State Administration of Taxation intends to formally legislation on E commerce taxation

newspaper Beijing February 26th news reporter Cai Yanhong at present, the State Administration of taxation is in conjunction with the relevant departments of e-commerce tax collection and management issues, and then proceed to amend the tax collection and management law. This reporter learned today from the State Administration of taxation.

said the State Administration of taxation departments, will be from the establishment of complete system of taxpayers’ rights, electronic commerce and improve the legal framework, tax administration legal liability system and perfecting the system of tax collection and management program design, administrative assistance for setting the corresponding legal liability provisions and the scientific definition of the tax jurisdiction of the legislature and the relevant departments support, and actively promote the revision and perfection of the tax law.

it is understood that last year, the State Administration of Taxation has received the "NPC and CPPCC delegates and members of the 202 proposals, except the part without a written reply to the proposal, the actual handling of national" NPC and CPPCC "proposal 123 pieces.

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