Baidu face to Box Computing and intelligent search

Abstract: Baidu style has been motionless, the move will have a big move. Personalized home page is accompanied by the revision of the Aladdin plan and the rise of intimate search, paste it and know that the home page is a self correcting UGC channel strategy to promote. This is a page revision is not only in the shedding, Baidu will continue to consolidate the technology so that users can rely on Baidu search box, probably PC search there will be follow-up big moves, such as search results page revision, knowledge map of the depth of excavation, search the overall transformation process etc..

read: Baidu new home on the line leading minimalism and intelligent trend of Baidu search home minimalist style and revision Baidu blue will also be launched in fourteen years, the background and logic of the Baidu home page revision

Baidu home page changed, the channel text chain was moved to the top, the core position is only an independent search box, the user can select the channel at the top, login account, add applications. Baidu minimalist home the impact of hundreds of millions of users search habits revision in the beginning there were news out, after nearly half a year after the beta Baidu finally officially launched. This appears to be a small change, but the influence of the size of the crowd, which brings to the user habits change should not be underestimated, behind the attention is worth thinking.

minimalist home is more close to the essence of

Box Computing.

from the visual style is UI new home is more simple, the embodiment of Jobs advocating less is more, road to Jane’s design philosophy, in the information overload and the aesthetic fatigue today, simple and fresh pages are favored by the users. Baidu began to advocate Simple and Reliable from the first day, close to the minimalist aesthetic design, logic Post Bar, know products can prove this point.

but Baidu is more of a move from UE to reduce user interaction and click. After the revision, under normal circumstances, users do not hesitate to choose what channel, do not need to drag the mouse to click on the channel, direct input questions can be answered and services. The search engine to do this really is not easy, need to determine the user demand probably need what kind of search results, such as "Andy Lau" is the encyclopedia, pictures, music or


Baidu dare to do this, precisely because of NLP (Natural Language Processing) and deep learning and other search technology can accurately guess the user needs, and then intelligent connection between users and services. For example, the user search Beijing to Shanghai, the results will be a navigation map, train tickets, air tickets query service; search for small apple search results will appear music downloads and video playback results.

Baidu intimate business maturity makes Baidu dare to leave only a search box. The core of this service is to make search results page to enrich, through the application of WD (data) and RANK (sort of) technology, the search results page is no longer just a simple list of hyperlinks, but polymerization results open application and direct application, knowledge map, intimate form diversified, so that users can find and use information and service. For example, search Baidu can be seen in the results of the encyclopedia, stock price, management team >

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