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1 China Internet Corporation fire to Southeast Asia: War soon  

more and more China Internet Corporation began to realize the potential of development in Southeast asia.

as early as 2012, Southeast Asia has not been able to get overseas attention, even if the Internet Co is willing to open up overseas markets, they are usually more willing to focus on the more practical market. This is because the Southeast Asian market has a population of about 600 million people, but the Internet and mobile Internet are not so popular like the United States or Europe, compared with other Southeast Asian market, market development potential and target users to be more obvious.

, however, in recent years thanks to the development of cheap smart phones and mobile networks, Internet penetration in Southeast Asia has exceeded the industry’s expectations, and is still growing rapidly. Compared with many mature markets, there are more opportunities to be excavated.

2 live TV can not see the TV box outlet where?  

days ago, has been on the smart TV and radio box abhorrence of the attack again, announced the first batch of 81 illegal application of shielding regulations, live situation, Himalaya, and other well-known book panda software list.

at the same time, according to SARFT Internet TV and TV box again issued the ban, seven licenses control requirements including "four points and TV box can not install the application through the USB port, the requirements of self correction.

November 14th, Tmall’s box in micro-blog posted on the shielding illegal application ", said that in order to completely response the SARFT action, Tmall decided to upgrade the system’s box before November 15, 2015. After the upgrade, the first batch of 81 illegal applications announced by the General Administration of the third party will be completely shielded. Then, open bor boxes, boxes, and other British Fick Wasu media also issued a similar notice.

3 word of mouth network to learn big brother, take the Taobao path to complete the layout of the local life service fly it?  

in the reputation network CEO fan Chi, subsidies and discounts, but will not the business group purchase platform, the core demands of the real scale, if only rely on subsidies to the user, is not a healthy reputation and will not use O2O mode, subsidies to encourage businesses to discount. For users, there is no sticky buy coupons, discounts are endless.

let the line is not difficult to do business, which is one of the word of mouth network slogan. This sentence sounds familiar? Yes, this is the year the Alibaba’s "let the world is not difficult to do business" slogan, now, is the Alibaba and the ant gold suit renewed reputation, also appears to be adhering to this philosophy.

November 17th afternoon, word of mouth network announced its open mouth

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