Very good very strong PK very yellow very violent

February 21, 2008, Edison Chan announced the permanent withdrawal from the Hongkong entertainment circle, thus raise a Babel of criticism of month long "pornographic incident seems to draw a full stop. However, the impact of the incident has not yet been eliminated, police across the country are still busy inventory online pornographic pictures.


in this incident has once again witnessed the power of the Internet, if not pornographic leaked on the Internet but only in other traditional media, the impact will not be like now so overwhelming. Pornographic incident outbreak so that we have to start from a number of perspectives to reflect on the Internet is actually very good very strong or very yellow very violent,


very yellow very violent

The first popular language on the Internet was born

2008 is "pornographic and violent", a 13 year old girl from Beijing CCTV "news broadcast" interview with a lot of people prone to speculation and Lenovo. The word out, the network boiling…… Then, on-line appeared "calling for human flesh search — × × × – pornographic and violent" hot, and published the girl’s personal details, even quasi pornographic comics, doggerel, spoof of the.

actually, some people called "network mob" of users on the reason for the little girl in the five words but because it he’s really not letting this go, just five words corresponding to the popular language of network "the nice", also contains the education system and the "propaganda" society the value of pain to vent the heart of the people. This year only 13 years old, may not form the independent values of the innocent little girl has become the so-called "internet mob" vent, she also inevitably affected by the "pornographic and violent" world of hurt, and this "pornographic and violent" may not only exist in the internet.

"pornographic and violent" the Internet is really only "virtual carrier of pornographic and violent" in the real world, since the beginning of the 1990s, some foreign businessmen realized the tremendous business opportunities online adult entertainment, also let the adult entertainment site is a business on the Internet, and even become one of the fastest growing industries the growth of the internet. In order to provide hits, and now there are a lot of sites in our country do use those very yellow very violent words and content to lure some of the very silly very naive, the Internet users, big fat pornographic money.

so, how to make those who have not formed a mature ability to judge people from these information to avoid injury, 13 year old Beijing girl said "today I checked the information, open a web page, found pornographic and violent, I, I quickly put him off the embarrassing situation, is really a let the parents headache. Although the relevant departments have been prepared to meet the challenge, wavewave against Internet pornography special action is carried out like a raging fire, but in order to fundamentally break the "very yellow very.

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