Why so many people do not want to go to the original information

in the past, when small gold SEO has always been in the original for the first time, just like the ancient wars of the forage first, at the beginning of receiving a website at the same time, there are many ways to start the optimization, the most is the chain and high weight soft writing but there is concern, for small gold friends should have noticed, as do SEO time longer, Kim has been little independent to write the original web site, the original information is published on its own platform, as to why, I and some friends also said and don’t want to do the wedding dress for others, in a word, is that there are fewer people have a spirit of dedication, is to see the essence of man



everyone may know, write some high quality soft Wen contribute in each platform, before you can get a lot of high quality of the chain resources, one of the main driving force of this is Kim I always stick to their original and share the road, that passion can be said to have been supporters of small gold the idea of writing and sharing technology, in most of the time, a high quality of soft Wen can get hundreds of the chain, this number is very considerable, but with more and more people into the SEO industry, more and more people learned to steal rape Shuahua, rely on their own a few tricks to steal other people’s work. The most important is reproduced in my article to replace others with your links, then crazy reproduced to each platform, we will in accordance with the article to distance Description, to tomorrow when you can search the title, how many reproduced, but there are a few to retain the original author of the site links, almost minimal!

really, the most recent period has been feeling tired, especially just took over the cool bow store (http://s.www.52ku.net) since the main reason SEO feel more and more difficult to do. I believe many people will understand, which exists in the original itself is not high, crazy theft at the same time, will also make some real with the awareness of sharing webmaster loss share love, no doubt, here the majority of SEO lovers and friends think, if some Adsense hard to go to the original information, for the novice SEO share some SEO skills, and some people to steal other people’s work, then what is the final the result will be? No one will be willing to share on the Internet, almost all of the information is that the toss about spam, really to that time, talk about what hair Talk about the show, continuous progress, believe that at this time, the new knowledge has no real meaning, every day is like chewing others have asked a little Steamed Buns, no SEO, do the work of SEO has been the copy and paste continuously, that is how helpless! > really, any time to share new knowledge is the development of the SEO king, and for some.

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