Beautiful said the acquisition ron Chef shook Tianpin net has confirmed the former


] June 30th news billion state power network, said the day before the news beauty has acquired the brand sale website Tianpin net and application of Iron Chef shook delicacy. Billion state power network on message to the chef shook CEO Chen Chaoren confirmation, the other confirmed the news, but did not make specific explanation.

Chen Chaoren admitted that in June the acquisition of beautiful and said that the Iron Chef shook its core management team, indeed has been incorporated into the beautiful, as for the specific purchase price, said Chen Chaoren disclose.

and the other is to say beautiful merger rumors Tianpin net, is currently not yet back to the message, but the billion state power network discovery, Tianpin net has posted a notice that, from June 20th onwards will no longer provide the original brand sale service, signs of website adjustment or transformation obviously.


According to

billion state power network understanding, Tianpin net and Iron Chef shook are established start-ups in recent years. The Tianpin network was established in August 2012, with the brand sale mode the main business; while the Iron Chef shook the main delicacy search, focus in the mobile terminal.

beauty said one breath will be completely different from the two models of enterprise income, can not help but doubt. The industry is expected, beautiful said the acquisition of these two strategies is "mobile phone + fashion, so the acquisition of the focus Iron Chef shook may lie in the team rather than business.

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