French online music sharing site Deezer was 6 million 500 thousand euros investment

dig shellfish network October 13th news according to foreign media reports, Paris is located in the French music sharing website Deezer before the date for a new round of investment of 6 million 500 thousand euros, the investment side including Allianz Group’s AGF and CM-CIC capital of private equity funds.

this is Deezer’s second investment so far, since its inception in August 2007, Deezer received a total investment of 12 million 200 thousand euros. Under the investment agreement, AGF private equity fund Guillaume Lautour will join the board of directors of the company has 10 million users in europe.

              Deezer is the most popular online music sharing website, as a genuine music audition site, Deezer has updated the massive music library, online music is powerful.

relative to the US rival last.fm need to pay to hear the whole song, Deezer for the user to provide free service, whether registered or non registered users can search and free to play the entire song. In the free to become a registered user, you can freely create playlists, and can generate flash player for users on their own personal website.

addition, Deezer also introduced SNS mode, the user can become an artist’s fans, and the artist’s web page message. Users can add friends, send text messages, and share their playlists.

in August this year, Deezer began to try to enter the wireless market, the current Deezer has launched a support Android phone, BlackBerry blackberry, Sony Ericsson mobile phones, Samsung mobile phones and Apple’s mobile phone client. Currently on the official website of the Deezer client has been downloaded more than 1 million times.

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