Let visitors happy 20 humorous Web Design


"life is too lonely to find an interesting man" Wang Xiaobao

believe that we all like humorous design.

when the popular flat design encounters humorous elements, what kind of spark will rub it?

humorous charm is endless, it can make the user feel interesting, and can quickly attract the attention of the user.

if you want to add humor elements to the site, there are a number of ways, such as:

funny error page (Team Treehouse)

funny Logo (Pixo Creative)

cartoon layout

The background image


cute pictures

let the visual elements of comedy

once you make it interesting, users will naturally to your website at.

let’s take a look at the following examples of humor,




Startup Giraffe


Every Last Drop


La Carotte


Teddy Needs a Bath


Epiphany Search


Pixo Creative


Tap Tap Design


Digital Pilgrims


Sammar Kiewi


Sara Jason




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