n response to the jurisprudence Yanhuang network disconnection events some sites to restore access

        December 5th news, for 4, Anhui Yanhuang network jurisprudence checked, affecting tens of thousands of Web site can not access reports, Anhui Yanhuang network science and technology limited company to the Tencent of science and technology today sent a statement said, after rumors of pornographic web server is not in the Chinese web hosting, just a client violations placed jump page has informed the customer to close the site.

Yan also said the technology, is currently active in consultation with relevant departments of communication, as far as possible to minimize the loss of customers. As of press time ago, part of the network has been broken off the customer has returned to normal access. (text / Jingdong)

the following is the text of the statement:

Chinese network

11 30, Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center released a list of companies to provide broadband access to jurisprudence, the notice referred to in the "access video space" more than 9 thousand and 158 people Yanhuang network. Subsequently, the competent authorities began to investigate, the telecommunications sector to cooperate with the investigation on the grounds of a unilateral closure of some of the company’s customers where the computer room, resulting in tens of thousands of sites can not access the internet.

12 month 4 days, the media have to "Anhui Yanhuang network jurisprudence checked into tens of thousands of websites inaccessible" title were reported, caused widespread social repercussions. To this end, Yanhuang network issued a statement as follows:

reporting center refers to the "video space" more than 9 thousand and 158 people are not in Chinese web hosting, just one page Jump to a customer place, our company has been in accordance with the contract, notify the customer to close the site.

as a result of local telecom operators unilaterally cut off the network bandwidth of the computer room where my company is located, to a part of the customer inconvenience and loss, in some express deep regret. At present, we have launched an emergency plan, the deployment of idle servers from the adjacent room, to provide customers with the relevant transfer. We also actively communicate with the relevant departments to negotiate, as far as possible to minimize the loss of customers. There are already some of the customer site has been restored to normal access.

at the same time to remind the majority of enterprises and individuals, in a timely manner to delete and shield the bad information on their website, strengthen safety management, timely data backup, to avoid unnecessary losses.

as the top IDC China Yanhuang network infrastructure operators, with ICP and IDC certification, currently has more than one hundred thousand customers at the same time, many domestic well-known Internet Co, network game company and video website provides network bandwidth and service, IDC service providers won China private IDC growth and the annual Top 30 list of most owners welcome.

we will learn from the future, to strengthen their own Internet content supervision, improve service levels, accept public opinion supervision. Continuous efforts to create a network environment for green civilization.

Anhui Yanhuang Network Technology Co.,


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