Wood show in the forest the wind will destroy the nternet bigwigs fodder history

introduction: the tree in the forest the wind will destroy. The generation of the game overlord Chen Tianqiao resort grand game, the rules become the latest footnote.


is a wood show in the forest the wind will destroy them, so when the world situation uncertain, up to become the boss often no good end, Chen Shengwu anxious king, the Zhu Yuanzhang grain suffer a big, deep wall from the yuan relief win results, to dominate the world.

Internet industry is no exception, the generation of the game overlord Chen Tianqiao resort grand game, the rules become the latest footnote on the situation when the boss is uncertain why often unlucky, for many reasons, such as public outrage, arrogant, lazy, sit to rest on our laurels, but today I don’t discuss this, I want to to comb the Internet arena these cannon fodder Kanguan have eyes, please:

1, Shanda founder: Chen Tianqiao

1999, Chen to start-up capital 500 thousand yuan and 20 employees as the foundation, founded the royal network limited liability company, in 2001, to get involved in the online game industry, with $300 thousand of Korea’s Actoz network game "legend" exclusive rights in the China. Subsequently, Shanda to high-quality service, strict password protection and other core competencies to become the leader in China’s online game industry. 2004, Shanda listed on the Nasdaq, Chen also ranks among the richest man in china.

in the game industry can be described as silly money, has a popular game is to have a cash Qian Shu, many companies with a game can be listed after the listing, making the rich, big gets out of a dangerous situation the acquisition, Chen Tianqiao had to speak to a grand point as the center, extension to more areas, and later evolved into the grand platform strategy, such as the later Disney network concept, in the box as the core of the family strategy. The beginning of 2009, Shanda opened the expansion of the network, money is not afraid of trial and error, do not give up, and get a new one. The final result is known as contraction and contraction.

since November 2011, with $736 million of Shanda privatization, the company gradually transformed into a investment holding platform, the original "online games," the identity of the color is fading, in the game, grand already is not the biggest game player, in front of a Tencent is just a little brother, with abandon game business ownership, grand the game the past glory has gone for ever.

2, Tudou founder: Wang Wei

"literary youth" Wang Wei founded in January 2005 potato network, and then continue to have the user found potatoes, and upload and browse video. Soon, Hong Bo, Fang Gang and so on in the well-known Internet commentators focus, potatoes also began to be known as the Internet circle. During the Web2.0 boom surging, tudou.com and watercress and other once the Internet circle as web2>

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