Lao Xie 09 years of financial crisis enterprise network marketing is very important

with the 2008 world economic crisis, to all walks of life have brought a lot of impact, the local enterprises have failed, no collapse of the company is also sad through 2008 this winter, profits continued to decline, however, when enterprises need most is what? A word or marketing, in many of the marketing network. In the high-speed Internet marketing talent shows itself, driven by the development of network marketing, we have to use the. The report shows that: before the major traditional companies have a certain enthusiasm for Internet advertising investment, but most of the action. Even if the global economic climate is not very strong, it is generally felt that the company needs to invest the amount (tell your boss, which includes competitors).

report released market research, the current online advertising market is expected to grow by 31.4%, higher than the previous 2007.

according to the analysis, the value of the Internet last year, the fastest growing Internet advertising, and last year the market rose only 20%.


study was conducted by the European Association of interactive advertising, which, according to the survey, up to eighty-one percent of advertisers said they had increased the amount of money they spend on Internet advertising.

According to the

research institutions eMarketer results, the success of web advertising, from consumer involvement in this company, in the network interaction with consumers and potential consumers can make the enterprise timely communication, and achieved good sales performance of

in network marketing

is becoming an increasingly popular marketing platform, because the results can be measured and consumer participation, but also because more and more people join the online world.

Nelson earlier this year, the analysis shows that more than eighty-five percent of the world’s Internet users on the Internet have experienced consumption. This, higher than last year’s forty percent research data.

In the first 7 months of the year, the total number of consumers on the Internet, which cost about $4 billion 800 million, is an incredible number of

in the current economic situation.

from the above view, the Internet type network marketing model is recognized, some small and medium enterprises should try, in an economic slump, the use of the most effective way to promote the network, such as: SEM, soft Wen to beat the competition, make enterprise based on the future market is a good chance.

as a Chinese webmaster, as long as a network promotion methods is very skilled, very extreme, then on your website survival is very helpful, soft, a friend, the university student’s pioneering work well for bulk materials, the PXBA.COM done training work integration. Add a very good promotion methods, and achieved good results.

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