User experience from the perspective of product use

recently found that some Japanese are cheap because the host, then opened his own Linux server trip, but due to the IIS operating system long accustomed to using Windows’s sake, for the moment between the command mode purely to habit, then took several days to CentOS exploration, when all sites are finally function the smooth opening, the accumulation of several days of Yu Mencai to stretch.

as an operating system, the biggest difference between Linux and windows is not only the core, but also differences in the application interface, although windows is not the best platform for application interface, but it is China PC end user group has the largest user platform, and the application of Linux in the overseas host, its powerful features the server function and based on the free use, occupy a significant market share.

when more and more people are accustomed to the use of a certain interface, they will not consciously give birth to a kind of this is the best idea, after all, the power of habit is very powerful. As in the PC end still let many people stop at the same time, the Android platform allows these people more and more know how to use computer for their own services. Don’t think the old man is a very unusual thing to play WeChat, the generation of the parents know how to use WeChat are more and more, and even a lot of people do not understand the function of cursive, they can also be familiar with the use of.

some people say that the more difficult the more secure the use of things, perhaps from the technical level is indeed the case, however, for many people, easy to use is what they like. In the study of Linux system in this period of time, the author of the user experience this problem is constantly thinking.

a, what is the user experience?

user experience, in fact, is a very subjective thing, that is, the user of the product in the use of the product in the process of the establishment of a variety of feelings. Although different users in the use of the product will produce a variety of feelings, but for some of the common features of the product, they will have a more unified and clear views and attitudes. For example, apple mobile phone can quickly swept the world, in addition to the user word of mouth, more important is because the mobile phone can give different users of the same feel convenient and easy to use, powerful……

When the

for high performance host Japan cheap, but had to learn how to install the Linux system for an already accustomed to using the structure of the IIS, suddenly contact a new operating system, will be in the beginning there is a process of adaptation, even sometimes because of some small mistakes and have to command reinstall the system, when repeated operation only after the establishment of the beginning of a familiar feeling, and then slowly mastered the use of some skills.

and windows fool type operation is different, because the Linux need to enter the command line, it is easy for users to produce a heart

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