The importance of soft Wen

remember the first site just do the movie website, I did not know what is soft, was very positive ah, my 10G space and then buy program, then I study how to stand well, there is a week to my station all ready, the basic collection is now in the deadly movie video site, built after the great hope for this station, also don’t know is easy or what the station built up a week, every day most of the time was 10 IP, the rest of the time I see is statistical statistics on my own IP, but very anxious, not knowing what to do, but God is good the XX, the door was very hot, so I went everywhere to collect pictures and then finish, then made into RAR form in the lower part of my station, and then began to publicity, said the following XX I stand All pictures of how the results out of the 2 day the daily flow stable at around 4000, was very happy, the heart to good, stick to the 1 weeks of the station to sell, because now I know not what movie station too much traffic is certainly my past development prospects after this thing is landing.

station to sell after I look at what is now stand that, do stand a very good download, and then start planning now and then is to find a suitable domain name server to buy, after 1 months of hard work to stop doing, but to do after the headache, no traffic ah, you pulled the flowers much money that you waste much time and server resources to collect data. Then go to the webmaster nets ask, at that time many people advised me to buy traffic for publicity, but think carefully this kind of source code download station did not seem to do advertising, even if the effect is not good ah, there are no rules, a friend said to me a suggestion, let me go to write text, then I asked him how to write soft Wen, friends say is to write a very attractive and let the user read read your article will naturally go to see you stand on this. I say this for you, friends say you try and do not lose what, so I find someone to write text to me, and then released to the major forum and portal, results in less than 3 days I think of every station on the traffic at around 5000, then let me really happy, then I continue to look for people every day to write 10 original article text and then released to various websites, so not only to pull traffic included also greatly improved,

thank you very much for those who help me to write a soft friend, just do stand or website no flow of friends do not copy to find A5 professionals to write a few articles of soft Wen and then publish their own experience.

I hope that we support the station:

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