O2O marketing four cases died not narcissism will only cry a feast of aerobics bragging B


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five years ago, we use the concept of optometry glasses of the car door to see financing, countless investors, by the VC down to laugh not worth a hair. Five years later, God carved by cattle "2VC thinking" to engage in a Manicure car door Manicure, known as the valuation of 1 billion identical patterns at Manicure toot old carved with a soft black was always fond of teaching others, they. Then picky to send home, call a Hot pot duck feeding ducks home, 101 community last mile delivery…… all won the applause and VC shining white silver. As one of the earliest China door-to-door service O2O project, my colleagues will often see, snipe that we are just the originator, or already IPO Born Under A Bad Sign. And I can only smile when I hear such words.

is not a matter of fact we Born Under A Bad Sign, also do not know what VC’s early years, but each different entrepreneurial gene, so it looks like the image is not the same, pleasing degree naturally different. For example, in the spread of the beaver, a born looks like a parrot, pretty can say, of course, be love. Another example is a duck, but not copy integrity, even if you don’t want to look at him, I can not help but by people do not pay attention to peep. Investors are people, they cannot read do not understand your industry products should be what kind of technology should be what kind of "lively", but who will see, where busy where the drill is not It’s only human.? And this "lively" refers to "marketing".

will cry for children to eat milk, marketing team will be preferred. This is the Internet age entrepreneurial unspoken rules. Look at other people’s high valuation and high visibility, in addition to envy and hate, also should see more or less some way, how will not die, how to have eternal life.

the first death: not narcissism, dead!

I love those friends love self beautiful, no matter how long ugly, can always find an angle shot out is the most beautiful show to others, which attracted numerous and YY. Of course, I don’t like their photos, but her spirit.

star because of the stylist, so they face is not dead, but as ordinary people, may always be dead, how to do? Can only try, try constantly, until the discovery that a handful of "live angle". What is it that supports them in the absence of any form of expertise in the case of constantly trying?".

start-up team usually is lame or Cyclops, not to perfect. But this does not prevent entrepreneurs from narcissism. Since they think they are beautiful, it is necessary to bold show, hard show, no bottom line show. If the show did not dare to show that narcissistic Dan is still not high enough. Only show, in order to know where they are dead, in order to quickly find their own few live angle". It’s like being ugly to keep the self timer and friends

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