Correct understanding of Baidu bidding sea land air military operations to enhance RO

search marketing (SEM) is often called the auction, many people even started doing Internet marketing that is the use of bidding bid ranking, get traffic, the essence is through the auction money to buy traffic, but the ranking mechanism is based on the user experience, and not in earlier years ranking mechanism. We have just mentioned to spend money to buy traffic, then it is worth thinking about is that we spend money to buy the flow value is not worth, a more in-depth understanding of the flow of money to buy our money can be transformed.

a, search engine marketing (bidding principle)


consumers have a certain demand, we see the enterprise advertising through search engines, and then go to our website to see the content you want to see or consult the online customer service, the final transaction / purchase.

visitors from the purchase process we can clearly see that Baidu is a passive way of marketing, only visitors have a certain demand, will search, contrast, etc.. Since the enterprise in the marketing stage of passive, then only the precise lock needs of different target groups, analysis of different stages of purchase visitors psychological and from the creative advertising, page content, customer service opening / operation and so on, buy a series of process is the demand around the visitors, so the auction marketing effect as can be imagined. Even the whole network marketing, we have emphasized the user experience, expand around the user and so on,

we only need the enterprise audience segmentation, demand segmentation, transformation point subdivision, every step we have to do is focus on different needs of visitors, although we are in a passive marketing stage, but we can do precision marketing, can pinpoint the different needs of visitors, so the effect of marketing or ROI as can be imagined.

two, sea, land, air, military operations

regardless of the network marketing or Baidu bid is like a war, we need to put the user as a business the illusion of the enemy, and familiar with every interest, hobbies, habits and so on in search of the enemy, the enemy’s psychological analysis in order to achieve "the enemy, know yourself".

and what we say is the sea, land and air, corresponding to the bidding Baidu PC end, Baidu for mobile phone terminal, Baidu network alliance. We have explained the principle of Baidu contest price, only visitors have demand through the search engine only after a series of subsequent purchases, at this time we’ll have questions, there is no demand for people how we will be able to lock, they produce or stimulate demand, in fact it is not difficult to think, we all know the characteristics of Baidu our cooperation is six hundred thousand high-quality website, will solve the amount of coverage, the demand for brand exposure. Usually we will not have this part of the demand for people to do the search front, below we give an example of how to do a good job search front-end.

to "gynecological examination" as an example, no matter what kind of orientation we will analyze visitors >

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