Dong Jingyi three WEB2 0 era of network marketing tools

a, SNS promotion

select a number of valuable communities, such as Renren, happy 001, you can also include your target audience more concentrated vertical communities. Public home is a big influence, as long as you can apply for public home page with thousands of fans is not a problem, so that when you release time log, photos, share links, will be pushed to the front of the fans, with respect to the, happy net public home for some time for better. Pay attention to the introduction of your company to write beautifully, to meet the user’s appetite, tell them what you can do, can bring what kind of value for the user, the application will be written, and then change to be some trouble or later. You can post your content after applying.

prepare a few articles have viral diffusion characteristics, SNS viral spread of power is amazing, here I recommend a method, if you write this article if you feel some difficulty, so you can browse through some times be shared high article, see more of you will find that these are widely shared the article it has certain similarities, and then rewrite it in you always. Its main function is SNS marketing, continuously to the user that we exist, and as a tool to communicate and interact with the target audience, every day to send something, do not need too much, only repeated announcement of your existence, the user will remember you. does not currently accept the company’s public home page, but this does not matter, ordinary ID can be used to do marketing, for example, I use a vest, every day I will go with 10 friends, more than 10 will need to enter the verification code, so that the rate of return on investment in time is not high, so every day plus 10 can be, but hold on, when one day when your friend reaches a certain magnitude, the effect began to appear, and now I ddeb tutoring business, each time the mood on hiring part-time teachers content soon there are people on the official website to register ddeb tutor, every day, but it is important to note that the daily release of content should not be too much, otherwise it will cause resentment friends. If your marketing is not yet involved in SNS, then you are really a little behind.

two, clever use of video sharing site

web search engine in the competition is quite intense, "in the Baidu keywords ranking PK, the investment rate of return is relatively high, then we can consider evasiveaction, will go to the battlefield of competition is not very intense video search, I have done several video titles. In fact, not what the scientific and technological content, with true to life do, including a slogan, a web site, plus a commercial advertising, I will this section contains our ads and video titles in the online download video re synthesis, re write the title and label more easily retrieved, to re upload the video sharing website so, whenever I users search the title or label contains keywords >

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