Network payment from July to implement the real name system accounted for only half of the real name

each reporter Zhu Dandan

network to pay the real name system curtain is about to pull open, your account ready?

network to pay for the new regulations from the formal entry into force of more than a month’s time, the daily economic news reporter was informed that a number of Payment institutions have gradually guide customers on the platform for real name authentication.

recently, Alipay announced that since July 1st, the mainland bank card is not binding Chinese users will not be able to save money on the Alipay account, can not use the balance in the account." At the same time, WeChat paid also said that after July 1st, if there is no real name, then by WeChat money, use change red envelopes and other functions may be limited. According to statistics, as of the end of last year, the proportion of Internet payment real name account is only 51.07%.

northern region, a third party payment agency also told the daily economic news reporter, real name authentication has been doing."

"for fear of being frozen account balance", Alipay said yesterday responded again, this is a misreading.

it is worth noting that the recent news that the central bank in the Beijing area to carry out a comprehensive Internet payment mechanism of class II and class III personal payment account name proportion of verification work, request the payment mechanism of self-examination report submitted before the end of this month, the central bank business management department.

– "account balance for fear of being frozen" misinformation

in early December 2015, the central bank announced the "non bank payment institutions online payment service management approach" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures") regulations, Payment institutions to open payment accounts for customers, should be the real name system management for customers. July 1, 2016, the "measures" will be formally implemented.

in April this year, WeChat payment, QQ wallet product help, have been issued to invite users to the real name authentication related announcements.

May 26th, the "daily economic news" reporter learned that Alipay is currently in succession by SMS, Alipay App message alerts, operation page tips and other ways to help and guide the user identity information is not complete complement and improve the personal identity information, complete the account upgrade. WeChat payment also said that in response to the regulatory authorities of the real name certification of new regulations, WeChat users need to carry out real name authentication before July.

company in 2011 July has begun to implement the account name system work, the whole process from account management, transaction, starting with the process and function of the system of perfect, effective identification of registered user, complete and accurate reproduction of each transaction." Fast money payment clearing information Co., Ltd. insiders have said.

for the user identity information is not yet perfect, Alipay said, part of this type of account function will be affected by. For example, since July 1st, the mainland bank card is not binding Chinese users will not be able to save money on the Alipay account, can not use the account.

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