Liu Hui Xicihutong how to create more cohesive community culture

December 4th news, with innovation, integration and development as the theme of the second China local and industry Web site summit held in 4-5, Hangzhou on December 2010. Xicihutong general manager Liu Hui said in his speech, Xicihutong plays only a platform and a supporting role, the operation must be handed over to the moderator, give them more space to play.

Xicihutong director Liu Hui said, Xicihutong pursues the concept of "small community management", if you want to participate in every industry operation is very difficult. Xicihutong just provide a platform and support all the operations to give play to the moderator. After he said that by 2005, many users go on pushing the West temple. and make good use of the moderator let better operation, is the goal of West temple.

following Liu Hui speech record:

Liu Hui: Thank you very much for accepting the invitation of Alibaba and PHPWIND to attend the second annual meeting of the local industry website, I remember last year has participated in a regional forum in Nanjing. In the last year, I was about to talk about some preliminary ideas about the operation of the community, I would like to share with you by 13 years how do we go from a traditional political type BBS today, to a city living community. BBS similar to the living fossils of the forum, indeed, at present, many of the mainstream sites are starting from the BBS prototype.

West Temple in Nanjing in 1998, he was also the same with you, is a young teacher, I think you webmaster like his young almost, probably is more than and 20 years old. After the entire Internet development tide, climax and low tide, how to go down, how to form their own communities culture? Let us so much we go down together with Internet community, community culture and community concept is very important.

current core with you and the site is the same, the user interaction, and rich media, this morning with Wang said on this matter, PHPWIND now developed a lot of features to be found in the community, so it is the core of the whole West Temple, ethnic group is to city public community. At present, our entire user group age class has been from the past about 18-28 years of age, has turned to the age of 25 -40 years old. When the West Temple was born in 1998 from the start, basically is the beginning of the WEB2.0, that is to share. From the 1998 BBS a lot of features, with the current SNS is very similar, these features in the last few years to maintain basically, no change. At the same time we increase the graphics, video, these rich streaming media with a rich mix.

has just been said, by such ten years, why the living fossil of the product and the community continued, with our culture is closely related to the. The main thing is to create a content >

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