016, the chain still completed $15 million B round of financing, led by the CRE capital investment, capital investment capital with the original IDG, created so far the textile clothing industry B2B the largest single wheel was voted record. The chain still has thus become the first recipient of investment in textile and garment B2B platform B wheel.



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due to rising labor, raw material prices, coupled with the changes of the domestic and foreign economic climate impact of fast fashion, the domestic textile clothing industry is currently facing challenges hitherto unknown transformation, but the chain still appears, may bring new opportunities for the industry.

April 2016, the chain still completed $15 million B round of financing. This round of financing led by the CRE capital investment, the original capital investment capital with IDG. The chain still net $15 million B round of financing is also a textile clothing industry B2B the history of the largest single wheel was voted record, and in the 9 months before the chain still just got from the IDG A round of 50 million yuan financing.

Since the

A round of financing has increased steadily, yet the chain business, by the end of March 2016, the chain still single month GMV has reached 139 million yuan. The platform has brought together more than 20000 home accessories business, SKU online number is in millions of counting, sit tight in the domestic textile and apparel vertical B2B toubajiaoyi.

to improve the efficiency of the supply chain to industry upgrade

the past two years, with the export decline in market demand, domestic market growth slowed down, and the international trade environment is not stable and the impact of RMB appreciation, and the textile clothing enterprises need the labor cost of traditional textile clothing enterprises grow with each passing day, many are increasingly feel the hardships of life. So, for the production of enterprises, improve the productivity under the premise of reducing the cost, improve efficiency, reduce inventory pressure is king. And put into the context of the entire textile industry, the problem is transformed into the transformation and upgrading of the industry as a whole.

after the chain net CEO still Zhao Junhao has mentioned that the current major cost, efficiency, inventory three problems China accessories industry. The three problems are, in the final analysis, only a problem. Supply problems exist in all walks of life, can solve the supply problem, is to determine the level of production costs, but also a profound impact on China’s economic development issues.

is still considered to be the best, but the chain — first at the bottom of the completion of the build to optimize the supply problem of Chinese accessories industry by way of the Internet, open up the transaction closed loop, to establish trading platform as the core, trade supporting services for the one-stop auxiliary platform. The vital needs of practitioners from the textile and clothing, to provide one-stop online materials trading, including popular information, professional search, assured payment authority and quality inspection, more supply chain financial services continue to ensure that funds chain, truly realize the "not enough"

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