Baidu genuine music platform Baidu Ting entered the online challenge watercress small shrimp

May 3rd, Baidu’s genuine music media platform Ting quietly closed beta, users can search and download music, licensed to create self-selected collections, music or users can also pay attention to interest, and recommend the love song, album, album, music, free users to share with their friends. The launch of Baidu Ting can be said to be positive on the bean, small shrimp music radio challenge.

launched the legitimate music platform Ting also means that Baidu MP3 music community platform to take an important step. It is worth noting that Baidu recently launched Baidu tourism is also integrated into the SNS and micro-blog elements, users can share and upload content.

With the launch of the Baidu

has been traveling and is measured in Baidu Ting, you can see that Baidu is constantly social elements integrated into the core product, with this background, the Tencent of science and technology early experience with your Baidu Ting products. The following is the Baidu Ting assessment details:


Baidu Ting is divided into square, radio, ranking, my Ting! Four columns, users can enter the song name, album name, the name of the musician in the Baidu Ting search box to find the information you want. You can also search Ting friends to search for other users on ting.

Baidu Ting challenge the official watercress small shrimp

Internet is really not at peace, we are fighting a battle, such as Alibaba before the fraud resulting in the resignation of executive Wei Zhe time resulting in large quantities of customers to the factory of the world, the amount of registered users the world factory day doubled ten times, the market value of Alibaba is also shrinking, negative time Alibaba for as the world factory of these big thrust low-key platform. Today, the music platform also began to enter the race of the situation, when the debate which good bean small shrimp, Baidu Ting timely seize the site. Although there is no large-scale publicity, but the industry has not a small impact. Tencent micro-blog, there are already a lot of users in the discussion of Baidu Ting:


there are many experts said that the emergence of Baidu Ting, will not have a huge impact on the Baidu MP3, Baidu MP3 strategy will be how to adjust, these problems are worth waiting for us to wait and see. The author of the Chinese mining machinery network editor: http://s.kuangshan.gongchang.com, the first Admin5 Adsense network, welcome to reprint, please indicate the source when reproduced.

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