Review of China’s server market in 2012 three brand concern of nearly 80%

China IDC Review Network 01, 2009 reported: Recently, the Internet Consumer Research Center (ZDC) released the 2012-2013 China Server Market Research Report. According to the report, in 2011 compared to 2012, Chinese server market brand attention pattern of the more obvious changes, although the top five brand list ranking remained stable, but the interest rate compared with last year, there are certain variables. IBM, HP ratio decreased compared to 2011, only a slight increase in DELL. Lenovo in the restructuring of the product structure of the server, the new brand ThinkServer showed strong market competitiveness, in 2012 it will be among the top sixth brand attention list.


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2012 China server market competition is more intense, brand focus. IBM to 35.8% of the proportion of attention to become the most user focused brand. DELL next, the proportion of 25.3%. HP ranked third, at 17.5%. In the domestic server brands, Lenovo to 8.6% of the proportion of the lead, while the rest of the list of brands concerned about the relative reduction in the proportion of less than 3%.


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in different types of servers concerned about the proportion of the trend, in 2012 the widest range of shelf type server products for the user to pay attention to the absolute mainstream, 73.5% of the proportion of concern. Tower server, the proportion of 24.5%. Blade server is low, only 1.7%.


figure 3

in the different prices of server products, the market price in 2012 server products, users concerned about the 10 thousand -3 million price reached 50.5%, followed by 10 thousand yuan of products, pay attention to the proportion of 23%. 50 thousand yuan more than the proportion of products to be concerned about the proportion of, 30 thousand yuan -5 yuan is relatively low, less than 10%.

summary: in 2012, China’s server market is relatively stable, but the competition between the various brands of servers is clearly exacerbated. According to the current situation, consumers choose the brand is still relatively concentrated, IBM, HP and DELL’s share of concern is higher, but also the rise of domestic server brands. In the type of product structure, rack server is the first choice for most consumers, and price options, the most popular low-end products.

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