Built in two years illegal profits of nearly 400 thousand

is just the network game "legend 3" old game player, but profit driven "cooperation", not only on multiple servers, but also set up a dozen wantonly IP address, dedicated to the game player who download the game, just two years profit nearly 400 thousand yuan.

today, Shanghai Pudong New Area City Court on the two "tacit understanding" of the game player made a verdict, the defendant, a high, a copyright infringement crimes, were sentenced to 3 years imprisonment, suspended for 4 years and fined 100 thousand yuan.

just turned 30 years old this year – although only a junior high school, but usually keen on online games, especially the Guangzhou Optical Communication Development Co. Ltd. ("legend 3" legitimate operators, hereinafter referred to as the light company) on the official website of the "legend 3" has a special liking, sometimes you hang the pay to play on the Internet, this way.

in 2006, the discovery of a high on the network "legend 3" 3G "into" legend revision upgrades, game player need to re pay, Re Group, and the upgraded version was surprising, the high of a disappointment that "no fun". In the introduction of friends, a high began to play the "legend 3"". "When I try holding the attitude to play, is their own money to buy the game coupons, playing for a while, feel more than they do it, can make some friends to play." After a high account of the incident.

so high a quickly found to play a game, and a Bigaomou, only one year older, two people usually very congenial. After a careful discussion, two people decided by a high capital lease, cabinet and server, customer service staff recruitment, di Mou understand computer technology, the server is responsible for maintenance, transfer machines, website building, game area open area settings.

July 2006, a high and a di began "Sifu" business, a company in Shanghai Waigaoqiao renting a server, and register the website, on the network to buy "legend 3" server. In order to expand publicity, a very attractive in various publicity release sites, Baidu advertising information, attracted a large number of game player, game player who in order to achieve better game equipment, continuously to the remittance through a high bank account on the site.

October 2007, Gao et al in Zhejiang Shaoxing, Guangdong Dongguan, Jiangsu Yangzhou and other places rented server, opened a "golden time" and "rule the world", "Shan Wan Li" and many other games division.

March 2008, the company technical department of light search on the Internet and found a high’s website, the company has light by "PW" problems, since the beginning of 2003 the legal operation of "legend 3" on the Internet, since 2007 there has been a lot of this game, causing huge economic losses to the company business, revenue dropped 1/3, the direct economic loss of 4 million yuan. When the technical department found Gao et al

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