Note the nternet domain name instance 85 Pinyin domain name


Pinyin culture in China has a long history in China, domain name easy popularization, application of many phonetic domain in the domestic industry, often become the domain name trading game protagonist, an enterprise with Pinyin domain name, users will understand a domain to see the domain name, so as to know the operation of the site content, and in the search engine domain name is also very beneficial, domain name has a high weight in the keyword rankings, following these on the Internet more well-known domain name platform.

four character Larry domain

Pinyin domain name especially in most domestic enterprises Shuangpin domain name and domain name lovers, the current domestic enterprises to enable Larry domain to occupy the market share of large share in these which Larry domain can be subdivided into different classification domain from the characters, such as four character domain names five character, Larry, Larry, Larry domain six characters seven characters Larry domain and so on. Four character Larry domain names such as Baidu’s video platform, Qiyi network qiyi.com, music website cool network kuwo.cn, xici.net and so on the West Temple community.

the five character Larry domain

five character domain names on the Internet industry more applications, such as domestic search engine Baidu boss baidu.com, the most fire products of sina micro-blog weibo.com social field, the video industry youku.com and tudou.com youku.com, company tudou.com meitu.com, life information platform to set network ganji.com and so on, basically these five enterprises to adopt Pinyin domain name multi character the.Com suffix, of course, there are also some in.Cn domain, such as cruel dispatch kuxun.cn.

six Larry domain character class

six is a network of popular character Larry domain selection object, such as the electricity supplier in the field of taobao.com social platform taobao.com, renren.com renren.com, video, thunder xunlei.com real estate industry SouFun soufan.com, Youdao Dictionary youdao.com, news media platform, suning.com suning.com, xinmin.cn Xinmin, among them, suning.com is Larry domain Suning renamed Chinese commissioned last year from the Taiwan sun purchased.

the seven character Larry domain

The domain name for

Pinyin characteristics of local culture. These 7 character domain names on the Internet applications are many, such as Tencent friend network pengyou.com, Zhaopin recruitment industry zhaopin.com, group purchase industry beauty group net meituan.com, gaopeng.com, Gaopeng people network baixing.com, Tim hongxiu.com novel red sleeve platform, from the above example, the domestic enterprises 7 characters used in the.Com domain. < >

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