Lu Yuanzhong how to convert e commerce site traffic into sales

      several webmaster friends do e-commerce is the next store online program, and then shelves goods. Apply for a domain name on the road began his e-commerce, waiting for buyers to buy. If you can succeed. I think the Chinese webmaster 80% may be rich. If you are so simple, you can automatically have a buyer. That means you’re lucky. Buy lottery tickets. Must be able to 5 million. Ha-ha。 How to successfully run an e-commerce network. Improve website sales. Here are some of my practical experience.

      today focuses on how to convert the flow of e-commerce sites into sales. It is based on your e-commerce network has enough popularity on the basis of how to improve sales. If you do not solve the popularity of e-commerce network. Please look at my blog article in front of Through the SEO technology to get your website popularity. How to talk about how to convert your website traffic into sales.

      do a lot of B2C e-commerce network owners may have such an experience, the site has been very good ranking in search optimization, popularity is also very good. Sales are poor. How to increase the number of sales plagued many B2C e-commerce network owners. I have long been plagued by this problem for a long time ago. After I practice and try. Now I share my experience in sales.

      1 to get rid of your site cumbersome registration, simplify your purchase process. Do not allow users to log in to buy, a lot of users are very tired of the registration process. To allow the user to complete the purchase confirmation in the commodity page step. Payment process as simple as possible.

      2 increase in commodity related information, is a lot of mall shelves of goods even if done. This is not good. Users in the purchase of goods must have a comprehensive understanding of the commodity and the surrounding goods and parity and then determine the final purchase of goods. Think about the mind of the brain when you buy a product and know what the user is thinking about buying the product. It is also the guide information. So add information about the goods to the goods. Different brands of goods listed next to this commodity. So as to highlight the role of the protagonist. This can improve the user’s desire to buy this product.

      3 list the purchase of the commodity users, do not know that we have not noticed. Taobao shop in the shop under the owner of the goods have more than N of the purchase record. In China, online shopping has a way to follow suit. And online shoppers have a kind of idea is that we all buy something is definitely a good thing, so there are several leading the purchase. Users will buy more and more business is getting better. I also like to buy their own recognition

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