Stationmaster net at the beginning of the June trading situation give your website hit rate

6 months, stationmaster net Trading Forum (http://s.bbs.admin5.com) intermediary gradually into the mature.
we released some general trading intermediary website, you can according to this situation, give your website hit rate.
the following for 6.1 -6.18 days, were successful in stationmaster net trading center website most recorded
from the above situation after successful trading. The current industry class website, more valuable, automotive, real estate, business, industry type. Often selling price can be higher than IP times.
and we do the bulk of entertainment website, QQ website, a novel website, IP sold less than 1 dollars, especially the QQ website, 1 IP, only sold 0.5 yuan
toward commercialization, specialization, regional, industry development. Have a brilliant future, and the biggest advantage of individual stationmaster is the low cost of traffic.
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