See the website brand building from the runaway comic video marketing

in the last period of time if your friends to see Youku video, in the day or when inadvertently pause the video playback window, it will jump out of a runaway comic "Product placement.


point into the look, and found that this is a series of video, by April 30th, the comic video series out of the seventh set, we look at this series of playback.


can be said to play a runaway comic series is quite amazing, to play two million, and who is the biggest winner to play such a large amount of it? Let us continue to watch the movie that we will understand.


at the beginning of the video, will show the runaway comic, then runaway comic web site, web site name very easy to remember, but at the end of the video screen appears to induce the audience to search for runaway comic induction".


let us take a look at the "search volume runaway comic" really have much of it, here is the runaway comic Baidu index.


can be clearly seen from the diagram in, in this series of runaway comic video series driven by the word "runaway comic" daily search index in twenty thousand or thirty thousand, and in the first row of the word is the video website publicity runaway comics.


then let’s take a look at the basic data of this website.


can be seen from the history of the site, the site of the history of less than two years, and then by the webmaster tools to estimate the flow of every day to reach tens of thousands of IP, and from the following keywords ranking chart can see, this website can have access to such a large amount, mainly by the runaway comic keywords and related derivative words bring traffic.


can be said that this is a very successful video marketing case, in fact now through the production of video marketing website is not in the minority, but few are successful, why? The reasons are the following:

first, general video marketing is the performance of hard advertising, including hard. At the beginning of the video, or cut the video plus advertising in a related video, or at a fixed or floating advertising approach in the audience’s perspective, how the advertising effect can not be said? A little effect, but will be greatly reduced, and now we are in itself the social life.

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