Jingwei Chinese million Ho a product to the outbreak should be people oriented

April 16th, sponsored by the wisdom of things and the fruit of the 2016 China VR/AR Industry Summit held in Beijing. Jingwei China partner million ho released a "new track VR investment prospects and the status quo of the keynote speech, interpretation of overseas well-known cutting-edge VR company model, and discuss the future of where do we go.

wisdom things and extreme fruit for this speech done:

1 VR/AR industry development to which stage?

is still in the bud: the overall growth, but not in the current outbreak. 2016 VR may reach the first Flashpoint, the current stage of the development of VR is similar to the 2006-2007 smart phone industry, and the commercialization of AR process will be longer.

2 VR/AR industry profit point where?

VR in the hardware, content, interactive platform, all segments will make a difference, but it will start from AR entertainment began; emphasis on vertical and professional fields, such as retail, education, medical, engineering, military, there will be a game.

3 professional and mobile terminal VR hardware device differences

professional machine shipments, mainly the game platform, but the experience is more subversive. The current three big head, PSVR, HTC VIVE, Oculus are the category. The mobile terminal VR hardware equipment shipments, and is likely to reach 100% penetration, is the future of the mobile phone industry, but also the future of video and content platform.

4 VR/AR investment highlights where?

VR/AR the entire industry chain includes hardware, content, platforms, distribution, developer services, vertical industry solutions, etc.. Among them: for entrepreneurs, the challenge is difficult to cut the hardware from the host giant. But the hardware is also the basis of doing well enough to have the possibility of the development of other categories.


content of the budding entrepreneurial opportunities are now very good, welcomed by the whole ecosystem. At present, the platform type of start-up companies are currently missing. From the content to the user’s screen, how to distribute, how interactive and different viewing angle, there are many opportunities in this regard.

interaction is a major feature of VR, but this property is too much to ignore. Many opportunities to focus on interactive startups.

vertical program will also have the opportunity, such as meetings, real estate, tourism, etc., to find the most suitable To B solution.

5 partners concerned about what the underlying


they are entrepreneurial companies in the United States, while the Chinese start-up companies stand in the vertical angle of the Chinese market, how to meet the needs of users, we have to think about the issue.

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