Sina micro blog traced to view delete content responded that not leak

a few days ago, Li Kaifu, a micro-blog attracted a lot of attention to the user, he said in the pan pan micro-blog when there is a tool, you can view the deleted micro-blog. Often brush micro-blog users generally believe that the deletion of micro-blog is unable to recover, so micro-blog has become one of the most important ways to prevent further spread of information. Although Li Kaifu did not disclose what can be seen to be deleted micro-blog tool in the end, but this feature is still causing a lot of friends panic, fear has been deleted micro-blog spy.

according to the reporter, at present there are at least two ways to see the other side of the deleted micro-blog, one is the use of sina micro-blog’s "Widget" interface, there is also a third party tool can automatically backup the other micro-blog. Micro-blog responded by saying that micro-blog is an open platform for information, if you do not want micro-blog to be open, it is recommended to choose the release of private micro-blog and micro-blog sina.

Li Kaifu exposure can be viewed deleted micro-blog

Pan Shiyi said a few days ago he deleted several micro-blog, but soon Li Kaifu went forward and said: "I have a tool, you can see the deleted micro-blog!" although Li Kaifu did not disclose the name of the tool, but your friends have this kind of artifact There were many discussions. "That is terrible delete, can see, too. The invasion of privacy." Some people say that this approach is related to Sina’s third party application interface.

Although Li Kaifu did not

what mysterious tools for exposure, but the reporter found through the search after what he said is true, there is a way in a short period of time can view the deleted micro-blog cache, namely the use of sina micro-blog’s "Widget" interface. Talk about "Widget", many IT practitioners are not unfamiliar, a web designer told reporters, "Widget" is a web page on the executable code, is often used as a "window on the plug-in, such as embedded Sina micro-blog’s" Widget ", you can check to see the other pages in micro-blog.

netizens puliao Sina micro-blog’s "Widget" interface " http://s.t.sina.com.cn/widget/widget_blog.php? Uid=", only the micro-blog user only, UID value (i.e. everyone micro-blog code). After joining in "uid=", you can see the users of micro-blog, including the deleted in the short term. According to the reporter with a micro-blog account to do the relevant test, found that it has certain feasibility and the page to open the browser space only accounts for about half of the show, micro-blog’s name, avatar and the number of fans, and display the latest micro-blog 15. Reporters then deleted the two micro-blog, and repeatedly refresh the page and found that the page is still being deleted micro-blog.

third party tools without authorization can be backed up by others micro-blog

In addition to this, the reporter also found that some of micro-blog’s third party applications can also view the deletion of micro-blog, these applications >

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