Cancel the special filing forum BBS usher in hope but the outlook is still uncertain

recently, most of the most concerned about the webmaster is also the most exciting news is undoubtedly the forum BBS cancel special filing. GOV.cn (Gov.cn) recently issued a document of the State Council, the "decision" on the fifth batch of cancellation and decentralized management level administrative approval was canceled in 113 administrative examination and approval projects, including cancellation of Internet electronic bulletin service special project approval (for the record). In the cancellation of the 113 administrative examination and approval items, the seventh is to cancel the Internet electronic bulletin service special approval (filing) project. The introduction of this policy means that the original requirements of millions of dollars of capital and special filing is no longer needed to become a hot topic in the past few days, personal webmaster.

from the end of last year, the state launched a further regulation of the Internet and mobile phone media pornographic and vulgar information special action ", a series of campaigns and policies, spread really strong against the negative information on the Internet, but in the renovation of some tough measures and because the policy is not reasonable, also inevitably the legal personal webmaster do stand by the regular site work involved, some owners because of personal reasons, the site was closed by the domain name or stop parsing. Personal Adsense is not only a serious loss, but also a strong blow to the confidence of this group of people and the Internet environment of trust. Some owners either give up their own web site, or is no longer dare to go out of fear of hard work, more carefully, for fear of their own site closed walk gingerly.

countries in the remediation but did see some actions and policies on personal injury, and is also seeking remediation at the same time the introduction of a number of human more reasonable policies and regulations, in order to guide the healthy development of individual stationmaster. Domain name registration information real name system, the site to record the scene to improve the real name of the personal information and other policies, although there are still problems, but it does bring some hope to the webmaster. The forum for the introduction of special filing policy, not only did not bring hope to the webmaster, but it will be into the abyss, one million capital to prove that access to qualified enterprises, these few individuals have a webmaster. Indeed, under these conditions, the forum BBS to better manage and avoid bad information, but this threshold will undoubtedly be shut out personal webmaster. Whether it is the Internet, or the future of the Internet, the Internet is interactive, interactive communication without BBS forum, the Internet is like losing a wings, not only lose momentum, more is to kill the source of innovation.

now cancel the special for the record, the webmaster will clap. This allows individuals to see the future of the webmaster to continue operating forum BBS hope. Simple BBS forum, the Internet is an important form of Internet communication, there is no BBS forum, the Internet to reduce the number of sites at least half of the natural essential for the internet. And any one of the local stations, portals, e-commerce stations, if there is no interaction to supplement the forum, will lose vitality, loss of users. Cancel the special filing so that the owners from the legal level to see the future continue to do >

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