2 years to spend a million tons of water break O2O takeaway network open to eat it for millions of d

recently, online meal ordering platform open to eat announced obtained millions of dollars of investment, the CEO Xiong Jianguo said the money will be used for city development and product innovation. This takeaway O2O many platforms to get investment, sufficient funds are more to let the platform to compete in World War II, is now open to eat the fledgling, is bound to the whole heart for, if you can break the current market structure, we will wait and see.

takeaway O2O pattern is not clear

many people in the row before the takeaway takeaway O2O market structure changes, some predictions have become a reality, some still need time to verify. Enter the BAT giant, let this industry competition has intensified, burn subsidies, price war, users fight war drama again and again. Crazy city enclosure, the pace to develop has entered the three or four line of the city, in a hail of bullets "as the market, some small platform also slowly disappeared. But the market situation seems to is not clear, a lot of platform strength, closecall.


(2 years spent a total of RMB 1 million million tons of water break open to eat millions of dollars)

hungry and the U.S. recently hit 96, not only in the burn subsidies, the same market, hungry by 8 yuan, a U.S. reduction will be 10 yuan, tightly bite preferential. While the two sides also push people head-on against each other, and many employees strike violently. At present the two platform strength is not on the day, estimated well-matched in strength also sustainable for a period of time, if the burn war continues, as long as one side of the capital chain problems, winning away.

other opponents also not resigned to playing second fiddle contain "golden key", grew up in Amoy little, backed by Baidu gold master "takeaway, takeaway Superman international background can not be small hush, all the firepower, wins the national market.

this year many platforms have announced the news in September this year, home financing, and easy to wash food delicacy separately at the same time to get a huge amount of financing of $50 million, $20 million in July, I also announced a number of top VC joint investment of millions of dollars. More and more, the strength of the opponent last winner, until the last moment, I am afraid it is difficult to predict.

strength players open eat

is open to eat the angel investor car home CEO by Mr. Qin, he is purely personal interests invested 1 million yuan, who want to eat it with the angel investment, less than 2 years to let in the water break billion, showed a higher operational efficiency.

eat high efficiency operation is also reflected in the city operation, dig of different operation mode adjustment in each region, the market and the user mode into each region of the flexible and flexible mind, the fact that the operation of the intensive and meticulous farming success, but eat and not rush to copy >

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