Dunhuang Wang Shutong a small wedding foreign trade business history channel as simple as possible


not long ago, I saw a report on the Internet, a wedding foreign trade electricity supplier to share their successful experience. Today, foreign trade electricity supplier in the middle of China’s foreign trade enterprises are rapidly developing, especially after the two sessions, foreign trade electricity supplier has become the focus of the foreign trade industry to talk about. The heat is much higher than I imagined.

I just started

in 2004, when the foreign trade business platform of Dunhuang network, then doing that very few people, most of which now have a fortune. From 2008 to 2011, the foreign trade business appeared in the first golden age, there are a large number of IT and the traditional foreign trade foreign trade electricity supplier who grabbed opportunities to rapidly expand, the achievement of a number of muffled fortune "small is beautiful" company. I think the name of the network technology (dylanqueen) of this foreign trade company should be one of them. We might as well take a look at these small foreign trade electricity supplier is how to develop, will give the latecomers to a very practical inspiration.

was founded in 2006 and originally made Netsun based program development foreign trade business services, 2009 company manager Ding Zhi Yu saw a foreign trade electricity supplier in this industry, he started from the main types of foreign trade business in the field of wedding. Let’s see what he thinks.

1, to find the largest market space product line. In the beginning of the electricity supplier to do that a few years, Ding Zhiyu mainly platform based commodity, see what products sell well, just entered the foreign trade electricity supplier, he said it was easier to make money. This has been known as the era of foreign trade electricity supplier profiteering, in 2011 and in Dunhuang,, for example, from Russia, Brazil, India and other emerging market sales are increasing year by year.

I have done the original form of OEM shoes, electronic products, can only think of foreign trade products, I have done." Hot business let Ding Zhiyu see the foreign trade business opportunities, but the platform commodity uncertainty is not sustainable development issues, Ding Zhiyu made a decision to choose a large amount of products occupy the market, to enter the field of wedding.

2, channel, the simpler the better". 2011 is the foreign trade clothing business fast, with the Lanting Pavilion set potential in the overseas market, the overseas market has been fully accepted Chinese overseas electricity supplier brand. Ding Zhiyu into the field of marriage is fancy its market potential, but after entering the real profit is not high, even lower than before the product profits. The fierce competition in the electricity supplier overseas also let Ding Zhiyu also faced a decline in orders, high marketing costs.

initially Ding Zhiyu choose to diversify, a variety of marketing. But after many attempts, he decided that the simpler the better". He chose to cooperate with Google, in the shortest possible time to determine earnings, while other ways to return the cycle is long, there are many unknown factors. Network wins technology will be Google as its main promotion platform, accounting for its advertising investment >

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