Daily topics inventory of the recent relevant policies of Jian Wang action to investigate violations

station network ( July 10th news, since the national copyright administration, the state Internet Information Office, Ministry of industry and information technology, Ministry of public security "in 2013 formally launched special campaigns to combat Internet piracy" sword action "has stopped several illegal website search.

The so-called "

net" is around the network literature, music, film, games, animation, software and other key areas as well as books, audio and video products, electronic publications, network publications and other key products, strengthen the supervision of the focus on audio and video sites, online sales platform, to crack down on Internet piracy.

according to reports, since May 9th to carry out the standardization of Internet news information and communication order special action, "the people’s internal network", "Guangdong delete posts net", "Chinese people’s news", "Chinese news network", "people’s online network", "China news network", "China News Survey Net 31 failure to obtain Internet news information service qualification, legal news agency illegal fraudulent use of the name" interview ", engendering negative false information website was shut down in accordance with the law blackmail and impose exactions on.

National Internet Information Office official pointed out that, according to the "Internet information services management approach", "Internet news information service management regulations" and other relevant laws and regulations, the website in the Internet news information service must be approved by the Department in charge of Internet content approval for the record, and shall not engage in Internet news information service business without approval. Some illegal websites theft on behalf of news organizations around a trickster, seriously disrupting the online news blackmail and impose exactions on, information and communication order and social order, corrupt media reputation, damage the legitimate rights and interests of citizens and legal persons, must be severely dealt with according to law. National Internet Information Office will work with relevant departments to further intensify efforts to crack down on illegal websites, to further purify the network environment.

network in order to enhance consumer consumption discrimination, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce today announced the infringement of intellectual property rights, Pong brand, sales of counterfeit goods, false propaganda, malicious slander competitors business reputation and product reputation, use King terms against the legitimate interests of consumers and other nine kinds of typical online commodity trading violations and related case.

in the first half of this year, the national copyright administration, under the supervision of the Ministry of public security, Beijing, Jiangsu and other places of copyright law enforcement, public security department has cracked the network HD digital piracy case works, Cathay Pacific new software infringement cluster case and a number of Internet infringement cases, has arrested 29 suspects, involving up to 350 million yuan, had a great deterrent warning of piracy crimes.

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