College students from skipping network need to change class online help

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skipping, substitute, answer "to help", these It is quite common for in the campus of the University of secret behavior, is now moved to the internet. A web site called Taoke, founded less than three months, quickly absorbed about 500 registered users, and successfully received the first investment funds.

who would have thought that the site’s founder, was actually a sophomore in a university in Anhui, 3. These 90 children claiming to be the founder of the site is entirely out of curiosity.

"who will be free to change classes with me in September 11th? I can at any time to substitute a substitute, urgent……"

"who would like to go to the Chinese traditional music classes, ah, ah, ah!"

"who doesn’t go home on Sunday, please help me with a class, it’s really urgent!"

post for not involving the

money supply

open network interface with truancy, renren.com is somewhat similar. "93% of the students from class, is run off, not absenteeism, truancy to join the network, feel fresh and interesting life!" A website from the Xuan line is very eye-catching, but also inserted a small pig to monkey advertising, "skipping network, let you become the 72 oh!" The activities are also many, "# change class action #", "# Le # fled for guest"……

casually browse the reporters found that the vast majority of people pay attention to the website are college students, in the post area has numerous kinds of messages, most of which is the information requirements of substitute posts. "Who will be free to change classes with me in September 11th? I can he (she) after any need to substitute the time substitute, urgent……" "Who wants to go to the traditional Chinese music classes, ah, ah, ah, ah!" Who doesn’t go home on Sunday, please help me on a class, it is really urgent!" Such information, constantly updated. Here are some substitute clearance successful posts, such as: "@XX, today to call, but very calmly pass! Haha……"

in the information released in most of the substitute, do not involve money, are generally posted for substitute students, after each other when needed to help each other in class, in order to reach agreement. But there is also a price tag, requires a fee, "professional substitute, answer to solve the menace from the rear 5 yuan a class."

small creative creates "skipping"

is the first week students want to create classes network, there is only Anhui a university sophomore.

, "you may not believe it, but one morning you wake up and your head pops up." He told the two roommates, feel good, so we started planning, organizing, skipping network came into being.

Zhou introduction, this website is established from June 16th this year, there are about 500 registered members, most of them are the school’s students.

"we’re opening"

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