Guangdong Boluo cracked a gambling crime gangs using foreign websites

Beijing, Huizhou in May 15,   reporters today from Boluo Guangdong County, Huizhou City Public Security Bureau was informed that recently, assist the Boluo County Public Security Bureau of criminal investigation department in Huizhou City Public Security Bureau, police cooperation, successfully cracked the use of foreign gambling website, Liuhe football lottery gambling criminal gangs, arresting seven suspects a preliminary seized cash one hundred and seventy thousand yuan, the freezing of funds two million four hundred and eighty thousand yuan, seized four vehicles, eight sets of computer.

according to reports, the County Public Security Bureau of criminal investigation department focus on robbery and theft crime in the crackdown, while major gambling gangs in the area of the mocha blow. The County Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade repeatedly carried out in-depth Mocha work. Through the investigation of a week, found a criminal gang in Boluo county Luo Yang Qiaodong five Garden Road a center of activity, using the Internet for gambling, and a preliminary understanding of the operation of the gang members and.

get this situation, the board set up the arrest command headquarters, organized the implementation of the arrest of the Gambling Criminal gangs. City and county two different kinds of police divided into ten teams, started to arrest the Mocha master involved. As of now, arrests groups in the county of a garden, Luo Yang Zhen involved Li Mouzhu, Huang equal seven people arrested.

interrogation, the gang to foreign gambling sites as a platform for Liuhe color, football peripheral gambling activities. The establishment of a proxy gambling sites and two agents two layer structure in the Boluo area, of which Li Mouzhu is an agent in Boluo area; the remaining six Huang in five equal for two agents, in charge of the Boluo area to attract gambling membership. It is understood that each of the gang bet amount reached four million yuan; eighty million yuan more than the cumulative amount of bets.

currently, the Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade has set up a task force, a trial of seven suspects, comprehensively on the hunt for fugitives, find out all the facts as soon as possible.

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