How to do a good job on the basis of site rankings

1, optimal score because you did not go up, do not go in the expected period of time, do the top, to lay a good foundation, good foundation is not going to change, to improve, but can not be changed, the foundation is very important, based on the site before the line must first do, this is the basis to consider the site before on-line.

the first thing to consider is positioning. To consider what kind of website is done, the user to your site to do what the user will not come to a second time.

second is the choice of keywords. Keywords not base score.

third is a website, based website there are two core, whether the site can provide continuous service.

1, stability, can not appear to be able to visit, and sometimes can not be accessed, the site of a site to determine the stability of a web site.

2, speed, mean access time, program error can not visit, will also affect the stability of the program code is one of the effects of speed, if you use the United States and Europe, is far away, the transmission of data and data analysis program is slow, now what procedure is OK, under normal circumstances the use of large companies the development, the amount of users, now we use the forum DZ forum, but large companies open also has drawbacks, because a lot of people use, is also studying the program loopholes, so there are both advantages and disadvantages.

these two direct influences on your base score, the space you buy and the procedures used, determine your stability and speed.

is based on the second points of the path, the path is set up, the latter will not be changed. The path is also called absolute resource locator, the path on the Internet is very very core, on the Internet, there are exactly the same page. But on the Internet, there is absolutely no same path, is the same path on the Internet is definitely the only. With 3 W and not with the same path, the path is unique, the page is repeated, we need to do is to a page corresponding to a path, if a page corresponding to several paths, like a person has more than one name in the search engine that you cannot be trusted. Now is the era of WEB2.0, users can publish content, can interact, and WEB1.0 can only receive.

Now most

sites belong to the dynamic path, and the dynamic path of the memory cost is very high, and the dynamic path is not very friendly to the user, the readability is not good, so now the dynamic path in pseudo static, mapping, it produces a variety of paths corresponding to a page. There are two ways to deal with this problem: if you drop your site,

is the first 301 redirect, tell the search engines the path mapping to another path, a 301 redirect need space support, second ROBOTS shield, the shield of the dynamic, only for large sites, a small site didn’t flow, no user clicks, is very unfavorable to do this operation. >

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